Help Me Name My System of Healing

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I’m trying to name my system of energy healing. Could you help me?

You read my blog. You know I’m about placebo-controlled testing, understanding why energy and healing and everything else operate the way they do, and using those insights to engineer new techniques. I’m looking for a name that aligns with all that.

Let’s talk about market research. There seem to be 3 ways of naming systems of healing:

  • Generic-ish names: Healing touch, therapeutic touch, energetic restructuring, energy modulation.
  • Founder-focused: Eden Energy, by Barbara Eden.
  • Branded: Reiki, Quantum Touch, Vortex Energy, Polarity Therapy

(This is also related to medical intuitive services, but those seem to be fairly generic names, or just “Joe Smith, Medical Intuitive.”)

I’ve been using a generic-ish name for a while, “Direct Biofield Healing.” But it’s a mouthful, and I’ve learned that energy healing researchers try to keep the term “biofield healing” reserved for scientific papers, not used in any one brand. I want to ally with those researchers, so I want to pick a name that won’t annoy them.

Another option is Sententia Energetics. I don’t love it, but it’s not a bad backup. But if you particularly like Sententia Energetics, please let me know.

My company is Healing Lab, so I was using “Healing Lab Method” for a while. But again, it’s a mouthful, and I want Healing Lab to be able to research any system of healing, not just mine. I’d like my system to be its own thing, separate from Healing Lab.

A few more names I thought of:

  • Aura Engineering (I kind of like this one)
  • Data-Driven Healing (probably too generic)
  • Insight Energetics (too corporate)
  • Energy Geek Healing (another good one)

A friend suggested using Latin. For example, “light movement” becomes “lumen momen” or “lumomen.”

More on what I’m about: I seek to understand everything, particularly things that are currently ineffable. That leads me to the scientific exploration of the biofield. I just happen to make healing techniques.

I think I’m looking for something branded, a metaphor rather than a description. Like how Amazon has nothing to do with the rainforest, but it does contain a huge diversity of things. Or Apple has nothing to do with fruit, but has the connection to knowledge and insight.

So please help me brainstorm. Concrete nouns that relate metaphorically to science, insight, and discovery, words that could be put in front of “energy” or “healing.”

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9 Responses to “Help Me Name My System of Healing”

  1. “Sententia” is a great name for something like this – it sounds a lot better than, say, “Stenwick Energetics.” However, I also think that naming it after yourself seems a little culty. Maybe it would work in the New Age market; I can’t really say.

    How about you mix Aura Engineering and Biofield Healing (which are both good) and call it “Biofield Engineering?” I really like that one – what do you think?

  2. Jerome says:

    Why not Direct Healing? Your system is Direct Magick so Direct Healing works for me!


  3. Yvonne says:

    I am looking at your word cloud.

    “Science” and “healing” are prominent.

    I think you should retain something that has the magic associations, and either “spirits”, or “manifesting”, which are also in the word cloud.

    I like your suggestion of “energy healing” but since most people link healing to “health” and not energy it doesn’t seem to work as well. Aura sounds new agey and I know you want to avoid that. :)

    How about energetic healing?

    I can see the logo for it!

  4. Bran says:

    I’m not sure on the wording, or even the sound. Still, I’ll throw this out and see what happens:

    Biolux Energy

    I took ‘bio’ from Biofield, and I think ‘lux’ is a Latin word for light. I kind of like it, hahah.

  5. Yoseqlo says:

    Sententia Energetics sounds cool, then again it also sounds like a corporative brand. “Sententia Energetics, a subsidiary of Healing Lab Inc.”

    As Jerome said, Direct Healing sounds like the natural option, but a little bland.

    As Yvonne mentioned, it should be related to something related to the healing community, like Aura improvement, or Ethereal fixing, something along those lines.

  6. These are some excellent ideas and feedback. Thank you to everyone who replied!

  7. Julie says:

    Hi Mike,
    Is this post still open for comments? How about Sentient Healing? Or Agape Healing? Or choose a spirit animal like the Jaguar, Bear, Eagle, Falcon, or Hawk that represents healing and magick.

    I like most of these ideas. I don’t like Energy Geek Healing because geek has a negative connotation. I don’t like Engineering, you’re not an engineer. I’ve never been that fond of Direct Magick only because it’s vague and doesn’t tell me what type of magick. Perhaps the name will come to you in time. Trust your intuition :)

  8. Jessica says:

    Well, Mike?

    What do we call your System of Healing?

    • I haven’t finalized a name yet.

      Shortly after writing this post, I met with a friend who does marketing consulting. They posed a bunch of excellent questions (not just “who will buy this” but “how will they use it,” things like that) that I’m mulling over. I’m temporarily using “Sententia Energetics” until I meet with them again, most likely in February.

      (Right now I’m consulting in Sydney, making slow progress on Healing Lab on the weekends.)

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