Stronger Than Fear

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At a friend’s shabbat dinner, we wrote short pieces inspired by snippets of old testament. Mine, predictably, discussed discovery and resistance. I hope you enjoy them.

The Climb is Too Far

And yet, we climb. Discovering gravity, and how the force binding us to the earth is also what binds the earth to the sun. Discovering that we are made of cells, and diseases are made of cells, and how, through that knowledge, we can make the sick whole again. Discovering that, through discovery, we can walk on the moon, communicate across the earth, and perhaps someday create immortality.

The climb is too far. And yet, together, we have already come farther than the shepherds of ancient times could have foreseen. Never doubt the power of human curiosity.

(The phrase was from a story of Moses on Mount Sinai.)

Stronger Than Fear

Fear of failure, of what that failure will tell us about ourselves, our futures, of how it will nourish our shadows and doubts.

Fear of success, of even larger goals next time, of having nowhere to hide from the dreams that truly intimidate us.

Fear of working on the worthless, while our true mission withers, and never knowing which is which.

Stronger than fear. We can’t be stronger every day. But the days we are, those are the days that matter.

(The phrase was from a song about Ruth.)

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2 Responses to “Stronger Than Fear”

  1. Julie says:

    The scientist has become a poet. Well done. Thanks for sharing! It’s obvious you were inspired by the activity, and I hope the food was good.

    I recently discovered that wanting people to heal me when I’m not healing myself isn’t going to work. It’s like smoking cigarettes and then asking someone to remove the tar from my lungs. I also realized that it’s okay to expect things from people, like love and support, or friendship and feedback. But only if the person is willing and able. When I fall back into my addictive patterns, no healing results. Or rather, I have to work on healing the original wound, again.

    Maybe rather than becoming stronger than fear, only love is stronger than fear, I can befriend my fears. And see which ones are beneficial, because they keep me out of harm’s way. And which ones are temporary roadblocks to greater joy, simply there to test my courage. Only time will tell.

    The climb is too far until I soften my vision just enough to see the mountain is merely a mirage. Why I am climbing? What am I trying to reach? Where can I go to find peace? Inside. My peace of mind must come from within. It’s my journey, my challenge to be better and do more. Only God knows why. When I truly love, then I am God-like. But it’s hard to love, even myself, because love can cause loss and heartbreak. Even though the earth is beautiful and we are so blessed, I forget to be grateful. I forget that laughter heals my pain, and I have the power to create a better life.

    I was trying to write a short comment, but then I got inspired! :)

    • Thank you. Well said. Yes, healing starts with oneself, with deciding to take responsibility and step up. Befriending your fears and loving yourself are big goals, worth working on. Good luck!

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