Do Wiccans Use Ethereal Software?

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Susie asks:

I love reading your blog. I have a question. Is your theories about magick can apply to all types of magick, like Witchcraft or casting spells?

Thank you! And good question.

I started developing Direct Magick in the mid-90s. At the time, Chaos Magick was influencing just about everyone. Chaos Magick starts with an excellent question: So many systems of magick, with different terminology and different explanations, produce essentially the same results. Why?

(Chaos Magick’s answer is that “belief is the tool,” that magick works however you believe it does. But if that were the case, then all those different systems with different explanations and different beliefs would produce different results. In other words, belief cannot be an answer to that question.)

Back to the story. Often, the question is more important than the answer, and I think that’s the case here. Because it’s a great question.

Why do all those different systems produce similar results?

Here’s my answer: When two different actions produce the same result, that’s usually because they both tap into the same phenomenon, and share the same underlying mechanism. They might call it different names — The Universe, Natural Laws, Ethereal Software — but they’re all referring to the same phenomenon, the same mechanism, the same object out in the world.

The question then becomes, “What’s the most precise / useful way to tap into that mechanism?” That’s the question behind most of Direct Magick.

(Another valid version is, “What’s the fastest / easiest-to-teach way to tap into that mechanism?” That would produce a totally-different-but-also-excellent system of magick.)

So, Susie, my answer is yes. All magick, from Witchcraft to spells to rituals to Reiki, probably shares one (or a few) mechanisms. And Direct Magick is my current-best attempt to explain and harness that mechanism.

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2 Responses to “Do Wiccans Use Ethereal Software?”

  1. D says:

    Hey mike question? Do you think physically shapeshifting would be possible if you could tune in to your bodies energy signature? Just curious

    • I’m assuming you mean “change into a wolf” and not a more mundane change of shape like losing weight or increasing muscle mass.

      My answer: Probably not. The energy of living tissue seems to correspond to the state, like inflamed, healthy, etc. Changing the energy signature of my body to match, say, a wolf’s might do nothing (if healthy wolf muscle, tendon, ligament, etc has the same signature as healthy human muscle etc), or might make me sick. It wouldn’t change me into a wolf.

      Could energy be used to enhance weight loss and muscle growth from exercise? Very possibly. It’s lower on the list than healing research, but I do hope someone explores that someday.

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