Overcoming Resistance: Talking to the Inner Child

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The resistance is the doubt that says, “If that one technique failed, it means magick isn’t real.”

It’s the flinch that keeps you from really using your magick, because what if it doesn’t work this time? Will you have to abandon everything?

It’s your father’s reflexive skepticism, internalized as your own.

You will encounter your resistance as you learn magick. You probably have already.

If you don’t obey it, you’ll instead want to push it down, throw it in a locked room and hope it dies.

It won’t. It’ll scream and bang and torment you.

Instead, talk to it gently, like you would a child. That’s where it came from, after all — a learned response from childhood, when you had to agree with parents and teachers or face punishment.

Listen to that voice. Talk to it. Thank it for looking out for you. Explain how it’s scared of the wrong things. Teach it what really matters, and why you path is safe and good. Guide it like you would a child, with kindness and empathy. Help it go back to sleep.

Then get back to creating your art.

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