(Im)balancing the Biofield

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“Instead of balancing the biofield, we precisely imbalance it to produce the energy healing result.”

How is my system of healing different than Reiki? I’ve been searching for a simple answer to this. Not one that explains sensory connections or the pathways from energy to cells, but a simple metaphor for laymen. And that’s where I’ve ended up: Balance vs imbalance.

Vitamins balance the body, more or less. They help your body do what it naturally does.

But painkillers? They precisely imbalance the body. A balanced body signals pain when there’s an injury. But imbalance the body in the right way and those pain-signaling nerves stop firing (or the brain stops registering them).

Chemotherapy precisely imbalances the body too, damaging all cells, but damaging cancer cells more.

Balance is great when you want your body to do what it’s doing, just a little better. But often, that’s not the goal.


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