Feeling Worn Out? Here’s an Energy Healing Technique

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A reader asks:

I’m a psychotherapist and am sensitive to emotions and spirit. I feel like I not only counsel people with my words but also help the healing process by providing a “home” of positive or healing energy. I’m naturally energized and excited but sometimes get tired and drained. I’ve done some work with Qigong with sound and visualization but am still left wondering about protection and shielding from others (or spirits).

Let’s start with the scope of the question. I’m going to split “worn out” into roughly 3 types:

  • Tiredness caused by someone directly altering one’s energy, such as a spirit draining you. This would be rare with clients, but it’s possible.
  • Tiredness caused by normal work, that has an energetic component. For example, after doing computer consulting for a week, my body’s energy can get into an odd state, not because someone drained me, but just because I’ve been stressed and jet lagged and tired.
  • Tiredness caused by short-term exertion, such as a particularly complex task that took a lot of focus, or a hard workout.

It could be any or all of these, though my guess is it’s the second, normal tiredness that has caused your body to alter its own energy. But here’s what to do for the other options:

If someone is altering your energy, you want shielding. Here are some posts on shielding for beginners.

If it’s caused by short-term exertion, there’s not much to do with energy. Just get some food and rest a bit.

OK, now let’s talk about when your body gets stressed, produces energy in a stressed energy signature, and that energy is anchoring your body in that stressed or worn out state. This happened to me last week, after a 20-hour flight and a week of computer consulting. I was just worn out. And I felt much better after resetting my energy.

First: Shielding won’t help here, because the energy isn’t coming from outside, it’s coming from your own body.

What you want is grounding: Releasing the unhealthy energy in your body and returning your body’s energy to its normal healthy state. There are lots of visualizations for grounding, and you probably already have one you like. But most practices just release the energy, and it turns out there’s a much more effective technique. Let me explain:

Most people think of grounding as releasing the unhealthy energy, usually into the earth (which is where the term “grounding” comes from, as far as I know). It’s a nice idea: Get rid of the unhealthy energy, then replace it with healthy energy later. But you’re never going to get rid of 100% of the energy in your body, and you really don’t want to. So what winds up happening is that you get rid of half the unhealthy energy, and half of it stays in your body. Then when you build healthy energy, it combines with the remaining unhealthy energy, and you wind up with half-healthy energy. Not ideal.

Try this: Let your energy flow out of you, and while that’s happening, also build energy in a healthy state. It’ll mix with the unhealthy energy, and create half-healthy energy that will keep flowing out of you. Then the next bit of healthy energy will mix with that half-healthy energy, and you’ll wind up with 75% healthy energy, and so on. At the end of it, if you have 90%-healthy energy, that’s probably good enough, and it’s much better than the half-healthy energy you’ll get with normal grounding.

I discuss this technique more in this series, including some testing I did as I developed it.

Also, I want to mention: This will help with the portion of your tiredness caused by the energy. But if you’ve worked all day, some of your tiredness is just fatigue, and you’ll still need rest. But take some notes, gather some data, see how you feel and how quickly you recover using this grounding vs just resting. Be your own experiment, learn what works for you, then come back here and leave a comment so we can learn from your experience.

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One Response to “Feeling Worn Out? Here’s an Energy Healing Technique”

  1. Julie says:

    Hi Mike, I had a recent experience with grounding that I can share. It had more to do with anxiety than fatigue. I was at my aunt’s house for the holidays and I started feeling anxious. I noticed there were a lot of snowmen figurines in the room, so I started counting them. I think this was my attempt to stay in my body and stay present. I mentioned it to my cousin and he said, “You’re okay. It’s okay.” That comforted me and I realize now his words grounded me. A little bit later, my mom brought me a glass of wine, and although alcohol does the opposite of grounding, it did calm my nerves and the rest of the evening went well.

    Something else your post reminded me of, that also works with positive and negative thoughts. You have to get the negative thoughts out of there by slowly introducing positive thoughts until you’ve tipped the balance. The negative thoughts have a heavier vibration which can lead to fatigue, maybe she’s picking up her clients energy and then not releasing it like you said.

    Despite the jet lag, did you have a good time?

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