It Starts With Intent…

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It starts with intent… But it doesn’t end there.

When I drive a car and want to turn, I just intend to turn. My eyes know where to look, my arms know how to move, and the steering column and tires do what they’re designed to do. But I’m not aware of any of that, at least not consciously. I’m simply intending to turn.

A teacher might reasonably say, “Don’t think about the drive shaft or tires, or how the muscles in your arms create motion. Just think about where you want the car to go. Just think about your intent.”


If the car stops working, we take it to an expert who understands the drive shaft, tires, and all the other components.

(Similarly, if my arms stop working, I go to an expert who understands the muscles, nerves, and other parts of my body.)

When Toyota wants a better car, they go to an expert who understands all those systems even more deeply.

And a race car driver? Understanding how the car works helps them position for a faster turn, select the right tires for the race, and so on.

For normal operation, intent is what matters, most of the time. But for repairs and improvements and pushing the limits of what you can do, a deeper knowledge is necessary.

In energy healing, those engineers are usually spirits, making the forces (“ethereal software”) that we, the users of those forces, channel.

Much of my practice focuses on the engineering. Lately, I’ve been working with spirits to design my healing techniques. It’s been amazing.

We discuss which signature of energy to use, and why. On simple cases, like a runner with inflamed knees, we usually agree on the energy to use. But on complex cases, like a person with autoimmune disorders, we often have different ideas. We discuss. We build on one another’s insights. And we wind up with an energy technique far better than any of us could have created on our own.

It starts with intent. But it doesn’t end there.

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