Building a Company: The Dreamer’s We

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Asch_experimentIn 1951, Solomon Asch did a now-famous study on conformity. Eight people were asked, “Tell me which of the lines, A B or C, is the same length as the reference line.” Except 7 of those 8 people were part of the experiment. They confidently lied, saying the answer was B. And 36% of subjects went along, agreeing with the crowd instead of their own vision.

In advocating for magick and biofield healing, we are all part of an Asch conformity experiment.

But there’s a second result, less-known but just as powerful: If a single other person disagreed with the mob, subjects trusted their vision and spoke their truth. Humans don’t need to be a majority, we just can’t be alone.

As I start Healing Lab, I find myself saying, “We’re developing new healing techniques. We’re preparing for double-blind studies.” But who is this we? Right now, Healing Lab is just me.

It isn’t the royal we, where a king sweeps his subjects into his pronoun. I don’t have subjects. And if Healing Lab were five people, saying “we” would be correct.

(It also isn’t the manager’s we, which means you, as in, “We need to update the spreadsheet.”)

I’m calling this the “dreamer’s we.” Speaking for the organization I’ll build one day, rather than the organization I have now. Like having that ally in Asch’s conformity experiment, this “we” makes it easier to trust my vision and speak my truth.

What would you do with the support of a team? How much of that can you do today?

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2 Responses to “Building a Company: The Dreamer’s We”

  1. Shining Star says:

    Happy new year, Mike!

    Here’s a thought, maybe it’s time to take a piece of this beautiful dream to youtube. Like mindandmagick, infinitewaters, and Teal Swan. They’re dreams grew really big there, it’s an awesome place to start things.

    Best of luck with Healing Lab in 2016. <3

    • Thanks! I’ve thought about youtube, and it’s good to get a nudge on it. Right now, I’m writing the text for Healing Lab, which mostly means I’m figuring out how to explain what it is and why it matters. Once that’s set up, I’ll have time to return to my book, and maybe branch out into youtube too.

      Happy 2016!

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