Energy Shielding: Keeping the Third Eye Closed

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“On my way here, my third eye was forced open,” a friend said at a recent event. “I was driving, it was distracting. I hate it when that happens.”

The phrase, “my third eye was forced open,” didn’t mean anything to me. I asked how it felt, to see if I’d experienced the same phenomenon and called it a different name. She described a pressure in her forehead and her perception shifting sideways.

That’s what I experienced years ago when spirits would forcefully create a connection to me.

“I think I know what it is. If you’re willing, I’d like to try opening your third eye, and if that works I can show you how to keep it closed.”

I connected to her, built energy, pushed on the connection. It worked, she felt that same shift. Hypothesis confirmed.

After I disconnected, she kept experiencing that perception shift, and it kept growing. I guessed that she was making her own connections, now that she was opening. “Find the connections from you to the area around you, and close them,” I told her. After a few seconds, she said the shifting sensation stopped, and that her third eye was closed again.

Next, we practiced stopping the process, so she could prevent her third eye from opening, prevent that shift in perception. I connected to her again, and had her feel those connections. “Notice the pressure, feel the connections, feel where they’re entering your field. Squeeze down on the connections, like tightening a fist or squeezing a sphincter. Close the pathways they’re entering through.”

She did. I felt the connections shut. She didn’t experience the shift in perception, and her third eye stayed closed. Success.

And a note for anyone teaching this: I got a bit of a headache after. I felt into my connections, and noticed some of them still in her field, crushed in her closed pathways. I’d withdrawn my connections before, but like a leg that fell asleep, the crushed parts didn’t move well, and didn’t withdraw properly. They also didn’t have much feeling, so I hadn’t realized they were still there. The headache abated when I slowly, consciously engaged the connections and withdrew them.

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9 Responses to “Energy Shielding: Keeping the Third Eye Closed”

  1. Olu El says:

    have you ever tried to open the third eye for any one? How did you go about it and does it work and how long does it last before it shut out.

    I just think it is not very possible to open for people and what do you think?

    • My question for you is: What does it mean to “open the third eye”? Like much of energy work, this is something that doesn’t seem to have a clear definition.

      This person used that phrase to mean, “I experience a pressure in my forehead and a shift in my perception.” I was able to produce that by creating a firm connection to her. We didn’t test how long I could sustain it because that wasn’t the desired result.

      But you might mean something different by that phrase. What is the third eye to you, and what’s the difference between it being open or closed? If you can describe what you mean in terms of the energy structures involved, I may be able to answer you.

  2. Sonia says:

    I’ve experienced the other way round. Closed it and felt like having no muscle or control over it to reopen it or control it in any way. Like not knowing how to connect to this muscle.
    A friend of mine had the very same experience.
    So, if you voluntarily close the eye and do not know how to reopen it what do you do then?

    • How did you close it? And how do you know if it’s open or closed?

      • Sonia says:

        Sometimes I get visions like looking through a window and it is like having an open eye with an eyelid. And at one point the eyelid shuts down like when I close it seeing the view closed by the eyelid.
        Also – I don’t know if that refers to the same skill/organ? –
        I do see spirits at times very clearly, with their clothes on like seeing anybody else of the physical world. Just that they are shiny white until I focus on them, I see where they are walking about and it becomes like looking through a window. But this has become rare tho it still happens sometimes. When I was a kid that was very easy but I got scared because a man scared me and wished it away. Some spirit – don’t know who – helped me back then. Now I do see them on occasions when I am relaxed or waking in the middle of night. But I feel like I am not back to what I could see -I feel like not back to my “full” capacity so to speak.
        Similar experience had a friend of mine. She felt overwhelmed, she could see spirits and other realities at times it was hard for her to cope, so I suggested to just close her eye. So she did, believing she could reopen it by will, but apparently shes got the same problem now like me and now she can’t see them anymore only with inner vision… but that is not the same. Because the other way feels like you see them right with your eyes.
        I know there is lack of terms what we are talking about and I guess there are several stages how spiritual perception and third eye works but I hope I could explain it somehow.

        The spirit who helped me back then made the “people” in my bedroom invisible to me.. so I could not see them after that.

        last time I had a vision like that, I tried to keep my eye open but simply was not able. The Eyelid closed without me being able to keep it open or making it reopen itself.. Maybe I was looking through someone elses eyes … that would be another explanation why I was not able to control the lid.
        But anyhow, the possiblity to see spirits through my eyes still remains cut down to “special” occasions it seems….

  3. Yvonne says:

    Great post. Don’t the psychics call this “energetic cording?” And it’s not as benign as you make it sound. While I appreciate your experimentation, sometimes it seems like you are (literally) walking in the astral realm in total darkness. That is not a criticism, since we learn with different modalities but some of what you are dealing with seems unnecessary with the proper tools. For example, all the shielding in the world won’t help if you are a walking magnet for god-knows-what energies. Correct grounding of the energy is imperative so that you don’t get headaches and physical reactions, as is separation, clearing the em fields, etc etc good hygiene bro

    • Yes, I’ve heard connections described as “energetic cords,” which are then “cut.” I prefer a visualization of closing down on the connection, rather than cutting it, because that’s closer to how shielding works under the hood (the underlying mechanics). But “cutting cords” isn’t wrong.

      On hygiene: Grounding is important, but it wouldn’t help my friend here. Grounding is about resetting one’s energy signature. She had aggressive connections from spirits. Grounding is something to do after removing the connections, not a substitute for removing them.

      My headache wasn’t about normal hygiene, either. I did a normal withdrawing of my connections, but my connections were damaged (something that rarely happens), so my default withdrawing didn’t work (because they were damaged). It was interesting, I learned something, and that’s why I chose to write about it. (I added a sentence to clarify this.)

      It’s not that I’m ignorant of energetic hygiene, it’s that I run into situations where basic hygiene doesn’t cut it.

      There are two ways to stay safe while exploring energy. One is to avoid things that might be dangerous, only do things that many people before you have done. That’s valid, I won’t tell anyone not to do that. But it’s not my path. I want to explore, and sometimes when we explore, we encounter new situations where the old solutions don’t work.

      I’m more willing to go into those unusual / unknown situations because I have the tools to solve these new problems. An example: I recall, some time ago, you asked if a spirit was safe to work with. I don’t worry too much about that, not because I expect all spirits to be safe, but because I know I can handle an unfriendly spirit. And often, the spirit is helpful and friendly and great to work with, and I’ve learned some important techniques this way. Again, only working with known, widely-worked-with spirits is totally valid, it’s just something that stops being important once one learns about shielding, removing connections, hitting back, and other topics I discuss here. And I value having those skills because I value the learning that comes from exploring.

      (Also, if I have 10 normal experiences where grounding solves it, and one where something unusual happens, I’ll write about the unusual one. So the sample you’re getting by reading my blog is skewed toward unusual situations.)

      In terms of this post, I hadn’t experienced damaged connections like that before. So I got a headache that lasted about 30 seconds, and I learned something new for my trouble. I’ll take that deal any day.

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