An Initiation into Direct Magick

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This is an exercise-focused guide to learning Direct Magick. It’ll get you up to speed on everything we talk about here.

The book is about halfway done. I’ll post chapters as I write them. When you reach the end, please see the (old but still useful) Step-by-Step Guide to Direct Magick.

Part 1: What is Direct Magick?

What is Magick?

What is Direct Magick?


Examples of Magick

This Book and Other Resources [To do once book is finished]

Please Share This Book

Part 2: Magick Quickstart Guide


Using Ethereal Software

Preparing Your Mind for Magick

Strengthening Your Ethereal Muscles (Includes 1st exercise)

Part 3: Easy Useful Magick

Note: I’ll break these topics down into chapters eventually.

Energy Healing




What You’ve Learned So Far

What to Learn Next


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