What Does Energy Healing Feel Like?

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“Huh, I didn’t feel anything.”

I’d just done the healing for better sleep on a friend. She’s had energy healing before, and had a mystical experience with a shaman, so she was more believer than skeptic. It didn’t come off as dismissive. I think she’d just hoped for another cool mystical experience, and was a little disappointed.

But really, energy healing shouldn’t create tingles or sensations. Here’s how I think about it:

  • Most people don’t feel energy (and most demonstrations of energy are actually proprioception). If they did, researchers would have found the biofield by now. I’m actually working on how to create sensations reliably, and it’s challenging work.
  • For people who do feel energy, they usually need a lot of it. (That’s what my book’s ethereal software does to create sensations, more or less.) Except good healing techniques aren’t about flooding the person with energy. They’re about applying exactly the right type of energy to the right spot in the body, sustained over hours or days. You wouldn’t want a flood of energy sustained over days.
  • Feeling tingling is unrelated to sleeping better. And if you took a sleeping pill and suddenly your head started tingling, that’s not a good sign.

My friend liked this explanation. I think I’m going to add it to my “what to expect from this healing” talk, so people know not to expect tingles. This isn’t Head and Shoulders shampoo.


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4 Responses to “What Does Energy Healing Feel Like?”

  1. Julie says:

    I’m surprised she didn’t feel anything at all.

    Have a safe trip and good time. Are you going to continue blogging while you’re away? I hope so!

  2. Nerd says:

    What I feel when my qigong master does it, is like a cool wind with little speckles in it. You know when you get hit in the head and you “see stars?” It’s like that.

    There are methods for objective demonstration of “orgone,” btw. Not necessarily the exact concept of “qi,” but you don’t specifically define “energy” here.

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