Interview with Taylor Ellwood of Magical Experiments

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In July of 2015, I spoke with Taylor Ellwood of Magical Experiments about Direct Magick, case studies, and building magick into a science. Taylor shares my passion for producing real results with magick, and it was a great interview. Listen to the recording.

I discussed some resources, and promised links. Here they are:

My book, An Initiation into Direct Magick (work in progress).

Exercises on finding and awakening your ethereal muscles.

Chewy ideas on magick and science, where I discuss many ideas we touched on in the podcast.

All my case studies of various healing results and psychic intuitions I’ve done.

And if you finish all that and want more, see the Step by Step Guide to Learning Direct Magick. Older, but more complete than the book. Look here after finishing the book.

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