My Reasons for Magick

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For sanctuary. A private hobby to explore and experience. Safe but also isolating.

For curiosity. A deep need to understand experiences. The drive behind science.

For healing. Today we understand the biofield as well as 17th-century doctors understood the body. What could we do with a 20th-century understanding?

For power. Manifesting to solve problems and improve my life and the lives of my friends.

For a dream. A worldwide community of magick researchers, advancing medicine and biology and physics.

For transhumanism. Ethereal muscles to expand our mental capacities. Biofield healing for life extension and, eventually, immortality.

I’ve had all these reasons. Still have most of them. (I’m shedding private sanctuary as I embrace vision and transhumanism.)

They’re all valid. They all lead to different explorations, different achievements.

What are your reasons? Where are they taking you?


And here’s a wonderful webcomic ode to the dreams behind science. I found it last week, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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2 Responses to “My Reasons for Magick”

  1. George says:

    Mostly my reason to explore this has been curiosity, but curiosity in this area tends to lead you to interesting places!

    Initially, it was just an interest in “the nature of reality”, as part of other philosophical and scientific explorations.

    Later, it became more focused on understanding the “patterning” of the human experience, and the fundamental relationship between acts, meanings, intentions and outcomes.

    Finally, it has moved on to the application of those insights in the form of:

    a) a generalised model which combines a description of the nature of experience with a framework for modifying the content of experience.

    b) a set of practical tools which leverage this view in order to allow people to improve their lives.

    In the course of pursuing this sort of thing, one inevitably picks apart a lot of assumptions about “how the world works” – and even the idea that there is a particular “how” – so part of the challenge has been to make sure a coherent and shareable vision is emerging from the end of it. (And one which of course includes science and magick as natural outcomes.)

    I think these pursuits probably always start off from a slightly selfish place, but once you have a grip on it and make progress, the greatest pleasure is actually when other people use your ideas and report positive results in their lives, results which really couldn’t have been achieved in any other way.

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