Enhanced Cognition via Advanced Energy Techniques

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Ten years ago, I began creating energy structures in my mind to enhance how I think. Last year, I developed a new, better version of the technique. Last week, I returned to that work.

When I engage these energy structures, my mind becomes faster and more focused. I can hold more ideas and threads in my thoughts at once. Insights come more easily and carry me farther. And I become more aware of my will and feelings, and more able to articulate my thoughts.

This all started around a decade ago, working with my mind’s semi-conscious areas. The term is my own, but the concept is common in personal growth classes: We have these thoughts just below the surface, tugging at our attention without quite being acknowledged. Often, they arose in childhood, and don’t work in the adult world, and we’re encouraged to acknowledge that part of ourselves, listen to it, and help it adjust to the adult world. I liked the idea, and set out to create an energy technique to help that adjustment happen faster.

My idea was to create an energy pathway between my conscious adult mind and the part of my mind responsible for those semi-conscious patterns. I found the semi-conscious area by focusing on those thoughts and feeling which part of my mind engaged, then I found an inactive energy pathway and energized it. With that pathway in place, it became easier to engage the semi-conscious pattern, to listen to it and explain the adult world to it, to update it to be an ally rather than a hindrance. I even found that I didn’t have to be fully conscious of that updating, that (after creating the energy pathway) those semi-conscious patterns would update all on their own. I called the technique consciousness integration, and used it for several years.

(If I were reading this post, I’d be wondering how much of that was placebo. The simple answer is, I have no way of knowing. But I found many benefits, and always felt my efforts were worthwhile.)

Last year, I developed a second version of consciousness integration. I’d been connecting my ethereal muscles to my mind, helping them read my intent and send me information more precisely. I did this by creating networks of connections to allow my ethereal muscles to read and write energy signatures to specific points in my mind. And I thought about my consciousness integration work, creating those pathways from semi-conscious areas to my conscious mind. What if I created some of these networks throughout those semi-conscious areas? Then instead of connecting a single semi-conscious reaction to my conscious mind, I could just connect them all at once, updating them all together instead of one at a time.

It took around a week to complete those networks. I happened to be talking with a spirit when I first activated them, and the energy they provided felt like a wind howling in my mind. It was amazing but useless — I became alert but unfocused, thinking quickly but without direction. The reason was simple: I had about 10x the power I needed. But after I turned the power down, and then down some more, it became wonderful, and I found I could focus more easily, think more clearly, and engage my ethereal muscles more smoothly. Since then, it’s become a staple of my practice, something I use so often that I forget it’s an addition to my mind.

In the past few months, I’ve been connecting some new ethereal muscles to my mind, and gotten better at making those networks. So now I’m returning to consciousness integration, doing the same technique on even more of my mind. So far I’m excited about the results: My mind is becoming even faster and more focused, and I notice improvements in my ability to explain ideas, verbally and in writing. I can also hold more ideas and threads in my thoughts at once when I engage the consciousness integration energy networks, and insights come more easily and carry me farther. I’m about halfway done creating the networks for this round, and I’m eager to see what happens when they’re complete.

A couple of notes:

I’ve used the term mind loosely in this post. Specifically, I’m talking about my brain’s interface layer. This is an energetic structure that sits on top of my brain’s energy layers, serving as an interface for communication with my ethereal muscles, ethereal software, and spirits. When I connect my ethereal muscles to my mind, I’m specifically connecting them to this interface layer, and when I create new pathways in my mind, they’re specifically in this interface layer. When I talk with spirits, they refer to this interface layer as thinking mind, and I’ve used that term in some past writing.

Second, this really is advanced work. It requires many other techniques to do properly. Please don’t try this at home unless you have experience working specifically with your mind’s interface layer and can convert my hand-waving explanations into concrete techniques you know and understand. I started working with my mind very slowly, making tiny changes, and so should you. If you do try any of this, it’s at your own risk.

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4 Responses to “Enhanced Cognition via Advanced Energy Techniques”

  1. Mare says:

    For talking about the ineffable and unknowable- you have a deft hand.
    Thank you for attempting to blog on this. Tricky!

  2. Orz says:

    So much of intelligence enhancement in fiction is about expanding the mind to be able to interface with something that can to some extent think outside the head. And way back before science fiction there were the Muses, portrayed as some kind of spirits outside the mind working to enhance a person’s natural intelligence.

    Some of the things you talk about make it sound like you have enough sensitivity and control over the “energy,” or whatever it is that Magick works with, to convince part of it to form into something like a muse, perhaps into some sort of created spirit that could interface with your mind and do a more active and intelligent version of the “influence my decisions for x” that you’ve mentioned.

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