How I’m Awakening My Mind to Energy (Even More)

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Ethereal muscles are the parts of the mind that drive energy. They handle things like making connections, building and moving energy, and receiving psychic intuitions. Each one is special-purpose, handling one of those tasks, similar to how each area of the brain handles some specific task. And for decades, I’ve thought of ethereal muscles as something you’re born with, that can be awakened and strengthened but not created. That is, until last month, when I went from four ethereal muscles to nine.

For as long as I’ve known how to identify them, I’ve had 4 ethereal muscles:

  • Access, which handles making and blocking connections. As this muscle gets stronger, I can make smaller, more precise sensory connections.
  • Effects, which handles recognizing and changing energy signatures. It’s used for healing techniques, and it helps with any task requiring me to create ethereal structures.
  • Communication, which handles psychic intuitions, and other cases of communicating with spirits and ethereal software.
  • Mental Activation, which handles awakening and powering my ethereal muscles.

(Each muscle is made of many modules. For example, within Communication, there’s a module for reading the energy signatures of my brain as I think a message, another module for packaging up those signatures so I can send them, and another for keeping track of who I can send messages to.)

Modules and muscles awaken naturally as we practice. If you’ve ever experienced that feeling of stretching your mind, of extreme fatigue after learning a new technique, you’ve felt your ethereal muscles awakening. And you know how slow that it, how learning a new technique can take months of practice before your mind seems comfortable with it.

I reasoned that, if I could skip this slow process of awakening my ethereal muscles, I could learn new techniques more quickly. So I developed techniques for awakening them: Flooding new modules with energy until they turned on, and later, techniques focusing on the power that keeps all my ethereal muscles fed, and opening up that power to new ethereal muscles. It accelerated my learning, and became the second foundational skill of my system. (Sensory connections was the first foundational skill.)

Most of my 20s were spent awakening my four muscles. Well, awakening the modules, really — it took years before I could even sense an entire ethereal muscle at once. So I’d find a module, fill it with energy, connect it to an ongoing source of power, and connect it to its neighboring modules. And for around eight years, I developed techniques to awaken larger and larger groups of modules. It was a cycle: I’d use those techniques to awaken more ethereal muscles, which improved my skills and made it possible to develop the next, even better technique.

Sometime around 2010, I’d awakened all of my ethereal muscles, and began learning to use them: How to shift an energy signature smoothly and precisely, and what signatures to shift for energy healing. Which parts of my mind to engage while communicating with spirits and ethereal software, and what software to use for psychic intuitions. Networking with spirits, and finding more skilled ones who could answer my questions and help me develop new techniques. But it’s always been using those same four ethereal muscles.

Late last year, as part of my work on creating a type of energy that produces sensations in everyone (not only energy workers), I wanted to watch the energy of individual nerves as a person, say, was touched, or moved their arm. This lead me to explore even smaller, more precise sensory connections. And despite practicing for a couple weeks, making those smaller connections never got smooth or easy. Why?

I asked the spirits I train with. We realized that my Access muscle was already maxed out, that it was already making the smallest, best connections it could. But rather than being a problem, this opened a door: I was introduced to other spirits (in the same group) who specialize in creating ethereal muscles. They gave me some additional modules for Access, used by spirits in that group to make more precise connections. And it worked: That technique I had struggled with for weeks became easy and natural.

But more than solving that one problem, this experience shifted my thinking: Ethereal muscles aren’t set at birth. New modules can be created. And it turns out, many additional modules, and even entire new muscles, are already available if only I know to ask for them.

Could this be a return to the fast learning of my 20s, when new techniques came easily each time I awakened a new piece of my ethereal muscles? Today, two months later, it seems like that might be the case. I’m excited, if a bit daunted by all the new ethereal muscles I can use now, and all the techniques I can (ought to?) learn.

Next week, I’ll share more about the last two months, the new ethereal muscles I’ve installed, and how this is shifting my thinking about ethereal muscles, using energy, and how to teach these skills.

Edit: Here’s the follow-up post.

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4 Responses to “How I’m Awakening My Mind to Energy (Even More)”

  1. Yoseqlo says:

    Holy cow, man! So, what I’ve been awakening all this time was just modules?! And the things I engage for the techniques aren’t muscles, but modules?! Oh, my, I feel like missed half of the puzzle. To be honest, it feels frustating and a bit exciting too.

    Really looking for that next post, also, are you going to describe how to sense a whole E. muscle in the future too?

    • Thank you.

      What you describe is often how I feel as I explore magick and energy: Excited to find some new possibility, frustrated at having to redo my old techniques using that new capability, and like I’ve been missing this huge part of understanding the world.

      As I shifted from using modules to using full ethereal muscles, more and more of the functionality became automated. So instead of making one sensory connection, I could make a whole network of sensory connections as one step.

      As part of the work in this post, I’ve also upgraded my 4 original ethereal muscles, and as a result they’re even more automated. For example, I often create pathways to bring power to new ethereal muscles. This used to be something I had to step through slowly, managing consciously. After these upgrades, my ethereal muscles just know how to do it, and I can start the process then do something else (like go for a walk or watch a show — I can’t do anything else with energy while that task runs). So that’s the gist of the difference between using modules vs using full ethereal muscles: How automated it is. (I expect this to repeat itself as I learn more.)

  2. Julie says:

    Wow, this is fascinating!! The way your mind works is very interesting, and I wonder if it ever feels like a burden to you. Although developing your system and organizing the information could be the fun part. Maybe the work is its own reward and when we’re not working that’s when the depression sets in. I guess that’s why downtime is so important – balance prevents burnout. Bravo to you for making steady progress, that’s inspiring! :)

    Your spirits sounds like a cool group of people, and you make it sound like receiving software updates. I guess when I receive “information” I do feel it in a specific part of my brain, I never really thought about it. I have been trying more manifestation lately, that is, asking a question before leaving the house and then experiencing nudges and finding cool answers from the universe.

    Good luck with the meetup! I think it will be good for you to see how similar and/or different your terminology and techniques are from other energy workers. Looking forward to hearing about it.

    • Thank you!

      You said: I guess when I receive “information” I do feel it in a specific part of my brain

      Try thinking about that part of your mind as you ask your question. Learn to engage it. This is the part of your mind that your ethereal software wants to talk to, so engaging it as you ask your question will help your ethereal software read it. This is the first technique for learning better communication, after just learning to quiet one’s mind.

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