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Healing Techniques for a Reiki Master with Chronic Hives

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

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Minty, a Reiki Master suffering from hives, writes:

I’m so excited to find your site. I have been suffering from hives for 3 long itchy weeks and although I’m a very experienced Reiki Master I was struggling to breakthrough. Reading your blog on your Hives client and the rest of your site has giving me much needed new insights, hope and a renewed excitement in discovering new techniques! ! I will be getting into all the Magick over the next few days and will give you an update.

I’m so sorry to hear about your hives. I’ve seen up close how miserable that can be.

I’d like to help. Let me lay out some healing techniques, you try them and give me feedback, and together we’ll work to debug them.

As a Reiki practitioner, you’re used to channeling healing energy, right? I’m guessing you’d say you channel energy from “The Universe.” Keep in mind, that’s just the name someone chose to refer to “the source we channel energy from.” In Direct Magick, we call those channel-able energy sources “ethereal software.”

There are many different pieces of ethereal software out there. Some are used by healers, some by psychics, some by ritual mages. Any one person can use multiple pieces of ethereal software. I’ve already used two ethereal softwares today, and it’s only 9am.

Here’s what I’ve set up: I took the healing technique for chronic hives and programmed it into the ethereal software for my book. There’s a lot going on in that sentence, so let me unpack it for you.

Healing technique for chronic hives: It’s three effects, actually. Note: I’m going to speak about what the effects are designed to do, because without medical research I can’t say what specific changes they cause.

The first effect is designed to act on the nerves in your skin, spine, and the rest of your body to inhibit the itch signal. When I worked with Lisa, she would get significant reduction in itching after using this healing technique, typically 4 points on a 10-point scale.

After two or three weeks, it stopped working for her. We think that’s because of a buildup of neurotransmitters in the inhibited nerves.

A little background: Nerves send signals by releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters. One nerve releases the neurotransmitter, and the next nerve in the chain absorbs it. That’s how the signal passes from one nerve to the next. If the receiving nerve doesn’t absorb the neurotransmitter (for example, because it is inhibited), then the neurotransmitter floats between the nerves, eventually building up to problematic levels. So, the first nerve (that sent the neurotransmitter) can absorb it back, kind of like an envelope stamped “return to sender.” This process is called reuptake.

The second technique is designed to increase neurotransmitter reuptake for the itch-signalling nerves. With Lisa, we did this effect and let it run while she slept, and the next morning she woke up nearly hive-free. She would sometimes have smaller outbreaks during particularly stressful night shifts, but when she did, she would use the first healing technique, and the itch would decrease to a manageable level.

There’s one more technique, too. Ultimately, hives is caused by the immune system attacking the person’s skin. So the third effect is designed to decrease overall immune system activity. Not down to zero, just a little, to take the edge off. After we added this, Lisa’s stress-related hives decreased dramatically, too.

So, three effects. We used them in this combination:

  • Effect 1 (anti-itch) for 2-3 weeks
  • Effect 2 (neurotransmitter) for one month
  • Effect 3 (immune system) for 2 weeks

There is probably some more optimal schedule for these healing techniques, but that schedule worked well, and it should give you a starting point in healing yourself. In particular, let Effect 1 (anti-itch) run for a couple of weeks to get that buildup of neurotransmitter, so that Effect 2 knows what to target. (Based on testing I just did, if there isn’t a buildup of neurotransmitter, the ethereal software refuses to run Effect 2.)

Those are the healing techniques I’d use in person. But how do we get these effects to you? Ideally, I’d like to empower you to heal yourself — it’s a more scalable solution than me doing every healing session, and to be successful this system needs to be easy to pick up and use.

But it’s not enough to tell you goals like “decrease immune system sensitivity.” You can focus on that intent, but you need ethereal software that can turn that intent into a specific energy targeted at a particular tissue. Most ethereal software would probably say, “That’s great, I see what you want there, but I don’t know how to do that.” We need to get you some ethereal software that’s programmed to handle these particular instructions.

I’m not sure if you’ve gotten to my book-in-progress yet, but it walks you through contacting a piece of ethereal software I made specifically for the book. That software is bound to a sigil, and by focusing on the sigil you can contact the ethereal software. Using it will be pretty similar to channeling Reiki energy, but you’ll be tapping into a different source that knows different commands.

I’ve programmed the three healing effects into that ethereal software. The commands are based on the intended result of the energy:

Numb. Focus on “Numb me” or “numb the itch.” To turn it off, focus on “turn off numbing.”

Increase neurotransmitter reuptake. I want to mention, this communication happens in concepts, not in syllables. To me, neurotransmitter reuptake conjures images of nerves and chemicals, so those words work well for me. But if you find those words awkward, read up on neurotransmitter reuptake before using the command. (It might be possible to also use your own words, or even images, but it might not. It depends on how similar they are to the command I programmed. The surest bet is to use the words I use, after getting comfortable with what they mean.) To turn this effect off, use “deactivate increase neurotransmitter reuptake.” It’s an unintuitive sentence, but if you think of “increase neurotransmitter reuptake” as all one phrase, it makes sense. (Based on testing for similar commands, “decrease neurotransmitter reuptake” won’t work.)

Decrease immune sensitivity. This does a small effect, and you can repeat the command to increase intensity. “Decrease immune sensitivity — turn off” cuts it in half, and “decrease immune sensitivity — entirely off” turns it off completely.

We programmed some protection into the ethereal software, too. If it notices something going wrong, it’ll stop the effects. But also trust your intuitions — if something feels off, shut down the effects. Also, do each effect one at a time, and do them in the morning so you have plenty of time to observe the results before going to sleep. And I’m sure this goes without saying, but all of this is delivered as-is, use at your own risk.

Based on my testing, increase neurotransmitter reuptake won’t run unless you have a buildup from the numbing command. The software said as much in its error message. Also, when I ran decrease immune sensitivity on myself, it gave a warning, “You don’t have a condition this will help, are you sure you want to run this?” Neat to see the protection and error checking in action.

And before doing any of this, work through the exercises in my book to connect to the ethereal software and turn on and off an obvious connection. Practice until that’s easy and works reliably. That way, we’ll know you can reliably send messages to this software before you try any of these commands.

If you have questions, or if anything seems odd, please leave a comment here, or email me if you want to ask privately. Whatever the results, please let me know.

Lastly, please go into this with a research mindset. This may require some adjustment, some debugging. I’ll work the problem with you, both through writing and through distance work. Working these problems is how we discover the mechanisms behind healing, which lets us develop better techniques and help more people. Think of this as part of creating a new science, a new set of human capabilities. Because that’s what we’re doing.

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The Danger of Popular Memes and Ancient Wisdom

Monday, May 25th, 2015

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How well-meaning, non-scientific memes can slow your learning.

A friend asks:

When you do healing technique, how do you keep from messing up your own energy? Particularly when you’re working with someone with a terminal illness?

This a popular meme, but it’s not a real concern. Energy healing is about shifting the energy signature of living tissue (the “biofield”). Shifting someone else’s biofield doesn’t affect your own, just like massaging someone’s neck doesn’t create knots in your neck.

But where does that meme come from? Here’s my best guess: If you imagine energy healing as transferring some finite quantity of “health,” then the healer would have to get sicker to make the person healthier.

When I started this post, I’d intended to refute the “health transfer” idea. But I realized that, while inaccurate, it’s actually an honest attempt to explain some problems healers can face:

First, energy healing takes focus, and it requires engaging ethereal muscles. In new healers, those ethereal muscles aren’t strong yet, which is tiring in a different way than playing a sport or taking an exam. If a healer isn’t consciously aware of their ethereal muscles, they’ll experience an unusual fatigue but not understand why.

Second, just like you can cause side effects in the person you’re working with, you can cause side effects in yourself. It happened to me, too: When I started practicing energy healing, I’d build the healing energy in my own body. Everything I did to the other person, I also did to myself. Combine that with an inexperienced healer using slightly-off energy signatures, and you can get headaches, nausea, fatigue, and similar problems. I mostly avoided those, but I’d already been using energy for a decade.

(New healers: Remember, none of these side effects are serious, and most go away if you return your energy to normal afterwards.)

The healer, perhaps new, perhaps experienced and teaching new healers, sees these problems. When they work with a tired person, they also become deeply fatigued. When they work with someone with a headache, they too sometimes develop headaches. An explanation is needed, and it sounds so simple to say that the health and illness are transferred.

A trained scientist will do two things. First, they’ll ask, “How might that work? What mechanism?” And they’ll notice how really, incredibly complicated this would be to implement. Second, they’ll try as hard as we can to refute an idea, knowing that an idea they cannot refute is probably true. They’ll ask, “Are there times when I work with an injury, but do not get the symptoms myself afterwards? Does the level of headache I get afterward correlate with the level of headache my client had? Do I ever get headaches when the client had none?”

But that takes training, and experience, and a desire to be accurate rather than think you’re right. That’s hard. I don’t always live up to that goal, and I don’t know anyone who does.

But most people don’t do that. The default for humans not trained in science is to look for confirmation, thinking of times when they worked with a particularly bad headache and got a nasty headache themselves, or times when they worked with an aching knee and then (coincidentally) had their own knee ache. It’s called confirmation bias.

Of course, they don’t consciously say, “I’d rather feel right than be accurate, so I’ll ignore evidence.” The human brain just does it automatically and unconsciously.

They repeat their stories, and their warnings, intending to help other healers avoid these problems. And the story, “I worked with this person, then got the condition they had” is so compelling. Much more fun than, “I worked with this person, then nothing else happened.” And it gets retold, each retelling adding to the perceived evidence, until “health transfer” becomes a meme, implicit in our beliefs without ever being explicitly taught.

There is no villain to this story. Just common, very human errors.

This is the danger in trusting popular memes. I suspect it’s also a danger of trusting ancient wisdom.

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Interviewing a Healer? Ask About Failures

Friday, December 13th, 2013

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“How do I pick a good healer?”

It’s a common question. I mean, it’s hard enough to find a good doctor, and they have licensing and review boards. How can a layman possibly tell a good healer from a fraud?

Asking about their techniques is useless, I’ve been doing this for 20+ years and can’t separate a novice from someone skilled but lacking insight into how their unconscious mind does magick. Asking about successes is nice, but it’s hard to tell placebo from real healing. And references have the same problem: How many failures did they have as they collected those 10 positive reviews?

So, do whatever you’d normally do, and then ask about failures. “Tell me about a healing session that failed, and how you handled it.” A few things to look for:

  • Do they own up to failure? Even skilled surgeons fail, and healing is nowhere near as mature a discipline as surgery. The only way to not fail is to not track your results, which means you can’t learn.
  • Do they debug their techniques? When I fail, I go back and try other approaches. Heal different tissues, heal a larger area, get spirits involved, program a new signature into my healing software. Don’t try to evaluate their techniques, but make sure they can intelligently discuss their debugging process.
  • Do they seem comfortable? Someone who truly believes in themselves can accept failures, and talk about what they’ve learned, or how they tried again and succeeded later, or how they’re proud of how scientifically they track their results. Someone filled with doubt — of their skill or of magick in general — will experience failures as painful reminders of those doubts, and avoid the subject. (See item 1.)

Do you have a good question for selecting good healers?

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Debugging My Body’s Energy

Monday, November 25th, 2013

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This week, I found an error I’d been making when building energy in my body. One small error. But it was enough to make my magick fail.

The error started years ago. So, let me back up a bit.

I never really learned to use energy in my body. Sure, I learned an energy meditation early on, but I then focused on using connections for protection, on sending instructions to ethereal software, and on awakening my ethereal muscles. When I did healing work, I would connect to the injured tissue and use that person’s energy for the healing technique. I got two decades into magick without ever learning to use the energy in my body for much of anything.

Because I never focused on the skill, I was just focusing on my intent, “Build energy to arouse my partner,” and letting my ethereal muscles do whatever came naturally. (“Ethereal muscles” = The parts of my brain that move energy, connections, and other magick.)

That’s how most people do magick: Focus on your intent, let your unconscious do what it does. But sometimes, your ethereal muscles do the wrong thing. And when that happens, the only solution is to figure out what they should do, then guide them through each step of the process. Which is what I did this weekend.

What went wrong: Remember all that energy healing? It mostly focused on tendons, ligaments, and muscles. That’s just what happens to be injured in me and my friends. So, with 100+ hours doing healing techniques on those tissues, that’s what my ethereal muscles would connecting to when I’d think about working with my own body.

That’s bad, because when you want to build energy for someone else to feel, you want to build energy that interacts with their nerves. That’s what produces that tingling feeling: Subtle changes to nerves. To affect nerves, I needed to build energy in my own nerves. By building energy in my muscles, tendons, and ligaments, I was causing subtle, temporary changes to their muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which have no way of sending signals to the brain or producing any tangible sensations. It’s the wrong way to do energy in the body.

The solution was easy: After training with a spirit who explained this to me, I connected specifically to my nerves, and amplified their signature. With very little effort, I felt a tingling and power throughout my body, like after a long energy meditation. It’s not that I’m making more energy now, it’s that all the energy is targeting my nerves, which produce the tingling sensations. I’ll test this with friends soon, and post the results.

(What if I didn’t have that healing experience? Then I probably would have built energy in all my tissues, which should work too. But this is exactly why I value consciously guiding my ethereal muscles: Because you never know when your ethereal muscles will do something wacky, and the only way to spot and fix it is to watch them and figure out what they should be doing.)

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Headaches: It’s Probably NOT Magick

Monday, November 4th, 2013

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Common question from readers: “I get frequent headaches. I heard that energy / spirits / magick can cause headaches. Could my headache be from that?”

Answer: It could. But it probably isn’t. Most headaches are from stress, dehydration, or some other non-magickal cause.

Think back over the last week. How many days did you feel stress, maybe while driving? How many days did you pay attention to drinking enough water, and how many did you just drink at meals? How careful were you about posture, while working and sleeping, to avoid neck strain?

Now, think back over the same week, and ask: How many days did you raise significant energy, then forget to release it? How many days did you connect to new ethereal software or do other magickal work that’s likely to attract spirits? How many days featured some new magick you didn’t know was safe?

List 1 is bigger than list 2, right?

Same for me. My list 2 is bigger than most mages I know, and even so, most of my headaches are dehydration.

So why do we hear about headaches from spirits so much. “I got a headache, then did this fancy exorcism ritual, and it went away” is a fun story to tell. “I got a headache, then drank a glass of water and waited 10 minutes and it went away,” not so much.

Bonus! Here’s how to temporarily reduce the pain from a non-magickal headache:

  • Note the signature your head is in when you’re feeling good. (Do it right now. If you build energy, it’s easier to notice.)
  • Name that energy, so your mind can recall it later.
  • When you get a headache, build a moderate amount of that energy in your head, and let it sit there.

The key is moderate. If you build too much, that is likely to create its own headache from building energy and not grounding. If that happens, just release the energy, and your headache should go back to baseline in a minute or so.

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Notes on Erotic Energy (and Other Types)

Friday, June 21st, 2013

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This post is about erotic energy, along with some other ways to use outer energy.

Quick review: Last week, I told you about inner and outer energy. Inner energy is closer to the cells, and corresponds to particular tissues. As you move farther from the cells, that energy mixes mixes together, and corresponds to a broad area or to the whole body. We call this mixed energy, “outer energy.”

Today, I want to share some training and exploration I’ve done with outer energy.


When I find something new, I usually start with training from spirits I know. For this one, I picked a spirit I do erotic energy with. Here are a few notes:

  • First, she confirmed my basic understanding of inner vs outer energy.
  • To control outer energy, use the ethereal muscle* that handles effects in general (including energy healing, working with nerves, and more). There’s a sub-muscle she calls the “energy controller.” This controls outer energy. It was hard to use at first, like stretching an exhausted (ordinary) muscle, but after a couple days, it’s become easy. (This is typical for using new ethereal muscles that are awake but haven’t been used much.)
  • The way she does erotic energy is complicated, and involves more than just outer energy. But she showed me a simplified version that only uses outer energy, and indeed, it produces a nice energy orgasm. Not as smooth or pleasant as what she normally does, but hardly a disappointment, either.
  • Rather than changing my outer energy’s signature in specific spots, she said that I should change it as a whole. Apparently, you’re looking to cause large shifts in the recipient’s outer energy, and you’ll get a larger shift by changing your whole energy, rather than focusing on one spot. We’ll come back to this later.
  • She showed me a single signature to try for erotic energy. In other words, the simplest possible technique. I practiced it a few times, but forgot it by the time I got a chance to use it. Maybe next time.

I practiced putting different signatures into outer energy until it became easy, which took five practice sessions over two days. I’d think about relaxing, or peace, or confidence, or sexiness, see how that influenced my mind’s signature, then put that signature into my outer energy. And I noticed, doing that put me further into that mental state.

*Reminder: “Ethereal muscle” is my new term for “mental muscle.”


That training was last week. Then last night, I saw E again. Here are some of my notes:

  • While cuddling, I focused on my affection for E, and set my outer energy to that signature. (The signature my mind goes into when I focus on affectionate feelings.) She said it felt nice and affectionate, though not exactly what she’d expect. So, it seems like putting signatures into outer energy works for a variety of feelings, but I probably need to learn an actual technique for figuring out the right signature to convey a particular emotion.
  • While massaging E, I thought about energy healing, and set my outer energy to a healing signature. (This one not based on my mental state, but based on what my ethereal muscles associate with default anti-inflammation and pain reduction. I assume this signature comes from my past experience with energy healing.) Setting my outer energy to that healing signature felt exactly like building healing energy in my body and sending it to the person — I’d forgotten I’d done that, it was so long ago, but setting that signature brought me back there, the way a perfume can remind you of a lover from years ago.
  • I’ll tentatively say that, in I previously thought about “building energy and sending it to someone via touch,” my ethereal muscles implemented that intent by putting a signature into my outer energy. And I’d guess that other people’s ethereal muscles do the same. Which isn’t that surprising, because that’s basically what energy healers say they’re doing, but (1) what people say and what they actually do are different, so it’s useful to know it’s not different here, and (2) having these terms and this model is more precise than talking about “sending energy out.” If outer energy is indeed the important part, then we can focus on the ethereal muscles that control outer energy, rather than thinking about inner energy or other regions of energy.
  • While having sex, E had me focus on the outer energy around my genitals. This produced a stronger sensation in her than when I set the signature of my outer energy as a whole. That’s the opposite of what the spirit said. What’s up?
  • I see three possibilities for the discrepancy. First, the spirit doesn’t have a body, so she isn’t used to physically contacting someone, so maybe she got it wrong. Second, maybe the spirit was talking about making out, rather than sex. (This can have some overlap with the first option, if she doesn’t quite understanding bodies.) And third, maybe when I think I’m controlling outer energy for my whole body, I’m mistakenly only controlling it for my head or chest or something else. I’ll bring this up next time I train with the spirit.


That’s my progress on erotic energy. No definitive answers yet, but I have more direction now than I did a month ago. Outer energy seems useful, not just for erotic energy, but also for conveying affection through touch, or possibly even influencing someone’s mood in a conversation. I’ll post more as I learn more.

Quick question: This post was a quick writeup of some notes, rather than a traditional paragraph-based article. How did you like it?

And if this is reminding you of something you do with energy, please share your experiences in the comments.

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Gentle Erotic Energy

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

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I made progress with erotic energy this week. And I learned more about energy around the human body.

It started when a lover, E, showed me how she does erotic energy. We’ve talked about it before, and used it before, but I hadn’t watched it closely before. I’d been… caught up in the moment previously.

The energy itself was obvious, easy to find. I connected to it, then wanted to see which types of cells were involved — my hypothesis was that the energy related to nerves, since it affects sensations, so I expected E’s erotic energy to connect to her nerves.

(This is all using sensory connections. I would be quite unable to research these techniques without them.)

But her energy didn’t connect to her cells. More importantly, it didn’t directly connect to any tissue. This was something new for me. Let me back up, so you know what was new, and why it matters.

I first encountered the body’s energy in the context of energy healing, in the mid-2000s. My goal was to send healing energy to a particular tissue: Cartilage in a knee, or tendons in a shoulder. Large shifts, precisely targeted. So, I found the energy very close to cells, corresponding to particular types of tissue in a particular location. Call this “inner energy.”

Call this new energy “outer energy.” That’s what E was using. Rather than corresponding to one type of tissue, it’s an amalgamation of all the person’s inner energies. It’s easy to get to: Just start at inner energy, and go away from cells. Except I’d never gone that way, because my whole point in energy healing was to get closer and closer to cells, to have larger, more precise effects.

But it turns out, when you go away from cells, all the different inner energies mix, and you wind up with one overall energy for the person. When another person touches you, their outer energy influences your outer energy, particularly if they’re actively building energy. And when your outer energy changes, it affects your body as a whole, rather than affecting one particular tissue in one particular location.

Outer energy isn’t great for energy healing: You don’t want to distribute your energy healing over all the person’s (healthy) tissue, and you don’t want a long path between your change and the cells, since the longer the path, the slower your magick will work. (I know this from much testing and experience with energy healing.)

But outer energy is perfect for erotic energy. It affects the person as a whole in a smooth, gentle way, which should get rid of the jaggedness and unevenness of my previous attempts. And affecting your own outer energy naturally affects the other person’s outer energy — there’s no additional steps needed. That’s simple enough that most energy workers would stumble upon it without much testing, which suggests that this is the method that most folks use for erotic energy.

Why wasn’t outer energy in my model before? I simply hadn’t looked for it. I’d always looked in toward cells, not out toward other people.

Which brings me to a question: Are there other components of standard models of magick and energy that you work with that aren’t in my model? (Chakras I know, but any others?) Thanks!

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Why Not Just Heal Yourself?

Friday, December 7th, 2012

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Yvonne asks:

Is this [healing technique] most effective if the individual uses her own energy, or does one have to come to the magician-healer? Doesn’t the personal signature best support one’s own healing?

The Short Answer

Energy healing is complex. It requires an expert. You need a healer, and that healer should work in the client’s signature.

The Long Answer

But… why? I mean, Yvonne’s point is correct: Your energy should align to your body better than to another person’s energy will. So why not heal yourself?

(This is about to get a bit advanced. You’ve been warned.)

There are really two* signatures involved in energy healing: The underlying signature, and the top-level signature.

The underlying signature determines which person that energy affects. You match it to the client’s underlying signature. Do this wrong and the healing energy won’t affect the client properly. But when you heal yourself, you’re already in the right underlying signature, so you don’t need to think about it.

The top-level signature determines what the healing energy does: Which tissue is affected in what ways. So, working with a burn vs inflammation vs an itch, you’ll have a different top-level signature.

*It’s actually more complex than this, with multiple scales of signatures involved. But I have to make some simplifications, or this post will become unreadably long.

When I first started energy healing, in 2006, working in another person’s underlying signature was hard. It took a few months before I could do it comfortably, and I’d spend afternoons just making connections to friends, matching their signature, then resting and doing it again.

But matching an underlying signature is easy now. In fact, it’s much simpler than the technique I use to shift a structure’s signature. I don’t even think about it anymore — my mental muscles just do it automatically.

It’s the other part of energy healing that’s hard: Figuring out which tissues should you affect, which cellular processes should you aim to increase or decrease, and what top-level signature will cause those changes. This is the intersection of medicine and magick, and it’s where I spend most of my time these days when I do healing work.

So, the full answer to Yvonne’s question is: The hard part of energy healing is figuring out the top-level signature, which requires an expert healer. Yes, working on yourself is slightly easier, because you don’t have to adjust for another person’s underlying signature. But adjusting for that signature is actually pretty easy, compared with all the other steps of the healing.

Note: This post assumes you’re handling the healing technique yourself. If you instead use ethereal software (whether it’s Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, or the healing system I’ll show you in my book), the software will handle both the top-level and underlying signatures, and you don’t have to worry about any of this. In that case, you’ll get the same results whether you heal yourself or another person, so I’d still recommend an expert healer who will be better at commanding the ethereal software.

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A New Technique for Healing

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

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Energy healing works by changing the signature of the energy around injured tissue. I’ve always used fluid energy to do this, and I think most healers do the same. But last week, I learned a new technique that’s making me abandon energy.

First, what is energy? Most simply, it’s a thing you can build in your body and send to someone else. I think of it like a hot liquid, flowing along magickal pathways, and heating whatever it touches. (This is a metaphoric heat, mind you. It won’t register on a thermometer, but it can make you feel tingly.)

Energy is a means to an end. My goal is never to build lots of energy and feel lots of tingles. My goal is to promote healing, which means the energy’s job is to shift the signature of the injured tissue. (Signature = The type of energy = The type of “heat” = The magickal state of the tissue.)

The problem is, energy isn’t great for that job. The tissue doesn’t simply adopt the energy’s signature — the signatures mix over time, so at any given time, the tissue’s signature is somewhere between its old signature and the energy’s signature. This mixing can take minutes or hours, and the signature shifts throughout that time. And sometimes, the energy won’t permeate properly, and the structure will reject the signature.

In all, it’s slow and imprecise in several ways. But it was the only tool I had, so I put up with it.

Then last week, I got training in fundamental skills for physical and mental effects. (I’ll simply call this “effects,” and this first technique is level 1 effects.) It solves all these problems.

Here’s the basic technique: You connect to the magickal structure you want to affect. (The structure whose signature you want to change.) You make a network of tiny connections all throughout the structure, so every bit of the structure has a connection close to it. Then, you activate that network in the new signature.

If you did it right, the structure will instantly flip to the new signature. Not some mixture of signatures, it just jumps to the new one, in less time than it takes me to check what signature the structure is in. I think it’s because the network has already permeated all the nooks and crannies of the structure, though that’s just my best guess. All I know is, I’ve been using it, and it works.

(For energy healing, I’ll then apply a slow drip of energy to keep everything at the signature I just set. Not sure if it’s needed, and I did a mental effect on myself last night that worked well without the energy drip, but I don’t want to skip a step that might be necessary when working with others.)

A note on activating the network in the new signature: At first, I thought about building energy and sending it throughout the network. This doesn’t work — it’s the same as building energy without the network, and has all the same problems. Instead, I had to think about turning on a different signature within the network, and having the network “heat up,” similar to how energy “contains heat.” (Quotes = Metaphoric language.) At least, that’s what works for me.

Really, this seems another way to distribute this magickal activation we’re calling “heat,” so you distribute it through an already-established network rather than through a heated fluid. Which makes me wonder what other, even better ways to distribute that heat we’ll discover in the future.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Healing Techniques

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

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WSA, a licensed acupuncturist and Reiki healer, told me by email:

Energy can be much more specifically directed with acupuncture needles and pine needles [than by standard hand-directed Reiki].

Which made me realize that I haven’t discussed the three types of precision in energy healing, and how they can help you get better results.

Why Precision Matters in Energy Healing

More precision gets you better results. It’s really that simple. Applying more energy improves your results, too, to a point. But precision is really the key to immediate, obvious results. And as you’ll see, there’s a lot more to precision than focusing the energy in the right spot.

When you are precise, you can get good results with very little energy. When you’re not precise, you can only get limited results, even with a ton of energy.

In general, I’d rather be somewhat-precise in all three ways, rather than really precise in one while ignoring the others.

Way 1: Target the Right Cells

Which physical cells receive the healing energy? Do you get everything in the area, or just the injured cells? Does applying healing energy to a knee affect the entire knee, or just the meniscus?

This isn’t something I normally think about, because I always do it. All my healing techniques start by using sensory connections to identify the injured tissue, to figure out the right type of energy for the healing technique. The side-effect is, my healing technique only hits the injured tissues. And so, since this isn’t something I think about doing or not doing, it’s not something I’ve talked about.

But, from WSA’s email, it sounds like many energy healing styles simply target a large portion of the body. That they have to make a conscious decision to be precise this time.

Sending energy through a large area has two results. First, obviously, you’re wasting energy. But that isn’t really a big deal.

The big deal is, if you’re affecting both injured and uninjured tissue, both skin, muscle, tendons, and everything else, you can only apply energies that are healthy for all those tissues. Which is fine for basic healing techniques, but will cause problems if you want to do something more involved. (See next section.)

Incidentally, I haven’t tried needles for this targeting, but I’m going to see about picking some up to experiment on myself. Look for those posts later this year.

Way 2: A Precise Energy Signature

The signature is the type of energy. An energy’s signature determines the effect it will have on the tissue it interacts with. You can affect the same cells with two different energies, and produce two different results.

Example: When I worked with Lisa’s hives, I first used energy intended to inhibit her nerves from sending the itch signal. Later, I used a different energy on those same nerves intended to increase the rate of neurotransmitter reuptake. Same cells, different energy signature.

Applying the wrong energy signature creates a shift in the wrong direction. It’s not a matter of efficiency, it’s a matter of helping vs harming.

What about healing systems with only one kind of energy, “healing energy“? In that case, it’s probably using an energy intended to promote cellular growth and numb pain a bit, which is at least somewhat helpful in most situations. (That’s just a guess though — I’d need to work with researchers to verify this.)

But that generality comes with a cost: Promoting cellular growth and numbing pain won’t help a lot of problems. With more flexibility and ability to precisely control the energy signature, you can help people who have more complex conditions.

Targeting the right tissue is a prerequisite for precise energy signatures. The same signature will do different things to different cells. What would be the result? Depends on the particular signature, and how strongly you applied it, though by the time you can really hurt anyone, you should have the precision to know what tissue will receive your energy.

Way 3: Going Deeper in the Path from Energy to Cells

This is something I haven’t talked about much, since it’s more advanced than sensory connections, and I don’t think anyone has learned those yet. But it’s something I use in every healing technique, and I want to mention it so you know where you’re going.

There are a bunch of steps to the path between energy and physical cells. Normally, power flows up* the path, originating with the cells and flowing to the energy layer. When you apply energy healing, you’re sending energy down that path, and hoping it gets to the cells.

*When I visualize this, the energy is at the top, the cells are at the bottom, and “up” means moving away from the cells. But it’s just my visualization. There’s no actual up or down here.

Which it does. Sometimes. As long as the signature isn’t too different from where the cells are right now. And as long as you apply it for long enough. And a bunch of other things.

Think of the path as a stiff rope, or a pipe cleaner. You shift the signature of the energy at the top, and that applies some pressure to the cells at the bottom. But the path itself is flexible, and absorbs a lot of the shift. You’re pushing a stiff rope, not a broomstick.

So, the farther down the path you go (toward cells), the less give the path has, and the more precisely it will transmit your new signature. Which is the key to making large changes to the behavior of the cells. Which, in turn again, is the key to dramatic healing results.

If you’ve been following my posts on enlightenment: I’m sure you could develop some energy-level techniques to hurt people, but if you’re only applying energy, you can’t cause overly-large changes to a cell’s signature, which means it’s hard to cause too much damage. But once you’re a few steps closer to cells, you can easily cause large signature shifts, beyond what the cells can tolerate. So, what I’m really looking for is an energy-level way to cause enlightenment.


I discovered all of these structures with sensory connections, then verified them with actual healing techniques. When I talk about getting better results, that means I’ve reliably gotten better results across dozens of healing sessions.


So, those are the 3 types of precision. They build on one another: You need to target the right tissue before you can apply the right signature, and you need to do both of those before you can set the signature deeper into the path to cells.

Without these precisions, you’re limited to generic feel-better type healing techniques. With them, you can develop new, significant healing techniques.

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