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I’m taking care of my dying friend this weekend. I’ll be back with new content next week.

Until then, here are some posts I particularly enjoyed from Augoeides, one of my favorite magick blogs:

A skeptic encounters magickal phenomena, with a good discussion about the difference between skepticism vs aggressive doubt.

A post about electrical brain stimulation research. In particular, the last paragraph: One exciting possibility is that once this area of the brain is identified, it might be possible to evaluate magick in a more controlled fashion by analyzing the correlations between the different levels of stimulation made possible by this method and shifts in probability.

(While I don’t expect magick to be found in a particular brain region, I always get excited when people make testable predictions about magick research.)

failed faith healing, with an intriguing idea in the closing paragraph: I wonder if the ancient idea of “breathing life” into a person comes from a much earlier culture working out the basics of CPR and passing it along as “esoteric wisdom.”

And one that’s not particularly magick-related, but I love the idea of the Church of Latter Day Dude.

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