Overwhelmed by Crowds? Here’s How I Block Energy

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Friends who feel energy sometimes complain about feeling overwhelmed or drained, particularly in crowds. I sometimes help by shielding them, closing them off from outside energy.

Today, I want to share some reasons to shield, the technique I use, and three side effects to watch out for (and how to handle them).

Why Block Energy

Occasionally I forget to close my shields, and I walk through San Francisco open to the energy around me. It’s fairly mild, but I feel more tired and less focused when I absorb that energy. Remember, it’s not the quantity of energy that matters, but rather the signature (or type) of energy, and absorbing the random energy around me shifts my body’s energy to a different signature than it usually is, making me feel odd and off.

Some energy-sensitive people can feel overwhelmed by crowds. Part of this is psychological, just feeling overwhelmed by the noise and interactions of a party or crowded street. But based on testing, part of it seems to be the actual biofield energy of all those people — I’ve set up shields for three friends, and all of them reported that, with the shield blocking the energy, the overwhelmed-ness significantly decreased.

Depending on your practice, you may also run into aggressive spirits that want to drain your energy or otherwise bother you. These shielding techniques are effective for that, too. (That’s what I developed them for, actually.)

How I Block Energy

Short answer: Find all the openings in my biofield (or aura), all the places where energy or connections could enter, and close them.

Start by thinking about the openings, where energy could enter your body. If you mostly use visualizations, you can picture this as pores around your energy body. Then picture them closing, either as a lid covering each of them, or as each pore clamping down, like a fist or sphincter closing.

If you pursue Direct Magick, you’ll learn sensory connections. We use them to feel ethereal and energetic structures, such as these open pores. To shield, I feel around, find a pore, and while feeling that pore with my sensory connections, I close it, either with the visualization above, or with other Direct Magick methods. Then I find the next pore, and repeat.

If we’re just closing the pore with the visualization, why bother with the sensory connection? Because shielding has two steps: Find the opening, and close it. We’re using sensory connections to make the “find the opening” step conscious, so we can step through it, find openings we might otherwise miss, and close them. With a few months of practice, this more thorough method of finding openings can become unconscious and automatic, and we can return to just a visualization (or other focused intent) and still get the more thorough shielding.

As you get better with sensory connections, you’ll be able to create smaller and smaller sensory connections to find smaller and smaller openings. This will let you close those smaller openings, creating a more effective, less-permeable shield.

Note that I’m not creating a big glow of energy around me. This isn’t about projecting my energy out, or creating a shell of energy. It’s about finding and closing the spots where energy or connections can enter me. More discussion here.

Handling Side Effects

Three stories here:

The first time I shielded a friend, I closed all her open connections as effectively as I could. But she used some ethereal software for psychic intuitions, and I closed her connections to that software too — there were too many connections to investigate each one, so I just closed everything. The result: Her psychic intuitions turned off. The solution was easy, I just re-opened those particular openings, her psychic software reconnected, then I partially closed those openings so they were only open enough for the psychic software’s connections, and nothing else.

The second friend I did this for, I knew to look for her ethereal software. But a week later, she texted me from a dance, “I can’t feel anyone.” She meant, she normally feels the energy of the people she’s dancing with — that’s her favorite part of the event. I connected to her and undid the shield, opening her up, and she felt the energy of the dance again. Long-term, she’ll need to learn to open and close her shields herself — I’ve set up some ethereal software to do that for her, but we haven’t gotten around to teaching her to use it, so I can’t say how it’s working yet. But if you learn to shield yourself, you’ll be able to open whenever you want, so just realize to open when you want to feel the energy of an event.

The third example is from myself, and long-time readers already know it. In my early 20s, I explored erotic energy with good results. Then I took a few months off, learned shielding (among other things), and the erotic energy stopped working. It wasn’t until years later, when I thought to open my shields, that erotic energy started working again. Easy to fix, but you need to know to do it.


That’s how and why I use shielding, and how to handle the side effects I’ve encountered.

If you have questions or other side-effects, leave a comment below.

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4 Responses to “Overwhelmed by Crowds? Here’s How I Block Energy”

  1. Julie says:

    What’s neat is how you put into words what I’ve experienced for most of my life and didn’t understand or know how to explain. I wasn’t sure if it was normal or unique. They don’t teach you about energy in school, not this kind. For example, picking up other people’s energy and then feeling my signature change. I don’t think my mom and brother do this. Maybe they aren’t as energy-sensitive. I like that term, it makes sense to me.

    It wasn’t until I learned and started practicing the idea of having stronger boundaries that I stopped sending out so much energy. I realized I could shield incoming and reduce outgoing energy. Perhaps, that’s why I have anxiety sometimes before leaving the house because I know there will be a lot of stimuli out there. I want to take everything in and look at all the details. It’s like my sense are heightened. It would help to be less porous so that I’m not depleted or completely wound up at the end of the day.

    I think this is why introverts need more downtime to recharge and reconnect. Introverts are lit from within and create their own energy. Extroverts have to go out and get energy, they need an external light. You can see it in people. Not that one is better than the other, both have their merits, it’s just interesting to notice. Over the years, I’ve become more introverted.

    Being energy-sensitive also applies to movies, too. Watching a sad movie and being brought to tears. Watching a scary or violent movie and having to close my eyes or leave the room. When my mom and brother get mad at me, they call me a baby. Well, babies are sensitive, so I guess they’re pretty accurate. Hope my comment was helpful!

    • Thanks! Yeah, there’s no discussion of energy or shielding or anything like that in school (or anywhere else mainstream). Which makes it hard for people, particularly kids, who are sensitive to energy. I hope that changes some day.

  2. Jon says:

    Nice post, Mike!

    I’ve noticed recently I become very tired and distracted while in the city. My girlfriend says, “What’s with you? Your trailing off and can’t complete a sentence!” I reply, “Look at everything that’s going on, I’m too distracted!” I believe I just put two and two together.

    Can’t wait to try some basic visualizations/shieldings. I’m not at the point where I can feel my connections yet, would you recommend some general “White Light” type of shield until you can feel the subtle connections?


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