How Ethereal Muscles Atrophy

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Ethereal muscles are our term for the parts of the mind that drive magick. In most people, these parts are atrophied from disuse.

I’ve known that for years. But how do they atrophy? How fast? What’s involved in strengthening them again? I had no data, only speculations.

This week I returned to practicing magick. In April I only did healing sessions for Lisa, and I’ve barely done anything since then. So, what does 2-3 months of disuse do?

First, a little background: There are four main groups of ethereal muscles I work with. Communication, for talking with spirits and ethereal software. Effects, for energy healing and working with energy. Access, for handling connections. And mental activation, for awakening and powering ethereal muscles.

Before taking this break, my ethereal muscles had power flowing to them from something I call “core.” You could think of it as a soul, though if you start to work with it you’ll see that “soul” isn’t quite right. But the point is: Ethereal muscles had power flowing in, keeping them running smoothly.

After this break, that power was shut down. The paths it followed were closed. My ethereal muscles instead drew power from the energy field of my brain, which isn’t harmful but is exhausting.

I figured that out on the third day, after my ethereal muscles started waking up again. The first two days were spent engaging my ethereal muscles, resting, then doing it again, to get them to draw enough power from my energy field to start working. I did this years ago, when first awakening my ethereal muscles. It was exhausting then and now.

On the third day, my mental activation muscles (for awakening and powering ethereal muscles) came online. More than just engaging them, they were responding to my thoughts, commands, and intents.

I used them to re-open the pathways for that power, and get it flowing to my ethereal muscles again. This was the critical step years ago, when first awakening my ethereal muscles, and it was the critical step now, too. The power re-awakened my ethereal muscles.

Now, three days later, everything is working again. Not 100%, I can’t work as fast or as long as before, but that’ll come with time. For now, I can communicate with my spirits and ethereal software, and resume my studies.

If I hadn’t realized the problem was lack of power? I would still be engaging my ethereal muscles, then resting from exhaustion, not knowing what was happening as my muscles slowly drew power through closed pathways.

This is one reason I focus so much on the moving parts of magick: Knowing the underlying problem let me find a technique to fix it. That’s the essence of Direct Magick.

So, mystery solved. When I don’t use my ethereal muscles for a few months, they go to sleep, and the pathways that provide power close up. Similar to the condition I found them in years ago, when I awakened them initially. And the same technique works in both places, to open the power pathways and get my ethereal muscles back online.


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3 Responses to “How Ethereal Muscles Atrophy”

  1. Jerome says:

    Are there any exercises that you could have done to keep your muscles active? I guess I’m asking what’s the minimum amount of exercise that would have prevented the atrophy?

    • Good question. I’ll put it in my future research.

      Here’s what I know now: While consulting, I’ve gone a few weeks doing only a little bit of manifesting, with no ill effects. It’s possible that the minimum is even less, but doing manifesting 2-3x per week seemed sufficient.

      • Jerome says:

        Thanks for the response. The idea behind me asking was thinking about our physical muscles. You can do “maintenance level” amount of exercise to keep from losing strength so I wondered if there was an equivalent for ethereal muscles.

        I love the information I have found on this site!

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