Best Exercises for Learning Energy?

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I’m consulting in Singapore this month, and just had lunch with a reader. It was great connecting. Here are my answers to some of his questions:

Is magick dangerous?

When I first started magick, I’d often get headaches and feel like my energy was off. I think this is pretty common. Some of those experiences were probably from spirits draining me, some of them were from me messing up my own energy. But I definitely support people learning protection.

But is it dangerous? Not really. Side effects of magick are usually limited to headache, nausea, and mild disorientation — the same sort of issues as a night of drinking. So get out there, try stuff, but just accept that you might have a hangover the next day.

When trying to learn magick, which exercises are most effective? How should I focus my time?

We don’t know yet. That’s a great question to answer with scientific research, but we don’t have it yet. Here’s what we do know:

Feedback matters. Mastery doesn’t come from repeatedly doing the same thing. It comes from trying something, getting feedback, then adjusting before the next try. That’s the 10,000 hour rule: It’s 10,000 hours of practicing with feedback, not 10,000 hours of repetition. Or put another way, there’s a huge difference between one year of experience repeated 10 times, vs 10 years of experience.

So, when you practice, practice something with concrete results. Track if you get those results.

Really, my magick took off when I developed sensory connections, a set of techniques to watch ethereal structures move as I do magick. That’s the immediate feedback I needed.

Second response: Different exercises probably work best for different people. So share your experiences. Try different exercises, blog about them, let people know what worked for you and what didn’t. That’s a case study, and it’s the first step in developing a science around how to learn magick. We need your experiences.

Also: This stuff is hard. Don’t expect it to be easy. If it were easy to get concrete, obvious results, magick would be taught in schools and researched by mainstream scientists. If it were easy, it would have been done already. That’s why anything worth doing is hard.

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2 Responses to “Best Exercises for Learning Energy?”

  1. Magus732 says:

    Have you thought of Psychokinesis and how it work in your system?

    I know it’s real, in my good times I could move water just by thinking it (yes even inside a sealed recipent, moving something that floated in the water in the direction I wished). I lost it because is as difficult as running a marathon, if you don’t practice for enough time you lose it.

    The strange thing about psychokinesis is that there isn’t a spell or symbol to meditate on. Only your mind, your own visualization on the things moving and effort. Alot of effort. To master hydrokinesis to that level I required months of daily practice. First you need to “feel” the water and then try to move it, then only in the direction you wish. I retired of it because it was not useful in real life (no matter how cool it was).

    The point is: There is an ethereal softwate? Is it similar to direct magick? Where does the energy for the movement comes from? I don’t know the answers.

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