Healing Techniques for a Reiki Master with Chronic Hives

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Minty, a Reiki Master suffering from hives, writes:

I’m so excited to find your site. I have been suffering from hives for 3 long itchy weeks and although I’m a very experienced Reiki Master I was struggling to breakthrough. Reading your blog on your Hives client and the rest of your site has giving me much needed new insights, hope and a renewed excitement in discovering new techniques! ! I will be getting into all the Magick over the next few days and will give you an update.

I’m so sorry to hear about your hives. I’ve seen up close how miserable that can be.

I’d like to help. Let me lay out some healing techniques, you try them and give me feedback, and together we’ll work to debug them.

As a Reiki practitioner, you’re used to channeling healing energy, right? I’m guessing you’d say you channel energy from “The Universe.” Keep in mind, that’s just the name someone chose to refer to “the source we channel energy from.” In Direct Magick, we call those channel-able energy sources “ethereal software.”

There are many different pieces of ethereal software out there. Some are used by healers, some by psychics, some by ritual mages. Any one person can use multiple pieces of ethereal software. I’ve already used two ethereal softwares today, and it’s only 9am.

Here’s what I’ve set up: I took the healing technique for chronic hives and programmed it into the ethereal software for my book. There’s a lot going on in that sentence, so let me unpack it for you.

Healing technique for chronic hives: It’s three effects, actually. Note: I’m going to speak about what the effects are designed to do, because without medical research I can’t say what specific changes they cause.

The first effect is designed to act on the nerves in your skin, spine, and the rest of your body to inhibit the itch signal. When I worked with Lisa, she would get significant reduction in itching after using this healing technique, typically 4 points on a 10-point scale.

After two or three weeks, it stopped working for her. We think that’s because of a buildup of neurotransmitters in the inhibited nerves.

A little background: Nerves send signals by releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters. One nerve releases the neurotransmitter, and the next nerve in the chain absorbs it. That’s how the signal passes from one nerve to the next. If the receiving nerve doesn’t absorb the neurotransmitter (for example, because it is inhibited), then the neurotransmitter floats between the nerves, eventually building up to problematic levels. So, the first nerve (that sent the neurotransmitter) can absorb it back, kind of like an envelope stamped “return to sender.” This process is called reuptake.

The second technique is designed to increase neurotransmitter reuptake for the itch-signalling nerves. With Lisa, we did this effect and let it run while she slept, and the next morning she woke up nearly hive-free. She would sometimes have smaller outbreaks during particularly stressful night shifts, but when she did, she would use the first healing technique, and the itch would decrease to a manageable level.

There’s one more technique, too. Ultimately, hives is caused by the immune system attacking the person’s skin. So the third effect is designed to decrease overall immune system activity. Not down to zero, just a little, to take the edge off. After we added this, Lisa’s stress-related hives decreased dramatically, too.

So, three effects. We used them in this combination:

  • Effect 1 (anti-itch) for 2-3 weeks
  • Effect 2 (neurotransmitter) for one month
  • Effect 3 (immune system) for 2 weeks

There is probably some more optimal schedule for these healing techniques, but that schedule worked well, and it should give you a starting point in healing yourself. In particular, let Effect 1 (anti-itch) run for a couple of weeks to get that buildup of neurotransmitter, so that Effect 2 knows what to target. (Based on testing I just did, if there isn’t a buildup of neurotransmitter, the ethereal software refuses to run Effect 2.)

Those are the healing techniques I’d use in person. But how do we get these effects to you? Ideally, I’d like to empower you to heal yourself — it’s a more scalable solution than me doing every healing session, and to be successful this system needs to be easy to pick up and use.

But it’s not enough to tell you goals like “decrease immune system sensitivity.” You can focus on that intent, but you need ethereal software that can turn that intent into a specific energy targeted at a particular tissue. Most ethereal software would probably say, “That’s great, I see what you want there, but I don’t know how to do that.” We need to get you some ethereal software that’s programmed to handle these particular instructions.

I’m not sure if you’ve gotten to my book-in-progress yet, but it walks you through contacting a piece of ethereal software I made specifically for the book. That software is bound to a sigil, and by focusing on the sigil you can contact the ethereal software. Using it will be pretty similar to channeling Reiki energy, but you’ll be tapping into a different source that knows different commands.

I’ve programmed the three healing effects into that ethereal software. The commands are based on the intended result of the energy:

Numb. Focus on “Numb me” or “numb the itch.” To turn it off, focus on “turn off numbing.”

Increase neurotransmitter reuptake. I want to mention, this communication happens in concepts, not in syllables. To me, neurotransmitter reuptake conjures images of nerves and chemicals, so those words work well for me. But if you find those words awkward, read up on neurotransmitter reuptake before using the command. (It might be possible to also use your own words, or even images, but it might not. It depends on how similar they are to the command I programmed. The surest bet is to use the words I use, after getting comfortable with what they mean.) To turn this effect off, use “deactivate increase neurotransmitter reuptake.” It’s an unintuitive sentence, but if you think of “increase neurotransmitter reuptake” as all one phrase, it makes sense. (Based on testing for similar commands, “decrease neurotransmitter reuptake” won’t work.)

Decrease immune sensitivity. This does a small effect, and you can repeat the command to increase intensity. “Decrease immune sensitivity — turn off” cuts it in half, and “decrease immune sensitivity — entirely off” turns it off completely.

We programmed some protection into the ethereal software, too. If it notices something going wrong, it’ll stop the effects. But also trust your intuitions — if something feels off, shut down the effects. Also, do each effect one at a time, and do them in the morning so you have plenty of time to observe the results before going to sleep. And I’m sure this goes without saying, but all of this is delivered as-is, use at your own risk.

Based on my testing, increase neurotransmitter reuptake won’t run unless you have a buildup from the numbing command. The software said as much in its error message. Also, when I ran decrease immune sensitivity on myself, it gave a warning, “You don’t have a condition this will help, are you sure you want to run this?” Neat to see the protection and error checking in action.

And before doing any of this, work through the exercises in my book to connect to the ethereal software and turn on and off an obvious connection. Practice until that’s easy and works reliably. That way, we’ll know you can reliably send messages to this software before you try any of these commands.

If you have questions, or if anything seems odd, please leave a comment here, or email me if you want to ask privately. Whatever the results, please let me know.

Lastly, please go into this with a research mindset. This may require some adjustment, some debugging. I’ll work the problem with you, both through writing and through distance work. Working these problems is how we discover the mechanisms behind healing, which lets us develop better techniques and help more people. Think of this as part of creating a new science, a new set of human capabilities. Because that’s what we’re doing.

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