How I Sense Energy: Notes from Teaching a Friend

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When I sense energy, I use a technique called sensory connections, which gives a more precise sense than just feeling energy intuitively. A friend, trained in Ayurveda and Marma, is learning the technique for her practice, and I want to share some notes from our session:

We all work with the same ethereal structures (though we call them different names). You can use sensory connections with Marma or other practices to more precisely view the structures you’re working with.

Here’s the basic sensory connection: Make a connection like you’d use to send energy, but instead of sending energy, just listen. Keep your energy steady, quiet, not low energy but just not shifting. Feel the signature of the energy on the other end of the connection. Many practitioners, including my friend, already do this intuitively.

In practice, we’ll use a network of connections throughout the area we’re working with (such as a person’s knee). Each connection feels the energy signature of one point in that area’s biofield.

The signature of the sensory connection should match the signature of whatever you’re sensing.

To match a signature, we need to talk about signature scale. Think of the overall signature as being like a molecule, made of atoms, made of electrons protons and neutrons. You can get an OK match if you align your signature to their signature at the biggest scale (molecules, in that analogy), but you get a much better match if you align at a smaller scale (protons in the analogy), then use that alignment to build the signature up to the large-scale again.

More on matching signature: You’ll feel when a connection aligns well, when it aligns badly, or when it’s somewhere in between. So take the connection you want to use, break it down into its elements (electrons and protons in the analogy), and see which of those elements align well. Keep those, toss out the others. Then try combining those elements in various ways (to create atom-scale in the analogy), see which align well, keep them and throw out the rest. Repeat until you have a full signature.

I keep saying “in the analogy” because we’re not aligning to atoms or protons. It’s an analogy, not a scientific statement.

The smaller you go when you align, the clearer the view is. A lot of getting better with sensory connections is about aligning smaller scales (analogy: quarks, which make up protons).

Each tissue will have a different signature. With practice, you can learn the signature of muscle vs tendon vs bone energy. To start, touch your thigh (or other big muscle), connect, feel the skin and muscle, and learn to recognize their signatures. Then move on to a joint — you’ll recognize the muscle and skin already, plus you’ll see some new signatures correspond to tendon / ligament (they have very similar signatures) and cartilage. Use an anatomy book to help identify the tissues.

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