Exploring Erotic Energy

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In addition to energy healing, I use energy to enhance sex. I had some great experiences in my early 20s, but didn’t understand how it worked, and eventually it just stopped. Now I’m exploring it again, with another decade-and-a-half of skills and tools, figuring out how it works and how to use it reliably. This post is an overview of that work, with more details in future posts. Practical tips are at the bottom.

In my early 20s, I’d build energy while making out with a partner, and they’d experience energy orgasms. It was a fun mystical experience, but also deeply moving as evidence that this wasn’t just placebo and imagination. It worked with several different partners, even partners that hadn’t heard of energy orgasms, where I sent energy without telling them what to expect. (I was less consent-focused back then.) These experiences set the baseline for what I consider effective / successful erotic energy.

Then I went a few months without using erotic energy. Moving across the country, new job, things get dropped. I changed some aspects of how I used energy and connections and shielding, and when I returned to erotic energy, it didn’t work.

Why did it stop working? Most broadly, because I didn’t understand how it worked in the first place. I had an energy visualization, and if I did that while I was turned on, then this neat thing happened. But what did that visualization do? How did my unconscious and my ethereal muscles respond to it? How was that energy different than other energy? No idea. I had no real understanding, so I couldn’t debug anything.

A decade later, I figured out part of the problem: Shielding. I block connections and energy, both from people who happened to be around me, and from the rare malicious use of energy. But they also blocked the erotic energy, so my energy couldn’t get to my partner, and their energy couldn’t get to me. Now I take a moment to open my shields, and partners who worked with energy report all sorts of good feelings.

(For those of you doing advanced shielding: Focus on opening shields for your physical body, both normal tissue and neural activity. No need to open your shields for ethereal software, mental energy, and other domains.)

That was last year. Then a few months ago, I was making out with a partner, sending her energy, and she orgasmed from it. Total surprise — this hadn’t worked in over a decade. But now I had the skills to watch my mind and my energy as I did it, so I could understand the process and build on it. Could I speed up and slow down the arousal, keep her at a certain point? Could we use this type of energy create other sensations, maybe even in people skeptical of energy? There’s a lot of potential here.

I have a lot to say about erotic energy. But for this overview post, here’s the summary: This erotic energy is substantially different than healing energy. It’s built in deeper parts of the biofield. The process is guided by a new ethereal muscle I hadn’t used before (at least, not since I learned to locate individual ethereal muscles). I’ve spent a couple months integrating that muscle and learning to use it — in the same way that thinking about how you run makes you clumsy, consciously watching yourself build energy makes you worse before it makes you better. So far, we’re not getting reliable orgasms, but we are creating better and better sensations as I develop these skills.

That’s where I am now in figuring out erotic energy. Details to come in future posts. But for now, here are a couple tips from my experiments so far:

1. When sending energy, focus on your partner’s head, not their genitals. I like touching their head, send the energy through my hand. I found this in the early 2000s, and again recently: Sending energy the head seems to be sufficient to create orgasms, while sending energy to the genitals feels nice but doesn’t have a huge impact. (For best results, send energy to both.) Energy orgasms are in the mind, it seems.

2. This morning, I sent energy while focusing on my arousal, then later sent energy while focusing on my love for my partner. Each time, I was building energy in my whole body, but the first time I felt it more strongly in my pelvis, and the second time I felt it more strongly in my chest, by my heart. She felt the second one more strongly in her heart, too, even though she didn’t know what I sent until we talked about it afterward. I know this is a common idea around chakras, that the different locations are for different emotions, but… why does that happen? I may have the tools to explore that now.

More details to come as I continue to explore these techniques.

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2 Responses to “Exploring Erotic Energy”

  1. Christina says:

    Very interesting post. Actually, I’ve been able to experience something similar with the person I’m dating now. In the beginning of the relationship we weren’t able to physically see each other as much, and without warning me I could tell he was thinking of my sexually as I got a very strong sensation of actually feeling him entering me. It wasn’t long enough to achieve an orgasm as he was working at the time and had to stop, but I confirmed after that he did indeed do it.

    I have a feeling this is the same mechanism that you’re talking about in this post. From his p.o.v. he visualized his astral self doing things to me. He was able to visualize my room because he’d been in it before.

    Sexually we haven’t felt the need to use it much as we now live together and it hasn’t been necessary, but your post has raised some questions about how it works and how to improve upon it. Because why not? :)

    I wonder if perhaps it isn’t as intense as living together has mixed our energy signatures somewhat. As for point two talking about that warmth that comes from love energy, we’ve also felt that. It’s very subtle and I’ve asked myself if it isn’t just body heat (it happens when we hold each other for an extended amount of time), but I swear there is a difference, as it starts low in the beginning but increases in time. I’ve also experienced a couple of times an energy cycling phenomenon- he had come home tired and stressed, but on holding me he said he felt that negative feeling “drain away” to be replaced with the loving energy. I say cycling because at the same time I feel the same thing, and can feel it moving through my body. That makes me come to the conclusion that somehow by cycling this loving energy we’re changing the signature to a “higher level,” ridding the stuck energy and replacing with a healthy one.

    I’m not sure how helpful my input will be but thought it would be interesting to compare notes. We’ll have to take some of your tips into account to see if that changes anything. If there are any results I’ll let you know.

  2. Christina says:

    I just wanted to mention one more experience as I just remembered.

    We’ve only done it once or twice, but while holding each other we consciously opened ourselves and allowed the loving energy to rise to its highest and flow into each other. There was a desire to consume and be consumed by one another and I had him get his body as close to mine and press as much as possible. At one point it was so intense that I can’t describe it as anything else but an emotional orgasm. It was like we were trying to become one and almost completely achieving it if not for our mortal vessels. It’s an intense happiness cradled in love that crack hearts and egos open. It was a beautiful experience. :) I think that would also be worth looking into, specifically how does this work?! How can we harness this loving energy in everyday life?

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