Building Skill with Energy: Why Small Tests Create Big Results

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“How will you test an energy healing technique at a 2-hour event?”

That’s the most common question I get about the Energy Geek Meetup. And the answer is simple: We won’t test entire healing techniques, because most techniques are complex, composed of many parts, and difficult to test. (I know. That’s something I do at Healing Lab.)

Instead, we’ll test each of those parts: We’ll build energy, and verify that a blindfolded partner senses it. We’ll energize an object, and verify that a partner can feel which object is energized. We’ll focus on small techniques like those, which are fast and easy to test. (Here’s an example.)

You’d be amazed at the confidence boost that comes from scientifically testing one simple technique.

Testing small techniques is also great for improving skills. If a person discovers that she can easily  build and sensing energy, but struggles with energizing an object, now she knows what to practice. And then next month, she can test her skills again and see her progress in an objective, quantifiable way.

And remember, each of those small techniques is a building block. A healing session usually involves building energy, moving energy, sensing energy, and more. And as we get better and more reliable with those small techniques, we’ll see better results from our healing sessions, too. (Or anything else you do with energy.)

About the Meetup

The Energy Geek Meetup is for practitioners who want to take their energy skills and confidence to the next level. It’s the 4th Wednesday of every month, 7-9pm, at the Embodiment Arts Collective, 3490 20th Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco (near 24th st BART). Suggested donation $5-10.

Please RSVP on Facebook or Meetup. (Popular events draw more people. RSVPing helps us grow. Thank you!)

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