Focusing on the Work, Not the Worry

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As I think about Healing Lab, doing energy healing as a business, supporting myself with my magick, it’s scary. Is my energy healing good enough? Do I teach and explain magick well enough? Am I ready?

This week, I’ve changed goals: I want to prepare for Healing Lab. That feels safe.

I’m aware of the trap. If “prepare” means you’re thinking about reading about learning those skills, that’s a problem. So I’m preparing by doing them. Healing, so I learn better healing techniques. Teaching, so I learn to explain better. Writing, so I have a book to share, and so I learn to inspire better.

I don’t think anyone outside my head will notice notice difference between preparing and doing. But in here, it lets me focus on the work instead of the worry.

(And I’m writing more. This post, plus progress on my book again.)

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One Response to “Focusing on the Work, Not the Worry”

  1. George says:

    Could you do it part-time, as in some sort of “Saturday Sessions”? You could gain confidence of doing it for-real, without it being your entire life.

    You are always going to be confronted with this transition in some shape or form.

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