The Power of Curiosity

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I have a new resolution: Follow my curiosity at least one day a week.

What happens when I build energy? I explored this today, found the ethereal structures in my body that store and release energy, watched as they released the energy I’d intended, and also saw them releasing a great deal of useless energy I didn’t intend. As a result, I’m thinking about how to contain that excess energy, and turn it into something useful.

When I make a connection, just what in me creates that connection? I explored this in my early 20s, following a connection until I found what made it: My ethereal muscles. That was my first time feeling my ethereal muscles, and which became a foundational part of my work.

Why do so many different systems of magick and energy, with different explanations and rituals, produce such similar results? This was the question that started my work, back when I was a teen. It lead me to ethereal software and, indirectly, everything else I do.

I used to follow my curiosity. That’s how I developed this work.

Lately, I’ve been focused on solving particular problems: Healing techniques, creating sensations with energy, reliable manifesting, other useful applications of my work. That’s valuable, and I intend to keep doing it.

But my deepest insights — the insights that are the foundation of my work — came from following my curiosity.

So at least once a week, I want to pause, explore, and allow my curiosity to drive.

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