Teaching at Pantheacon

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I’m at Pantheacon this weekend. If you are too, you have a bunch of ways to see me.

Today (Saturday) at 1pm, I’m teaching Sensing Emotions, Seeing Magick in the Church of All Worlds suite (room 251).

Tomorrow (Sunday) at 2pm, I’m teaching One Night with 100 Lovers: Inner Archetypes for Polyamory, with the brilliant Francesca Gentille, again in the CAW suite (251).

And Monday at 9am, I’m teaching Hypnosis for Deeper Trance in the San Juan room.

I’m also doing healing sessions all weekend. I’ve gotten exciting results on chronic joint pain, and I want to offer that to a larger audience. So, make a donation to the Church of All Worlds, receive a healing session. In the CAW suite (251).

And for blog readers, if you want a healing session for something else, I’ll do that too. Because I love you guys and appreciate all the support you give me.

(Or just stop by CAW to say hi.)

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  1. George says:

    Have fun. Be interested in a post on how it goes, plus impressions of other people’s contributions, etc, if you’re up for it?

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