Advanced Energy Basics (Part 2)

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“That’s the first time I’ve really felt energy,” my friend told me after helping me test my updated energy techniques techniques. She’s taken energy classes for years, but never felt much. Practicing with me this week, she felt something clear, obvious, and discernible.

This month I’m exploring advanced techniques to build, move, and project energy — techniques that are more effective than the basics we all learn when starting with energy. My goal is to produce obvious, reliable results that aren’t based on the receiver knowing what to expect.

Last week I discussed new techniques for storing and building energy. This week is about moving and projecting energy.

This is the second half of a 2-part post. Start with part 1 here.

Step 3: Moving and Projecting Energy

I slowly built and moved energy, watching the ethereal structures that shepherded it through my body. I expected the energy to move through the same structures I use for energy healing. Instead, I found another set of ethereal structures that push the energy around my body by squeezing it, similar to how the throat and other tubes in the body move food and fluids with rhythmic squeezes.

At this point I want to orient you to the ethereal structures I’m working with:

  • Structures that store energy produced by cells. This seems to be the default place where energy workers store energy. It has a limited capacity, which may be why we’re taught to channel energy instead of using our own.
  • Last week, I told you about new, upgraded energy storage structures. These upgraded storage structures are located inside the default energy storage structures, and release energy into the default storage structures. If I just say “energy storage structures,” I’m talking about the upgraded ones.
  • From the default storage structures, the energy flows into the ethereal structures I use for energy healing. Based on testing in myself and friends, the deeper (closer to cells) the energy is in these healing structures, the stronger the sensations.
  • As those healing structures fill with energy, excess energy flows into the structures that squeeze and move energy. This post is about those energy squeezing / moving structures.

I also watched as I projected energy out of my left hand and into my right. Before the energy flowed I was (automatically, unconsciously) creating a pathway for it to flow on, like a broad, sturdy connection.

I called the spirits who had made the ethereal muscle I was using and asked them to upgrade the pathway (making it thicker and more stable) and the energy squeezing structures (making each one smaller, so they’re less prone to missing energy).

Often, upgrading the ethereal muscle makes a huge difference, but this time it didn’t. I’m not sure those upgrades were even necessary. This time, the biggest improvement came from learning how those structures work (for building, moving, and projecting energy), and finding improvements in how I was using them. Then, like a person slowly learning the proper finger placement for typing or playing the guitar, I would consciously, slowly step through that better procedure, until it became automatic and unconscious. (I’m still practicing all this, but it’s becoming easier.)

The rest of this post is about what I’ve learned about how these structures work and how to use them.

For moving energy around my body, I’ve found that it’s best to focus on where the energy currently is, and on the energy squeezing structures there. At first, I would try to engage them as firmly as possible, squeezing all the energy to the new location. Then I let my ethereal muscle do it automatically, and watched that default behavior: It makes many little squeezes, moving a little energy at a time, over and over, in a ripple. This ripple works better than my single large squeeze.

But that doesn’t mean we’re done. Just because my first idea wasn’t right, doesn’t mean I give up. After seeing this ripple, I used that as my starting point in developing a better version. And I found that, instead of a ripple of extremely weak squeezes, I can make a ripple of medium-strength squeezes that moves a lot more energy. That’s the technique I used when my friend felt energy for the first time.

I had a similar experience with projecting the energy through the air. I was practicing on myself, sending energy from my left hand to my right through 2-3 feet of air. I moved energy to my left hand, thought about projecting it into my other hand, and I felt a little something in the right hand. But it was so faint — it reminded me of what I’d feel when working with energy 10 or 20 years ago, much weaker than the energy I’m using today. What was going wrong?

Then I realized: I was creating the pathway to send energy along, but I wasn’t actually sending the energy. I had to engage the energy squeezing structures in my left hand and push the energy onto the pathway. Once I did that, I felt the energy strong and clear in my right hand. A small change, a single step fixed, and suddenly it works — this is a common experience for me with debugging energy techniques.

One more interesting experience with all this: I start each practice session by engaging all these structures for building and moving energy. And even before I build energy, even before I move anything, I feel a sensation in my body, and it feels very similar to how energy felt in my body 10-20 years ago. And I wonder: Back then, was I feeling actual energy, or was I just feeling those energy-handling structures? Might my students be feeling their ethereal structures engaging, rather than feeling actual energy? Understanding this may help me teach energy more effectively, particularly when I’m troubleshooting for students.

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