How Spirits are Like Professors

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“How did you get spirits to train you?”

A friend asked me that over lunch. She’s certified in several systems of healing, familiar with asking spirits to help, but she hasn’t seen people work with spirits to learn communication, sensory connections, and other techniques like I do.

I paused. There are several answers. I could talk about developing techniques for communication, how making it easier for spirits to talk with me resulted in more thorough, useful answers. Or I could talk about the first group of spirits I joined, how I trained them in techniques for awakening ethereal muscles, and in exchange each of them trained me in their specialty. But those answers are the details, useful if you’re wondering how to get better answers from spirits, but useless for someone just starting with spirits.

I went with the simplest answer: Ask. Ask the spirits how they communicate, and what you can do to be easier to communicate with. Ask how to feel magickal energy and structures and fields, and how to sense those things more accurately. After getting them to help with a healing or manifesting session, ask how they did it, what the moving parts are and how they operate.

Then explore on your own. Ponder how sensory connections might work, develop a technique to improve them, and test it out. Whether it succeeds or fails, the value is in the practice: Practice thinking through an engineering problem for magick, practice developing a new technique, practice testing it out, and the data you got from that.

Show it to the spirit, say, “I made this, it didn’t work, what did I do wrong?” That gives them something concrete to discuss, at the right level of complexity and detail for you. It shows them that you’re collaborating in your own development, putting your own effort in to advance. It shows them that, eventually, once you know everything they know about a topic, you’ll keep exploring, developing new techniques that you can teach to them.

In my experience, demonstrating your own effort matters more than developing a working technique. Think of it like school: The teacher already knows the answer. They want to see your effort, your thought process, how you’re going about solving the problem. Show them that, and they’re eager to help. But show up without trying first, and you won’t get very far.

(Once you’re working on unsolved problems, getting a successful technique is a big deal. But this post is about starting to train with spirits, so we’re not there yet.)

One tip: Focus on curiosity, not on results, at least at first. Just like one cooking class won’t let you improve on your favorite restaurant, asking a few questions won’t let you improve on what spirits and ethereal software can do for you. So keep channeling software and spirits for important problems, but follow up with questions, explore and embrace curiosity. Eventually, you will be able to improve on their techniques.

So, how do you get spirits to train you? Ask specific questions, then explore their answers.

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