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I’ve heard about being compelled by a psychic intuition. Friends who felt some force make them write a letter, or talk to a person, or take some other decision. They recall watching themselves, not knowing what was driving the decision. Far from unpleasant, it’s spiritual for them, good in a big way.

This month, I experienced that compulsion for the first time. It was excellent.

I was on a six-day consulting engagement, Monday through Saturday. By Wednesday, I knew the project was more complex than anticipated. I considered plowing through, doing as much as I could. I considered asking for extra time. It was 7pm Wednesday, and I resolved to make up my mind and email in the morning.

But I had also committed to practicing manifesting every day. I’d call one of my spirits, tell her what I wanted to manifest for, and she’d help me figure out the right way to ask. I started with, “Make me successful in this consulting engagement.” We ended up with, “Cause me to make work that causes both (1) the guys I’m working with to be happy with my work and (2) them wanting to work with me again. Both of those equally.” Yes, that’s awkward English, but the ethereal software I use is designed for spirits, for their language. The words don’t matter — it communicates in concepts, not sounds or writing — but apparently it works better if I use the syntax of their language. It certainly worked well here.

I got a mental nudge to email my client right then. I thought, “It’s late. I’ll email in the morning.” A stronger nudge: No, email them now.

I listened, and got more nudges as I wrote. Avoid this topic. Take the idea you just discarded, write it up. Rephrase that paragraph. OK, hit send.

I did. (I also read it in a normal, focused mental state — I’m not going to just hit send because an untested compulsion told me to.) It was after 9pm in Texas, where my clients live. I figured I’d get an answer in the morning. I wondered why it was so important to email them right then.

30 minutes later, I got a reply from the senior manager. Not the guy running the project day to day, but the guy who handles the money, a decidedly higher level in the company. He asked for more info about the difficulties, details on how the project was bigger than what he’d been lead to believe. He and the day-to-day manager figured out how to take some work off my plate. All of this happened in about an hour that evening.

If I’d waited until the morning, I don’t know if the senior manager would have been available.

But back to the manifesting. It was an excellent experience. I was half watching myself act, but it was empowering because I’d asked for exactly that help. And, as someone just starting to really learn manifesting, it felt like a milestone. Compulsion on demand.

It’s also inspired a new focus for my manifesting: Asking for success right before making plans. Figuring out a trip? Manifest for success, then listen to the nudges. Talking with a friend about a sensitive topic? Manifest for success the day before, then think about how to approach the topic. (Also listen for nudges during the conversation, but that’s harder. Much easier to listen for nudges when you’re just writing and can pause anytime you like.) Even updating this website, I used manifesting before picking the image in the header bar.

I’m curious: Is this common? Readers, do you use manifesting in this way? What other approaches do you find most effective? Leave a comment below. Thanks!

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