Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis: Initial Healing Sessions (My Work January 2015)

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I’m developing healing techniques for my friend with cancer, and a new friend with multiple sclerosis.

This month, I learned to work with the affected tissues, and did an initial healing session on both.

This post covers my initial observations and ideas.

Energy Healing for Cancer

When I visited in December, I’d done everything I could to help with Lisa’s infections and increase her comfort.

In January, I asked: If I were taking full responsibility for developing healing techniques for her, what else would I do?

Well, instead of getting a spirit who knows how to use the healing ethereal software, I’d get one of the spirits who made that software.

I asked my mentor, and he made an introduction.

Drawing from Lisa’s medical knowledge and the spirit’s healing expertise, we wound up with three healings, intended to:

  • Increase productivity of her bone marrow. (Bone marrow produces both red and white blood cells).
  • Increase productivity of her lymph nodes. (T cells are a type of white blood cell, particularly good at fighting cancer. They spend part of their life cycle in lymph nodes.)
  • Decrease hormone productivity of the cancer cells. (Cancer cells produce hormone-like chemicals called “cytokines” that interfere with the immune system.)

The spirit did most of the energy work. I connected him to Lisa’s cancer cells, and he programmed the ethereal software to recognize their energy. I told him about bone marrow and lymph nodes, connected him to the tissue, and he did the energy adjustments. I explained cytokines, and he figured out the rest. I was a translator between him and Lisa, connecting the medical expertise to the spirit.

Lymphocyte levels are the key metric here. That’s the measure of the white blood cells that go through the lymph nodes, which includes the T cells. Here’s the data:

  • Normal value is between 16 and 47.
  • In the month before the healing session, her lymphocytes were between 6 and 11.
  • Two days before the healing session, they were at 7.
  • The day after the healing session, they were up to 15.

We’re both excited about those results.

There’s no lab result that tells us about cytokine levels. But I’ll be out to visit again in a few weeks, and we’ll see how she’s doing then.

(And to follow up on the anti-infection healing technique from my December visit: In the week after the healing session, her urine production increased 20%, which is associated with reduced inflammation and infection.)

Energy Healing for Multiple Sclerosis

Background: MS is an autoimmune disease. The person’s immune system attacks their nerves. In the past, I’ve worked with chronic hives (another autoimmune disorder), so I’m drawing from that.

When I connect to a person, I lightly touch their body and connect to the energy of their skin, then their muscles, tendons, and other tissues. When I connected to the energy of her skin, I noticed an unusual signature, one I hadn’t seen before.

I found that unusual signature in most of her body. It is not present in areas where her MS is in remission, and it is more pronounced in areas where her symptoms are more severe.

When I look for a normal nerve signature, I do not find it. So I think that unusual signature is from her nerves.

I had expected to find a normal nerve signature in the areas that are in remission, but I don’t. I mentally subtract “inflammation” from the unusual signature, and I find that “unusual-minus-inflammation” signature is in the areas that are in remission.

It seems that nerves in remission are still different than nerves in a person without MS. Or they produce a different signature, at least. Which is good, it suggests we can develop a healing technique by shifting the nerves toward the “in remission” signature, rather than needing to go all the way to “normal, non-MS-suffering” signature.

My first thought: Let’s do a standard healing intended to reduce inflammation, adjusted to target her nerves (with their unusual signature). The answer is probably more complex, but it seems silly to jump to a complex technique without trying the basics first.

I’ve had two sessions with this client so far. Session one, I explored these signatures and got used to connecting to her nerves. Session two, I did the anti-inflammation technique. We’ll see how it goes.

I also applied the sleep effect I developed last month. The week after applying it, she had levels of work-related stress that would normally give her insomnia, but she was instead able to sleep about 6 hours a night.

Medical disclaimer: This post describes the intent behind the healings, and does not make any claim as to the efficacy of the healings themselves.

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3 Responses to “Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis: Initial Healing Sessions (My Work January 2015)”

  1. Hi Mike,

    I am fascinated that you are discussing these particular applications of magic. At the outset though, I wonder about the personal “uses” of sickness or disease, as it is something I have written about. What if the patient does not want to be healed, as sickness provides certain benefits – unconsciously – such as much-needed attention and physical care, psychological self-punishment, or a means of leaving the body (dying). Sometimes a person will agree to be sick as part of a learning contract or an spiritual ordeal that is prearranged with other beings and entities, as with many religious and magical initiations. Will this kind of magic “work” on an person who does not need, or perhaps want, to be healed? How would you know? Take him/her at her word? This is an area where supernatural/psychic insight would be most helpful.

    • Hi Yvonne, I think there are 2 separate things here.

      The first is when a person doesn’t want to get better, perhaps unconsciously. We’ll see them fail to take care of themselves, not follow doctor’s orders, self-sabotage, etc. I’ve done healings on injured legs, then had the person overuse that leg the next day, making the injury even worse. I wouldn’t expect healing, Western medicine, or anything else to be terribly effective if the person continuously re-injures themselves, and I know that non-compliance is a huge frustration for medical professionals.

      (Also, this is definitely not the case with either client discussed in this post.)

      Second is the spiritual belief that a person’s soul somehow chooses an illness for them to endure. On this, I return to Viktor Frankl, who discusses how important it is to find meaning in suffering. If this belief helps a person endure dying, well, I’m just happy that they’ve found something that helps.

      But I also think everyone should have the freedom to choose their own meaning, whether that’s based on new age views, traditional religion, or atheist rationality. If a person doesn’t subscribe to these soul-agreement-type beliefs, and we try to convince them, that can increase their suffering.

      As for healing, the notion of soul-agreements makes no predictions, cannot be tested, and is of no use in building more effective healing techniques.

      Possibly of interest, an excellent book I’m reading on finding meaning in death for atheists:

  2. Ok, but I was speaking more about the social construction of illness, particularly as it is played out in dramatic bodily crises or through physical afflictions associated with particular groups of people. These are “enacted” sicknesses, and whether in colonial Salem or contemporary East Africa in some cases the “meaning” of the sickness may also have to do with subverting existing power relations, redirecting resources, or reorienting rigid social structures. Women, children, slaves, the subaltern, persons of “low status.” For physicians it adds to the urgency for right diagnosis. On the other hand, I find great value in the theory of soul agreements. In any event, even though one’s determination of the meaning of one’s sickness is a matter of choice, the healer must be able to see the real, underlying causes in each case, so as to proceed accordingly. Especially with the latter model, in those cases of soul-agreement or karmic arrangements, the actions of well-intentioned healers could be disastrous. But how do you, the healer, determine how to work with certainty and clarity? I *think* that I understand that these theories o sickness are of no use to atheists? What about etiologies of disease and sickness, like yours that utilize an idiom of supernaturalism? Thanks Mike. Love ya

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