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Magick Blogs

Augoeides: You probably recognize Ananael Qaa from the comments of many posts. This is his blog. A lot of posts on magick in the news and in pop culture (fun but not deep), plus some really nice testing of ritual and other traditional magick. And he shares my love of science.

The Razor’s Edge: You might recognize Mr. Black from the comments, also. He writes about chaos magick and his personal experiences.

A Little Death: Ona (also from the comments) writes about Christian saint-based magick, along with traditional styles like Enochian, and a few others.

Magical Experiments: You’ll also recognize Taylor Elwood from the comments. He writes about new approaches to magick and new things he’s trying.

Strategic Sorcery: Some traditional magick, some modern stuff (not really chaos magick, but related topics), with a Buddhist bent.

Head for the Red: Mostly traditional ritual magick, with good stories drawn from his personal experiences.

There are other blogs I like, but which are rarely updated these days, including: One Hand on the Sword, Heuristic Magick, and Postmodern Magick.

Also, check out my twitter feed. I only follow people I actually read (or know personally), so it’s pretty good. And if I missed your blog, drop me a line and remind me.

But it’s not all magick. I also read blogs on science and business (below).

Science Blogs

Less Wrong: Philosophy of science. A lot of concepts like “systematic explanation” and “curiosity-stopper” I got from him.

Study Hacks: MIT PhD student applies research (published and his own) to succeeding in school. His tips work for most intellectual pursuits.

Business Blogs

Seth Godin: Permission marketing (reaching people via blogs), overcoming resistance.

AVC, Both Sides of the Table: Venture cap guys (software startups). Good if you’re starting a business.

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