Healing Sessions for a Cancer Patient: Better Sleep & 3 More (My Work Dec 13-26)

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My friend is dying of cancer. I visited recently. Good to reconnect, share love, bring her some joy.

I also did healing sessions where I could. In this post, I talk about each technique: Better sleep, pain reduction, anti-infection, and anti-inflammation.

Energy for Sleep via Physical Touch

She was constantly tired, but unable to sleep well. Maybe 5 hours a night, with long periods of wakefulness.

My goal: Find an energy signature to help her sleep, then find a way for her to trigger it herself, as needed. The challenge here is that, while on meds, she can’t use ethereal software very well, so I need a way for her to trigger it without needing to command the ethereal software.

Before I discuss the technique, here’s the result: She slept for 8 hours the first night. She got up once to use the bathroom, but got right back to sleep. (I’ve forgotten to ask about her other nights since then.)

Figuring out the energy signature was easy enough. I’d already developed one when Lisa worked night shifts, to help her sleep in the morning.

Fun note: These days, I do energy effects by engaging my full aura then thinking about the energy. This worked great: I did that, massaged her head, and she went from mildly tired to fully asleep in just a few breaths, less than 30 seconds. Then I sat down to program the signature into the ethereal software, and I was sooooo tired. Because, you guessed it, I hadn’t returned my aura to its normal signature, and now I was hitting myself with the sleepy energy too. Barely turned it off before passing out.

Programming was easy. I told the ethereal software, “When I ask for ‘sleepy energy,’ put this signature in the person’s head. Mild energetic pressure, run it until they tell you to stop.” Done.

To tie the effect to an object, I held a stone, connected to it, then told the ethereal software, “When she holds this stone, trigger the sleepy effect on her.” I set another stone with an “awake energy” command, and a third with a “stop” command.

Years ago, I’d tied a protection effect to a necklace. It was exhausting. I could barely communicate with the ethereal software, had to focus just to connect to the object. This time, it was easy, something fun to do over breakfast. Empowering to see that change.

Energy Healing for Pain

On Friday, she experienced acute pain (9/10) near the original site of the cancer. I did a healing session, and within 30 minutes, the pain was down to a 6/10. By the evening, it was down to 3/10.

The healing technique: I connected to her, traced through her nerves to find the painful area, and applied an energy designed to numb the nerves, intended to block the pain signal. For details, see the 2nd attempt in healing for chronic hives.

How much would the pain have declined without this healing technique? No way to know. She also got acupuncture that day. But all the same, I’m rather proud of the result.

We stopped there, rather than programming the effect into the ethereal software. The healing technique requires spotting the right nerves and adjusting the signature to their current state, and I wasn’t sure how to program that. But she can call me when she’s in pain, and I’ll connect and do this again.

Energy for Infection & Inflammation

As is common with chemo patients, she had infections and inflammation throughout her body. I did whole-body effects, using commands already programmed into the ethereal software to build energy throughout her body.

The first was, “Fight / counter this infection, and continuously adjust the signature to ensure you’re countering the current signature of the infection.” Later, I’d add, “Once a day, check for new types of infections, and counter those too.” I wrote about this before, and I still can’t say whether it does what I’m asking it to do, but that was the intent, and the results look promising.

The second was, “Standard anti-inflammation effect for all the cells with her underlying signature.” Again, I can’t say the actual impact on cellular inflammation, but that was the intent, and I’ve gotten good results in the past.

I know, I always talk about consciously guiding the energy rather than sending out your intent. But this time, I simply asked the ethereal software for what I wanted, and let it handle the details, because I know it’s programmed with those commands. Still, there’s value in understanding those details, because we did hit a snag:

Initially, I’d asked for, “Standard anti-inflammation on her whole body.” The ethereal software rejected that command. It said that anti-infection, which harms cells, would compete with anti-inflammation. I could have either, but not both.

To share the solution, I have to explain about signatures a bit. If you think of a signature as a molecule, it’s made of smaller building blocks (atoms), which are made of even smaller building blocks (protons and such). Call the molecules the large-scale signature, and the protons the small-scale or underlying signature.

All of a person’s cells, plus the pro-biotics that are with us for years, have the same underlying signature. Infections have their own, different small-scale signature. When I tell the ethereal software to counter the infections, it looks for anything with a foreign underlying signature and harms it.

When we asked for anti-inflammation on her whole body, that included those infection cells, which the software rejected. But when we ask for anti-inflammation on the cells with her underlying signature, that only hits her cells, not the infection cells, so there’s no conflict. Success.

That’s why I put so much emphasis on understanding how my tools work: Even when I’m trusting the ethereal software to handle the details, sometimes it needs a little help.

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6 Responses to “Healing Sessions for a Cancer Patient: Better Sleep & 3 More (My Work Dec 13-26)”

  1. George says:

    Although obviously the circumstances are upsetting, this does show where magick – and having put time in to understanding and mastering one’s approach – comes into its own, in service to others you care about, when the time comes.

    The “snag” you encountered is interesting – particularly the helpfulness of the message and being able to work around it like that, in a logical way. Allowing a structured approach rather than the usual “it didn’t work”, I did something wrong.

  2. Sonia says:

    Have you tried to connect to the cancer cells to reduce them or get them to cancel themselves?

    • Sadly, that’s not an option.

      Cells don’t respond to English, and her cells don’t respond to my intent. Heck, her cancer cells don’t really respond to her intent — if they did, modern medicine would be much simpler.

      Cells do respond to energy. But I don’t know of any energy that immediately shuts down a cell. I do have techniques to weaken cells, which I use for healing infections, and I intend to try those in combination with her next chemo treatment.

      If you want to put this in an information-model paradigm, think about languages. If I speak to a Parisian, I need to speak French. If I speak to cells, I need to speak “energy signature,” where we translate an intent into a specific energy signature. Sometimes, my unconscious or my ethereal software can make that translation for me, but not in this case.

      But, thanks for thinking about the problem and sharing an idea. And thanks for reading.

  3. Sonia says:

    I don’t know if that helps, but I heard that it was found out, that the cancer cells speak another language then the healthy cells. And that this causes the problems. So in terms of energy signature this would be another signature then the signature of healthy cells.
    Can you get Cells to change their signature?

    In terms of the soul this would be a part of the soul that is rejected by your friend and therefor she does not permit herself to talk to this part.
    She needs to permit herself to take all the change she needs to get herself and this part to communicate with her .
    I know this sounds weird, but I hope you can get what I am trying to say. Maybe some of your spirits can point you somewhere helpfull with this…

  4. Sonia says:

    Today is the day of many thoughts…. so I just need to add some more to this –
    Something I experienced on energy healing is, that the person sometimes gets thoughts during the treatment. It is likely, that those are connected to the cause of the illness. Whatever those thoughts are about, it is essential, that everything is thoroughly granted and gratefull to be taken as is and not to fight oneself on thoughts we judge as unappropriate in order to allow a change of pattern. To grant oneself whats necessary to heal.
    While this is no guarantee – as this is a complex that requires some deep experiences to reproduce and each and every case is different because, the reasons always stem from the person itself, I have seen some persons that personally fully healed themselves. If one gets the grip of the true cause the rest will fall in line like a domino. As in speaking of energy fields, if you target the causing disruption and find a point that has the potential to balance the disruption and connect them with a specific applying command, the persons system is able to do the changes if she gives her permission to do what’s necessary.

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