Sensing My Aura (My Work November 1-7)

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This week, I learned to extend my aura, embedded sensory connections in my aura so I can feel what it touches, and found that aura is impractical for long-distance energy healing.

Extending Aura

Last week I asked, “What’s special about aura that makes it better at sending energy than ordinary connections?”

The answer, it seems, is that one aura-type connection is made of lots of ordinary connections. The best visual is a dozen connections, laid next to one another, bound together into a flat sheet, then wrapped up into a spiral, like a barbershop pole. It’s orderly, and dense — the spiral means the ordinary connections are at an angle, and one inch of the aura-type connection involves several inches of each ordinary connection. Which means there’s a ton of ethereal structure there, which can hold a lot of energy.

(Of course, I don’t know if it actually looks like that. It probably doesn’t. But hopefully that gets you thinking in the same direction I am.)

I should mention, I don’t know if that visualization is useful on its own. It’s a way to express what I felt when I used sensory connections to feel my own aura, the density and weight of that structure. The visualization refers to that feeling, it communicates my intent to my ethereal muscles, but if they hadn’t directly felt my aura, I don’t know that they’d know what to do with the visualization.

I spent a couple bus rides extending aura-like connections over distance. It took focus at first, but it’s pretty easy now. It still isn’t fast, though.

Also, I noticed I couldn’t feel what those aura-like connection was touching, so I added a sensory connection to it. That lets me guide these dense connections to the right structures to work with. (I visualize the sensory connection going through the middle of the spiral, though again, I doubt that’s what actually happens.)

Sensing Aura

After learning to make sensory connections inside new aura-like connections, I also extended sensory connections throughout my existing aura. This has made me more aware of my own energy, of its signature as I go through the day, and also of what I’m connected to. The idea is to target specific ethereal structures with my aura, like a partner’s inner aura and the paths to their mind.

I also extended sensory connections throughout my aura gate, making me aware of how open it is, and letting me close or open it more thoroughly. Useful for shielding (close it) and for sending and receiving energy (open it).

I haven’t done formal testing yet, but a promising preliminary result: I’d closed the gate, then forgotten about it until I was making love with an energy-sensitive partner. Without telling her, and without changing anything else, I opened the gate. She responded quite strongly. So, it seems like controlling aura gate is an effective way to control the flow of energy. Also, this confirms I’m actually moving ethereal structures, rather than just imagining it all.

Aura for Healing

A friend asked me to “send loving energy.” Yes, I know she just wants me to wish her well. But being the literalist I am, I wondered about actually doing it.

If I were in person, I’d think about loving her, build that energy in my body, and open my aura gate. At distance, what if I create aura-like connections to her, then put the energy on that connection? That should work better than just making ordinary connections, which tend to transmit only a small amount of energy.

Building the aura-like connection took about 10 minutes. Slow, but not difficult. Then I sent energy. But remember how we said that these dense connections can hold a lot of energy? That means they need to be charged first. That took a minute, and was fairly tiring. Then I kept the energy flowing, but felt much less energy reach her than I expected. After 5 minutes of sending, I was exhausted and had a headache, and had to stop. I asked her later, and she hadn’t felt much of anything.

I’d asked about this sort of technique earlier this year. My trainers said it was impractical, too inefficient to be worth doing. And you know what? They’re right. (They’ve also shown me techniques that should work over distances, which I’ll try next time.)

It’s said that Edison invented the light bulb by trying 1,000 versions that didn’t work. I’m choosing to interpret this finding as part of that process.

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