Safety for Energy Healers: How to Avoid Absorbing Ailments

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Ruthie asks:

Good morning Mike. I’m a body worker and lately I have had a spirit wanting to take over and help. So occasionally I let him. The good is that he does a great job. The client is always happy. The bad is that ultimately I take on some of the clients ailments. How can I better protect myself?… Or is that possible?

The first step to solving a problem is understanding why it’s occurring. So I want to rephrase your question to just describe the experience, without guessing at why:

The good is that I do a great job when channeling this spirit. The client is always happy. The bad is that I feel lousy after, often with symptoms similar to the client’s.

Why did I rephrase it? Because illness isn’t like poison. You can’t suck it out, you can’t take it on yourself. If a person’s immune system is attacking their skin, you can’t absorb their immune system. And if a person has an infection, getting infected yourself doesn’t help them. It’s tempting to think of illness as a pool of black badness that you can drain, but that’s not how the body works. And having an accurate model of what’s going on is key to fixing it.

If you’re not actually taking on your client’s ailment, what’s going on? Here’s my best guess: The spirit may be sending the same healing energy to both you and your client, or through your body on the way to the client.

This sounds good, right? Who doesn’t want healing energy? But think of energy healing like mixing paint, trying to find a healthy green color. If your client’s energy is yellow, and you add blue, they’ll feel pretty good. But if your energy is already a healthy green, and you add that same blue, you’ll wind up feeling lousy.

But wouldn’t that suggest you’d feel the opposite symptoms? Why do your symptoms mirror your client’s? Because energy can target particular organs or systems of the body. For example, if the client has a stomach issue, you’ll be working with stomach-targeting energy, and your own stomach will wind up feeling pretty lousy. That’s how we get mirrored symptoms, even though the energy shift is more or less the opposite.

(Another possible explanation: The spirit might be draining your energy, a sort of fee for helping. But this would most likely have you just feel drained, and doesn’t match with the symptom mirroring.)

How to fix it? Talk with the spirit, without a client there. Explain what’s been happening, ask him if he knows why. Then suggest this as a possibility, see if it makes sense to him, and ask him to be more careful in targeting only the client with the healing energy. And after a session, try channeling him and asking him to reset your energy, so even if you pick up some healing energy it gets fixed right away.

And please report back and let us know how it turns out.

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6 Responses to “Safety for Energy Healers: How to Avoid Absorbing Ailments”

  1. Yvonne says:


    Nice post.

    Do all spirits necessarily work for a “fee?” In my opinion that’s not very evolved or, balanced, or in the human energetic pattern of the Buddha or Christ.

    Is a “fee” a kind of (inevitable) exchange?

    This is why people don’t want to work with intelligences/spirits/forces that need to be “paid” back for their service. Can’t these interactions be neutral?

    • Good question. No, not all spirits drain energy when they help. The ones I work with do not, that’s part of why I feel good recommending them and using their ethereal software when I work and teach. In my experience, while the actual act of draining energy isn’t a huge deal, the spirits who drain energy like that also have other shortcomings, either in skill or cognition, that has me avoid them. Which I think is what you were saying too.

      • And just to clarify: It sounds like the person asking the question has a spirit trying to help, and just mistakenly sending the healing energy through her in a way that’s causing problems. I don’t think the person asking the question has a spirit charging a fee like this.

  2. Sonia says:

    Yesterday someone told me, that a friend had done energy healing
    on a friends knee. The pain was gone, but he had the pain now in his own knee over 6 months. So according to your explanation, the disbalance stayed with him this whole time.

    Yvonnes post makes me think…
    We all work based on energy and if we act true to ourselves, we do things, that GIVE us energy. So, if something “gives” you energy, where does that come from? From the soul, for being true to your
    wishes, from the overall universe ? I don’t know.
    According to my current research, which may change if new data comes up, working with spirits means they “have to” use your energy in order to accomplish anything. So they work through you…. based on their knowledge…
    if you feel drained afterwards, as far as I know, it may have different reasons … and according to a teacher of mine, it is not necessary to feel drained. On the contrary some feel full of energy. If so, what are they doing different. I don’t know…
    its an interesting question I think.

    • The word “energy” has many meanings. Some of them are physically related, like the biological energy (ATP) of muscles can be converted into kinetic energy of motion or heat. Others are only related metaphorically — that politician’s speech can energize the crowd, but it’s not a viable source of nutrition for muscles. (More here

      When we talk about an act, true to oneself, that gives one energy, that usually means, “the drive to create change, a feeling of being energized rather than tired.” This is a psychological energy, similar to the politician’s speech. It’s a different sort of energy than healing energy.

      Energy healers can use their own energy, or they can channel energy from an outside source (ethereal software, often called “The Universe” by healing practitioners). Or they can use the client’s own energy, though that’s usually not intense enough. A spirit is in a similar position: They can use your energy, or their own, or energy from ethereal software.

      In terms of how you feel after, any of those sources of energy could have you feeling alert and good. That has more to do with the signature of the energy than with the amount. My body has a lot of magick::energy inside it, but that energy isn’t active, it isn’t influencing my cells very much. If I convert some of it into a nerve-influencing sort of energy, that could feel good, help me be more awake and “energized,” even though I’m burning some of my own magick::energy to do it. So try not to read too much into feeling energized, it could be from any of those sources.

      In terms of knee pain, is this one incident, or a pattern? Be careful about reading too much into one incident.

      Thanks for writing, and good luck!

  3. Sonia says:

    > So try not to read too much into feeling energized, it could be from any of those sources.

    Yea that is an interesting point. Thank you for clarifying :-)

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