Beyond Tantra: Intermediate Erotic Energy Techniques (Class Notes)

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I’m teaching a class on erotic energy techniques — ways to increase your pleasure, your partner’s pleasure, or the connection you two share. This post is my notes for the class.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, the class is Thursday Aug 11, 7-9pm at Wicked Grounds (8th and Folsom in SF). RSVP on Facebook. It’s free, just buy something from the cafe, and give me feedback to help improve the class.

What is Erotic Energy?

Even among energy healers and magick practitioners, “energy” has many meanings: Emotional state (“He’s so happy, his energy is really up”), social vibe (“This party has great energy”), or self-suggestions (“Visualize a successful business, put your energy into it”).

In this class, we’re talking exclusively about biofield energy, the sort of energy used in energy healing. If you’re thinking of a phenomenon and want to know if it’s biofield energy or another meaning, ask yourself, “If I couldn’t see or talk to the person, if our only interaction was the energy through a soundproof door, would this phenomenon still happen?”

Erotic energy is using biofield energy to enhance sexual experiences. It can be as simple as helping yourself or your partner relax and get more in the mood, to deepening connection by feeling one another’s energy, to creating energy orgasms. We’ll cover all that in this class.

Pre-Requesites: Building and Moving Energy

This class assumes you’re familiar with building energy in your body and moving it around. If you’re not, see this energy meditation. (We’ll quickly practice this in class.)

Easy Erotic Energy

Energy has different types. I call them “signatures,” other terms include “frequency” and “color.” Our goal is to build energy in an aroused, turned-on signature, and send that to our partner.

Here’s the easiest approach: Get turned on. Focus on how that feels in your body while building energy. This usually builds energy matching your turned-on state. Then visualize sending that energy into your partner.

Where to Send It?

When I first explored erotic energy, I expected to send the energy to my partner’s genitals. It turns out, this has only a small effect. Instead, based on my testing, sending energy to your partner’s head creates the strongest sensations. Try other places too, like their heart.


The point of a visualization is to communicate your intent to your unconscious mind. Visualizations are usually symbolic, rather than literal explanations of what the energy does. As far as biofield energy is concerned, we’re building energy in our body’s aroused signature, and any of these visualizations should do roughly the same thing. Use whatever visualization speaks to you.

Visualizations can also have an important psychological impact, and they can be fun to share with your partner.

A few suggestions:

  • Fire, red light, or anything that says “passion.”
  • Place your hands on different parts of your partner’s body, and visualize a flow of energy between them.
  • Suggestion from my LGBTQ friends: An energetic dick.


That’s the beginner portion of this class: Get turned on, build energy, send it to your partner.

Intermediate Techniques

Debugging: Open Your Shields

For a year in my early 20s, erotic energy just worked. Then I moved across the country, didn’t date for a few months, and did a lot of my own work around energy. When I had the chance to try erotic energy again, it didn’t work anymore. Years later, I figured out one of the main reasons: I had begun focusing on shielding, to block energy from flowing into my body (from other people, and occasionally from malicious people or spirits). My shielding also blocked my energy from flowing out to my partners.

If you do shielding, try reversing the visualization to open. If you don’t do shielding, you might want to start — most people find it helps them. Here’s a post on easy shielding techniques, and some more intermediate posts.

Note: Visualizing opening to your partner often has a strong psychological component as well. Most classes don’t distinguish between the psychological component vs the biofield component of this exercise.

Feeling Your Partner

Instead of building energy, quiet your energy. This doesn’t mean that you enter a low-energy state, it means you make your energy steady, so it’s not shifting. Now let your partner build their energy, and let it flow into you. Feel it. Because your energy is quiet, you’ll be able to notice their energy more clearly. Have them try exercises from this class.

Note: This is related to sensory connections, one of the foundational techniques of Direct Magick. More exercises here.

Energizing Sex Toys

Do you have an object that will enter someone’s body? Fill it with energy first. You can even do blind testing, where one partner energizes some toys then leaves the room, and the other partner feels each of them to see which is energized.

Energy Orgasms

I’ve had partners experience spontaneous orgasm just from energy. (They were dressed with no grinding or other genital stimulation.) I’ve experienced them too. I don’t have a reliable technique that works every time with every person, but energy orgasm seems to be related to an overwhelming amount of energy, and energy in the head seems to matter more than energy anywhere else. In men, energy orgasm doesn’t seem to cause ejaculation.

Different Types of Energy

Try feeling different types of arousal (or other states) in your body. Focus on those feelings while building energy. This should build a different type of energy.

Now, feel your partner while they do this exercise. Focus on how their energy feels.

Here’s where this becomes advanced: Instead of focusing on your own body’s turn-on, focus on the feeling of your partner’s energy (its signature). Build energy in that state, see how that feels in you, and how it feels to them.

If you can remember energy signatures from one day to the next, try building energy for the state you or they want to be in, rather than the state you’re currently in.

Another suggestion from LGBTQ friends: Now that you’re building energy in another person’s signature, try matching the signature of male-bodied and female-bodied people, and see how they feel different.

Attending the Class

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, the class is Thursday Aug 11, 7-9pm at Wicked Grounds (8th and Folsom in SF). RSVP on Facebook. It’s free, just buy something from the cafe, and give me feedback to help improve the class.

Reminder: Double-Blind Test Still Going

Only 2 more weeks to participate in the double-blind sigil testing. It’s a great way to increase your confidence in your abilities.

If you tried one sigil, please try the other one too. The data is far more useful if we see how you respond to both sigils. Plus, once this ends, do you really want to have only tried the placebo?

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  1. List of exercises for the class:

    Building and moving energy: Guided meditation.

    Easy erotic energy: On your own, try visualizing a fantasy while building energy. Move the energy around your body, notice how it feels in head, heart, genitals. If you’re here with a partner, try sending the energy to them.

    Opening shields: Visualization to close and open shields. Try them, see how you feel. If here with partner, try sending them energy with both shields closed, then with both shields open.

    Feeling partner: One person quiets energy. The other builds energy. Practice feeling it. If you don’t have a partner, just partner up with someone, but use non-erotic energy.

    Energizing sex toys: Pick any object you have, energize it. Maintain the energy flowing. (Some materials seem to hold energy, most do not. I’m not entirely sure of the physical laws involved, but in general assume you’ll have to maintain a flow of energy into the object.)

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