We’re All Cyborgs Now

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We’re all cyborgs now, always connected to smartphones, always connected to everyone we know and all of human knowledge. That’s Amber Case’s thesis in this TED talk, and it got me thinking about psychic intuitions.

I’m always connected to my psychic ethereal software. It’s the first thing I check in the morning (even before my cell phone). It feeds me information throughout my day. When it turns off, say after exhausting myself practicing new techniques, I feel odd, weaker not in body but in decision-making, somehow less myself for losing this tool.

Every psychic I know reports the same thing: Their intuitions are part of themselves, an external tool that has become integrated into who we are.

We’re all cyborgs. Or perhaps psyborgs.

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2 Responses to “We’re All Cyborgs Now”

  1. Sonia says:

    What I find funny about this approach… and I have once in a while bumped into it on other sites too and it left me wonder.
    Where is the heart in all this? This – like connecting to the software hehe ;-) – is all braintalk to me. And I went with the brain for a long distance very well until I discovered for me a sort of new frontier that may be hard to know what I am talking about if you do not experience it yourself. Once I had an experience, that taught me, that the heart is so much more powerful than any field you may reach with just thinking something or having to connect to virtually. There is never an “I am out of my heart”. It has to me always been somewhat a “disconnection” to the heart that makes one feeling “displaced” even possible. When it rather is just like a patina, that makes you keep your distance from it for whatever reason like a heartbreak of some sort. While the connection to certain ablilities -or certain “softwaretools” if you like rather call it- through the heart is just there all the time. No need to connect anyway it is there. It is integrated.
    In all you have experimented. Have you noticed a difference between just bringing sort the idea of simple deep emotion of “love and light” to a cell then whatever technical precise command you give… ? And another question that came up, where lies your focus in those commands? In the heart or the consciousness of mind? Forgive me if you have described it already somewhere but there is so much info. I just have not been able to catch up all of it yet. And sometimes I just end up circling for hours on little things :-D or forgetting other details.

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