Resistance, Rational Doubts, and Fear

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What would you do if sure of your magick? Would you leave your job to pursue energy healing? Would you use manifesting to guide your investments? Or would it just change subtle details, like how you explain magick to the people you care about?

Doubt holds us back. Whether it’s doubt that magick as a whole is real, or that it works the way we think it does, or simply doubting we’re any good at it. Doubt certainly holds me back. It makes me flinch from the work I want to do.

I wrote about irrational doubts recently. They come from our past, our fears, our perception of what we ought to be. A deep breath, an introspective meditation, a talk with the fearful parts of yourself — we have tools to dissipate irrational doubts.

But at some point, you’ve dispersed the irrational doubts, and you’re left with the rational doubts. And those are much harder.

Rational doubts come from the world. The only way to handle them is to go out into the world and run the experiment, a fair experiment that will show you if you’re wrong.

That means creating opportunities for failure. That’s hard. That’s the last 10% of developing a solid system of magick, and it’s harder than the first 90%.

As I prepare for those experiments, I breathe through the resistance and doubt every day. That’s the work. That’s what’s next.

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