Energy, Mind, and Identity

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Ethereal muscles are the parts of the mind that drive energy. For the past few months, I’ve been adding to my ethereal muscles, creating new modules and entire new muscles to enhance what I can do with energy. Last week, I shared how I started this work and some of my early results. Today, I’m discussing the new muscles I’ve created in the past couple months, and how this experience has shifted my thinking about energy and ethereal muscles.

(This post builds on the last one. If you haven’t read it, I recommend reading it first.)

This post is a bit disjoint. Think of it as notes on something I’m still figuring out.

Five New Ethereal Muscles

For as long as I’ve known how to identify them, I’ve had 4 ethereal muscles: Access, Effects, Communication, and Mental Activation.

In the past few months, I’ve added 5 more:

View: Presents information to my conscious awareness. Previously, each ethereal muscle presented information through its own connection to my brain. That still happens, but when there’s a large amount of information to present, particularly an image or diagram, my ethereal muscles use the View muscle to present it. (The images and diagrams don’t appear before my eyes. It’s closer to remembering an image I saw yesterday.)

Shielding: Creates structures that block connections and energy, a task previously handled by Access muscle. I used it to update all my shielding. Much more effective, both at creating a dense shielding, and at opening that shielding when I want to allow someone in.

Connection to Distant Spirits: Some spirits seem to be very far away. Not like Australia is far away, but rather a different underlying energy. This is sometimes called another plane or dimension, though I’m not wild about either term. I don’t expect to use this much, but the spirit who installed these muscles recommended it so I got it.

Smaller Signatures for Effects: Effects muscle handles adjusting energy signatures, like for energy healing. This Smaller Signatures muscle helps my Effects muscle use and remember very small-scale signatures. I haven’t used it for much yet, but probably useful as I move forward with energy healing.

Ongoing Communication: For psychic intuitions (and some other uses), you want ethereal software to always be in communication with you, even when you’re not paying attention. You don’t want it to turn off when you sleep, because you’ll need to turn it back on when you awaken. This muscle handles that always-on communication, keeping the ethereal software’s connection open and active. (Some ethereal software seems to support this for some users, but having this muscle makes it easy to do this with any ethereal software.)

Those are my five new ethereal muscles. Like my old muscles, each performs a specific task with energy. Already, things that were challenging (like ongoing communication) are becoming easy, which is so exciting.

The Origins of Ethereal Muscles

Where do ethereal muscles come from? It’s always been speculation for me. Did my brain create them? Did spirits? Some other process? I’ve had suspicions, but very little information, because I didn’t know how to observe ethereal muscles back when they were created.

This time, I know where they came from. These muscles came from the spirits I work with. Those spirits have some ethereal software that creates ethereal muscles. If I wanted to, I could receive training in using that ethereal software, and use it to create additional ethereal muscles for myself.

This confirms a suspicion I’ve had: That my original four ethereal muscles came from the spirits I worked with. When I say “worked with,” I don’t just mean any group of spirits I contacted, I mean groups that were closely connected to me, that had lasting connections to my mind. That seems especially likely now.

I suspect that, over my career joining different groups of spirits (with increasing levels of skill), I got upgrades to my ethereal muscles without actually being told about it. I probably didn’t have full ethereal muscles at age 11 (when I started using energy) or age 20 (when I was using ethereal software, sensory connections, and talking with spirits). Back then, I probably had modules (or small muscles? It’s unclear to me the proper terminology). As I learned to awaken my ethereal muscles, the spirits training me probably created more modules for me to work with, until finally I had four full ethereal muscles.

I’d long suspected that. Now I’m fairly certain that’s the case.

This opens up new questions:

Do different people have different ethereal muscles, depending on which spirits they work with? Would spirits who mainly offer psychic intuitions only give the person a muscle for communication, not other tasks? (I suspect yes.)

Does everyone get the same initial set of ethereal muscles, then receive upgrades depending on what they explore? (I’m unsure.)

Are people born with some ethereal muscles? Or with some facility to use energy that’s not dependent on ethereal muscles? (I suspect the latter.)

What’s the best set of ethereal muscles for a person to use? I suspect mine were not the best ones to learn with. In particular, my Effects muscle seems to be designed for a spirit — it has a lot of functionality for connecting to someone else and modifying their energy, but it has relatively little functionality for using my own energy in my own body. I expect an ethereal muscle that focuses on energy in one’s body might be better for most people, and I’m currently exploring options there.

And this also opens up a bigger question:

Are Ethereal Muscles Part of Me?

Ethereal muscles are, well, ethereal, made of energy rather than atoms or cells. But I’ve always thought of them as part of me, in the same way that my arm is, or perhaps closer to the way that my memories and thoughts are part of me.

Until recently, my perception has been that my ethereal muscles had always been there, so it was easy to think of them as part of me. But now that I’ve added these new ones, now that I know we can add and change them without adding or changing me — what are ethereal muscles now? They’re part of my mind, enhancing what I can do with energy, but they’re not exactly me. They’re very personal possessions, more part of me than my car or computer, but not part of me in the same way that my arm is. A grey area, between me and not-me.

The best analogy may be cybernetic implants from sci-fi stories: Computer components that plug into the brain, enhancing a person’s memory or reasoning or other cognitive functions. Part of the mind, and more a part of the person than, say, their clothes or cell phone. But also something that can be replaced, upgraded, or removed, leaving the person still themselves. A grey area between possession and personal identity.

These are the half-finished thoughts I’ve been exploring lately, as I upgrade the parts of my mind that drive energy.

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  1. Anonymous Meatbag says:

    The cybernetic analogy is an interesting one. I would hazard a guess that if you are viewing these muscles/upgrades from the Information Model of Magick, then you could see them as manifested, accessible resonances in our time-space with higher order information accessing/interpretation patterns. Which would imply that there is some sort of interpretative connection in between our perceptive systems and the actual information.

    Are these connections a part of those spirits? Or a bridge that once built remains? Is there a muscle for exploring the connection opportunities? That’s certainly one I wouldn’t want to touch for possibility of short-circuits or exploding capacitors. Better to collaborate with those who know the territory.

    A very exciting series of posts! Looking forward to where this is taking you.

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