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Two Types of Binding

Monday, April 8th, 2013

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I’ve seen the word “binding” used in two different ways recently. And it’s worth sorting out.

The first is, “Let’s bind this person so they stop stalking my friend.” This is a form of manifesting: You’re trying to cause certain events to (not) happen, and to cause a person to choose not to do something they’re physically capable of doing.

The second way is, “Let’s bind this person so they can’t do magick anymore.” This is about actually preventing them from doing something, usually by disconnecting them from their ethereal software and damaging their mental muscles so they can no longer do magick.

Why does this matter? Well, if all you want to do is send instructions to ethereal software and let the software sort it out, I suppose it doesn’t. But if you want to do more, it matters in three ways:

  1. If you use multiple different pieces of ethereal software, one might be better for manifesting, and the other might be better for fighting. Choose your software based on which binding you’re doing.
  2. If you’re trying to develop techniques that don’t use ethereal software, (so you can understand how they work and build better techniques), you’ll want to practice each step of the technique before trying the whole thing. Which means you need to have some idea of how the technique operates, which means you need to know whether you’re talking about manifesting or about damaging connections and structures directly.
  3. And third, if you’re trying to un-bind someone, it’s helpful to know if you’re dealing with manifesting (in which case you want to do your own manifesting), or if you’re dealing with damage to their mental muscles (in which case you need to rebuild those structures.) I’ve dealt with both, by the way, and the solutions are quite different.
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Grounding #2, and Why I Don’t Trust Visualizations

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

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This post is about changing the way I ground: Going from a visualization to a conscious technique, and why that’s worth doing.

I started working with energy in 1991. Back then, I did magick via visualization. My grounding visualization was something standard, like energy out my feet. I don’t remember the details, but they’re not important.

Some time in the early 2000s, that basic technique stopped working. I mean, it worked OK, but it wasn’t sufficient. I can’t recall exactly why, but it was around the time I started awakening more mental muscles, working with more energy in a broader range of signatures, and generally shifting from playing around with ethereal software to really doing magick. I needed something better to clean up afterward, and particularly to clean up after being drained by the more-skillful spirits that were starting to take notice of me.

Last post, we fixed that problem by building energy as you ground. If someone had handed me that post in the early 2000s, I would have used that technique. It’s simpler and easier than the one I came up with. But at the time, I didn’t fully realize that grounding is about signature, not quantity of energy. And, lacking that understanding, I couldn’t see the better technique. My model just wasn’t good enough.

That’s one reason I’m sharing this technique: It’s a concrete example of how a weaker model results in worse techniques.

Here’s the technique:

  • Establish a connection through the room you’re in, through the wall, and into the area outside your house. (You could also establish a connection into the earth, if you prefer.)
  • Maintain that connection, and connect the other side to the energy layer of your body.
  • Energy flows from high pressure to low pressure, so you’ll expel the energy. And because you’re sending the energy far away, you can expel a lot more of it than you can by just releasing the energy into the area around you. (Or at least, I can.)

Hold on, didn’t I just describe a standard grounding visualization? “Imagine a pipe, going from your chakras to deep inside the earth, draining away the bad energy.”

This is the hardest part of writing about conscious magick: Indeed, that is the standard visualization. But what you visualize and what your mental muscles actually do are two different things. Of course, I wasn’t able to spot that until after I switched from visualization to conscious magick.

For me, the standard visualization just releases energy into the area immediately around me. (That was last post.) But consciously engaging my mental muscles (the ones that handle connections), then consciously connecting out (not to the area immediately around me, but into the air outside my house), then using that connection to ground — consciously doing all that results in entirely different, more effective magick.

Yes, that more effective magick happens to match the standard visualization. And maybe someone more experienced with energy (and visualizations in general) would have gotten their mental muscles to do this full technique with just the standard visualization. But the question is: How would you know? If you aren’t directing your mental muscles consciously, how would you know if you’re getting the full technique or a simpler, less useful one? And if all you have are visualizations, and your best visualization isn’t working — where do you go from there?

That’s why I focus so much on consciously directing my mental muscles, and why I generally find that intent and visualizations are not enough.

Even today, even though my mental muscles know how to do the full, more effective technique, the standard visualization still just dumps the energy into the area around me. To get the proper technique, I still have to consciously step through each step. That’s part of why I don’t trust visualizations.

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An Engineer Talks Sex Magick

Monday, January 7th, 2013

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Sex Magick (n.): Magick used for sexual pleasure.

Last post, I talked about experiencing euphoria from mirroring the energy around you at a dance. Today, I want to talk about the same mirroring technique in the context of sex.

The basic technique is the same: Engage those same mental muscles (the ones for physical effects like energy healing), mirror your partner’s energy, and optionally, send that energy back to them. The command I give those mental muscles is “Mirror and send,” while thinking about her energy. You’d do this while making out, or while doing other activities.

Do it right, and the energy can create a mental orgasm — the feeling of an orgasm, without ejaculation, and without the exhaustion afterwards that’s common for guys (at least, in my experience).

I’d experimented with this in the early 2000s, and triggered orgasms in several partners without any physical stimulation. A friend commented that it seemed like I’d derived some part of tantra. But then I changed how I worked with energy, focusing on affecting particular types of tissue rather than blanketing an entire area, and lost track of how to build the overwhelming amount of the right energy I was using to trigger orgasms.

But in the past couple of weeks, I’ve had dates with two women into tantra, and following their lead, I’ve found the technique again. Or, some of the technique. It still feels horribly unfinished — effective but inelegant, tossing energy around rather than applying just the right signature in just the right spot, and like there’s so much more I could do with it if just I understood it a bit better. Which, of course, I’m working on. But that’s for another post.

For now, I want to share a technique, and a caveat. First, the technique:

Simply telling your mental muscles to “Mirror and send” the person’s energy works well enough, but I got better results from more precise signatures. I’d mirror her head’s signature in my head, her groin’s signature in my groin, and the signature of the rest of her body (as a whole) in the rest of my body. Conceivably, you could do more signatures, but remembering back to my work from a decade ago, I focused the energy on the head and the groin, so it made sense to do it here, too. Doing all three signatures felt better to me, and she responded more, too. If you’re already distracted doing one signature, stick with that, but if you can easily do three, it’s worth it.

Note: Both in my old work and now, simply focusing energy on the groin is ineffective. I’m sure the women in the audience will tell me this is obvious, so let’s assume I’m only talking to the guys right now.

Now, the caveat: One partner loved this, and another partner found it wasn’t enough energy for her. With her, I had to drop shielding on my body and let her connect, which creates its own set of problems. I’ll talk about that next time, as I answer Yvonne’s questions about protection and keeping unwanted structures out.

(And one more caveat: I’ve only tested this with people who already use energy in an erotic context. I would expect it to require some modifications to work reliably with non-mages.)

For completeness, there’s another definition of sex magick: “Using sex to raise energy, then channeling that energy into magick,” or something similar. I’m ignoring that because, in my experience, raising lots of energy does not result in more effective magick.

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Safely Feeling Energetic Euphoria

Friday, January 4th, 2013

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Have you ever felt euphoric from the energy in the room? Maybe at a dance or concert, with people into energy healing themselves? A wonderful high, that certainly could be explained psychologically, but you’re pretty sure is from magickal energy?

That’s not something I normally feel. See, I’m always shielded, at least a little. I like my mind sharp, and it’s hard to know if the buzz will be pleasantly euphoric, or trance-inducing. I just don’t like taking on energy when I’m not sure where it’s going.

But I wanted to feel the buzz at a dance recently. So I built a new technique — it’s simple, took half a minute to figure out, and only took a few tweaks to work really well, but a new technique none the less. And I want to share it with you.

First, engage the mental muscles you use for physical and mental effects. These are the mental muscles for energy healing, moving energy, and the like.

Tell those muscles to “mirror the energy around you.” This will cause them to produce some energy matching the energy in the room, mixing it with your own energy, while keeping you in control of the amount of that energy inside yourself. You’ll feel the buzz.

Tell those muscles to “stop mirroring,” and the buzz will fade almost completely in a few seconds, then dissipate over the next several minutes.

Tell them to “mirror a little,” and you’ll get a little buzz. You could probably specify “mirror a lot,” too, if you wanted more buzz.

(“Mirror 50%” does not work, though — it seems that, at least for me, “50%” doesn’t make sense to those mental muscles, or they think I want half the signature instead of half the quantity of energy. Whatever the reason, I tried it, and it didn’t work.)

If you’re dancing with a partner, you can “mirror and send,” which builds that energy and sends it to them. My partner reported it felt good, though I haven’t done extensive testing.

And “mirror and send” is also useful for sex magick, which I’ll write about next week.

Why does this work? Why don’t you need a room full of energy to feel euphoric? Well, the amount of energy doesn’t really matter. What matters is the signature of the energy in your body. (Signature = Type or feeling.) You feel the buzz when your body’s signature shifts in the right way.

The gotcha is, if you just absorb the energy around you, your body’s normal energy will dilute it, so it takes a lot of energy to shift your body’s signature. That’s why people like a room full of energy. But, if you engage your mental muscles and shift your own signature, it only takes as much energy as you produce normally all on your own. Which lets you feel the euphoria, while staying in control of the experience.

Comments: If you try this technique, let us know how it works for you.

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Magickal Shielding for Physical Contact

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

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Last month, in a discussion on shielding, Ananael said that, “Shields also don’t work well against hoodoo-style magick anchored to a substance like powder or oil that comes into direct contact with your body or clothing.”

I ran into this problem myself a few years ago. And I solved it. And now that I’m taking a break from consulting and not in the middle of a series, I want to return to shielding and share this with you.

To be perfectly clear: This post is about magick done via physical touch. It’s not about a magick shield that protects you from being punched. That only exists in movies.

Touch-Based Magick Defeats Shields

I’ve run into this twice. Neither was with a hoodoo practitioner, but both involved the same principle: Magick conveyed by physical touch, rather than a standard magick connection, bypasses standard shielding. Let me tell you about both experiences.

Energy Drain at a Dance

Commonly called a psychic vampire by people who enjoy making their world more theatrical, some people drain your energy when you’re around them. And, as Ananael points out, shields that work great over distance tend to fail when someone is physically touching you.

I go swing dancing about once a week. Part of the culture is that, when someone asks you to dance, it’s rude to decline. So, I wind up in socially-enforced physical contact with these drainers for 3-4 minutes at a time, once every few months. Which makes for excellent magick research time.

Now, I could simply resist the drain, either by holding my energy where it is, controlling my energy signature, or just producing extra energy to drown out the effects. But all of those are inelegant, and at the end of the day, teach me nothing. No, I had found a situation where my shielding didn’t work, and I wanted a proper fix to the shielding, not a workaround for the symptoms. (Which I’ll share in a minute.)

Skilled Mages

On the opposite end of the skill-spectrum, imagine a skilled mage is attacking you. You have shielding that makes it hard to make a normal magick connection to you. What would they do?

Well, there are a few options, but one of my favorites is to make a magick connection to the room you’re in (easy to do based on the magick connection that’s hitting your shield), transition from the magick domain to the physical domain once connected to that room, and then connect from the air in the room to your body. And, just like magick conveyed by physical contact with powder or oil, we now have a physical connection that bypasses normal shielding.

I’ve been on both sides of this technique. I’ve also taught friends to defend against it. The same technique I use vs a drainer at a dance works here. (I expected it would. That’s why I made a point of developing shielding for the dance.)

Note: I’ve only seen this technique from other direct magick practitioners. It takes some practice to transition from a magick-domain connection to a physical-domain connection, and the only reason to learn it is to do energy healing at distance without channeling ethereal software. So most mages never bother.

Defending Against Physical Connections

Just like you can transition a connection from the default magickal domain into the physical domain, you can transition a shield from magickal to physical domains.

Remember that a shield is really just finding connections and closing them. If you only use the mental muscles designed for shielding, you’ll only find connections in default magick domain. But if you also engage the mental muscles you use for direct physical effects (like energy healing), they will work with your shielding mental muscles to find connections in the physical domain. And once you’ve found them, you can close them the same way.

Note: If you do energy healing by channeling energy from ethereal software, that won’t awaken the mental muscles for direct physical effects that you need here. But if you work with your own energy, like Qi Gung, that might awaken those mental muscles. Your best bet, though, is to use direct magick to awaken your mental muscles.

This technique works against energy drains via physical contact, and also against advanced attacks coming from physical-domain connections. I haven’t tested it against hoodoo powders or oils, but I would expect it to work there, too.

Side-note: If the hoodoo attack is based on manifesting — that is, if it’s trying to give you bad luck or misfortune — then there’s a different set of protections I would recommend. But that’s for another post.

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3 Surprising Observations about Energy Tingles

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

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We all know the tingling feeling of energy. I discussed it with a non-mage and an experienced psychic recently, then thought about it more today. I surprised each of them, including myself. Here are the observations:

1. Most tingles people feel are really proprioception, or focusing your attention on one spot in your body until you feel weird, or some other non-magickal process. Most of what teachers use to demonstrate energy tingles is really normal physiology. (Which I think is cheating.)

2. Novices often look for tingles to know they’re really doing magick. They think that not feeling tingles means they’re not engaging their mental muscles, which indeed, it may.

The problem is, you don’t feel tingles in response to all energy. Instead, you feel tingles when the energy you’re working with has the wrong signature. That is, you’re not feeling the energy itself, you’re feeling how much it shifts the signature of your body / shielding / connection / whatever you’re working with.

As you get better, you’ll learn to align your energy’s signature with what you’re working with, and you’ll stop feeling tingles. For some mages (including my experienced psychic friend), you may think the absence of tingles means you’re doing something wrong, when in fact, it means you’re improving.

3. The tingles aren’t actually your nerves responding to the energy. Rather, the tingles are your mental muscles projecting sensations into your brain. Really, it’s a way for your mental muscles to communicate with you.

As I’ve gotten better at aligning my signature to what I’m working with, my mental muscles have become more sensitive, so they produce tingles when I mis-align the signature just a little bit. But lately, this simply isn’t enough, and I rarely feel tingles anymore. So, the third idea, which surprised me: Could I tell my mental muscles to produce tingles in response to some other event, such as a communication message coming in? That seems quite useful.

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Coaching Lisa on Shielding

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

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As you get better with magick, you’ll attract the attention of increasingly powerful spirits. Some will want to drain your energy, leaving you exhausted. Protecting yourself is an excellent way to develop your skills.

Yes, seriously: I used aggressive spirits as a metric for my own skills, and the people I train do, too. It forces you to learn good shielding, and good offense to chase them away, and how to sense and follow and remove connections, and a bunch of other skills that also help with energy healing, and psychic intuitions, and other constructive forms of magick.

I want to share a training I did with Lisa recently, helping her debug her shielding. It’ll show you how I approach these problems, along with a possibly-useful technique. And it’ll give you a sense of what it’s like to do direct magick, including some steps that I normally gloss over.

The training started with a social call over gmail chat. Lisa’s reply to, “How was your week?” ended with “I got drained by spirits twice.” She wasn’t upset or worried, just annoyed with herself for letting it happen.

“Can I help?” I asked. Here, “help” might be training, shielding her while she completes her workweek, or chasing these particular spirits away.

“No. I’ll just have to do better next time.” Lisa doesn’t like asking for help. I’ve learned not to accept her first no, though, and started helping her anyway.

First step: Assess the situation. I connected to her, verified that the spirits weren’t currently draining her, then just pretended she’d asked for training. I replied, “When I try to do better, there are usually two possibilities. If the spirits are getting in so fast that I can’t respond, then I need better defense. If they can’t get in easily, but I can’t do anything to chase them away, then I need better offense. Which is it for you?”

“They can’t get in during the day. It’s at night, when I’m asleep, that they drain me.”

“OK, so that’s a defense problem,” I replied. Lisa looked surprised, like she’d thought she should focus on offense, hitting them when she woke up so they wouldn’t come back the next night. The problem is, unless you can do truly exceptional damage, they’ll probably drain you again and take their lumps in the morning. You need enough shielding so they can’t get in, or at least so you wake up and defend yourself before they drain you.

I continued, “Go to the mental muscles that handle your shielding and ask them to set up your shield as a permanent structure that works passively, rather than something you have to actively maintain.” This is pretty typical of direct magick: You need to know the right command, and which mental muscles (or ethereal software) to send it to, but once you do, everything simply works. (Keep in mind that Lisa has been at this for several years, and has a bunch of mental muscles awake. I couldn’t give that kind of instruction to a novice.)

Lisa stared off into the distance for less than a minute. I’m the same way when I do magick: It’s obvious that I’m not focused on what’s going on, but I generally don’t close my eyes. Keeping them open looks less strange, plus it lets me continue simple tasks like walking or driving.

When she was done, Lisa said, “The muscles said, ‘So, you want us to set it up as a structure that will conduct those functions?'” She smiled as she said it. She usually finds these pedantic confirmations funny, since it’s obvious to her that the answer is yes. I sometimes remind her that this is a sign she’s not conveying her commands precisely enough, or perhaps not using quite the correct commands, but usually I just let her be amused. “I told them yes, and it’s done.”

And that was it. The whole session took probably two minutes, and her shielding should now hold up overnight just fine now. At least, until she attracts the attention of even better spirits.

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Troubleshooting Your Magick: Are You Using the Right Software?

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

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Last week, Lisa told me that her self-healing technique wasn’t working anymore. The energy we designed to reduce the itching of her hives, along with other healing techniques for her back, weren’t having any noticeable results. She asked me what was going on.

I watched as she tried the techniques. She contacted some ethereal software, and sent it a message. (I followed her connection to the ethereal software, and could see the message, though I didn’t read it myself.) So, nothing fundamentally flawed in her approach.

It’s exceedingly unlikely that she forgot the actual commands for the software, since we wrote them down. And her psychic intuitions were still working just fine, which meant that her communication was probably working, too.

But she was sending that message to the wrong ethereal software. I could see when I connected to the proper healing software she uses, and compared their fractal signatures. She’d taken a couple weeks off from healing work, and when she went to contact the ethereal software again, she misremembered its signature, and connected to the wrong software.

The fix was incredibly easy. She’d initially found the software by asking her psychic ethereal software to recommend something for energy healing. So she did that again, sent the same messages to the correct software, and now her healing techniques are working.

I’m telling you this for two reasons. One, this will probably happen to you at some point. It’s certainly happened to me. And two, because I’m realizing that we need some way to make sure the ethereal software we’re using is actually suited to the task we’re using it for. I’ll have more stories on that coming up.

And three, because this experience is one of the things that makes me confident in my model, since it only makes sense if ethereal software is a real, external thing, rather than a hypothetical idea that simply focuses intent.

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Making Manifesting Work For You

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

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Three things to do to make my manifesting techniques work for you.

Amonjin asks:

How do you view the language we use in terms to manifestation? Also is it universal like C++ or is the language unique to each practitioner? I would think it’s unique but I curious about your experiences.

I think there are two questions here:

  • If you and I both send the same word, how similar are our actual messages?
  • Will the command I use for manifesting work for you?

Short answer: Similar but not identical, and yes. Here are the long answers.

Are Our Messages Similar?

Communication is actually about concepts, not words. You wouldn’t have a problem sending the concept of “computer” to a modern Frenchman, but it would be incredibly difficult to send it to someone from the 1700s.

So, for concrete nouns and verbs, our words are pretty similar. For abstract ideas, they’re less similar — your idea of “fairness” might be slightly different than mine — but close enough to figure out basically what they sent. (Your “fairness” might get translated to “justice” in my head, but we could still have a conversation.) As long as our concepts are close enough that we could talk in person, the communication will basically work.

Where we run into trouble is when one person uses concepts that the other doesn’t know. For example, when I say “ethereal software,” I have a lot of experiences and ideas associated with that concept. For most of you, it’s probably something abstract, something you’ve discussed with me and maybe experienced yourself as a user, but not something you’ve programmed, hacked, built, etc. In other words, our experiences of the concept are pretty far apart. As a result, we might have trouble communicating “ethereal software” to one another.

I run into this all the time when I train with spirits. I’ll ask an expert at energy healing to explain what he’s doing, and he’ll make some distinction I haven’t seen before, and I won’t be able to read his concepts. I can feel the concept he sent, and feel as my mind is unable to grasp it, so I know what’s going on. I’ll ask him to explain it to me in smaller concepts, so I can understand the idea he’s trying to communicate, and build that concept in my mind. Once I understand the concept once, I’ll then be able to receive his message the next time. But I need that explanation. Just like you wouldn’t expect to divine the meaning of an unfamiliar word you saw written down, you need to be walked through the unfamiliar concept before you can understand it.

How does this apply to manifesting? If the ethereal software doesn’t understand something from the modern world, like email or cars, it won’t receive your question properly. At least, that’s what I found.

A few months ago, I was getting terrible manifesting results when asking about car maintenance. It turned out, the ethereal software didn’t understand my concept of “car.” Instead, it was hearing a similar, simpler concept, then answering that question it thought I asked. Not good.

Tip: Whenever you start manifesting about a new topic, verify that you’re getting accurate advice before you rely on the information you get.

I fixed the manifesting results in two ways:

  • Explained my concept of car, both in terms of parts (engine, tires, etc) and function (moves me around), so the ethereal software understood my question.
  • Changed a setting on the ethereal software so that, if it doesn’t understand a concept I send, it will ask me rather than using its best guess. Slightly slower, but I’m getting better results.

So, to answer Amonjin’s question: As long as our concepts are basically the same, our messages should be basically the same. But if one of us has a concept the other doesn’t, or knows that concept much more intimately, we’ll have some extra work to communicate it.

Will My Commands Work For You?

Yes, as long as two things are true:

  • The words make intuitive sense to you. Remember, you’re sending concepts, so you need to understand each word. Just saying a word you don’t understand doesn’t get you anywhere.
  • Your ethereal software is programmed like mine, and you have the same level of permissions with it that I do. This is the sticky wicket.

How similar is your ethereal software to mine? I don’t know. I just haven’t done a broad survey of them. I think most are similar for most situations, but I really don’t know.

But I’d expect something in the ballpark of my command to work for you. It might take a few tweaks to the syntax of the command, but really, making good commands is just a matter of precisely explaining what you want. So even if the exact command doesn’t work, seeing what I do in general should give you an idea of how to precisely phrase your requests.

To make it all work, though, you’ll need to learn how to send messages precisely and unemotionally. That’s coming up.

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What I See When I Do Energy Healing

Friday, March 16th, 2012

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Mike asks:

When you make a sensory connection with your leg or any other body part, what exactly do you see?

Mike is learning sensory connections, and I think he wants to know if he’s doing it right. So there are really two questions: What do I see now, and what did I see at first?

When I connect, I see a bunch of signatures, arranged in physical space. Think of it like a 3-D, color-coded scan, where each color is a signature. The skin has one color, muscles another, ligaments and tendons a third*, and so on.

*Ligaments and tendons are the same type of cells, and have the same signature.

If some of those tissues are injured, I see that in the signature. Think of it as different shades in your color-coded scan. Inflammation signature is obvious, since I see it so much. A crack in bone or cartilage doesn’t have a color, but if you follow the tissue from one side to the other, you can’t continue following the tissue if it’s cracked. (I think that’s what that means, anyway. As always, I’d love to work with doctors to verify this.) Sometimes the tissue just looks weird, which means it’s probably injured in a way I haven’t seen before.

When I first looked at tissue, I just saw signatures. It wasn’t obvious what any signature meant, just like if you looked at an MRI brain scan, you wouldn’t know what each color meant.

With time and practice, the meaning of each signature became obvious. Eventually, I forgot there was a time when I had no idea what the signatures meant. Now, I just talk about seeing the energy of inflamed tendons, like how a doctor might talk about seeing a hemorrhage in an MRI, rather than describing the colors he’s literally seeing.

So, how can you learn this?  If I were doing it again, here’s what I would do:

  1. Touch your forearm. From outside to in, you should see the energy of skin, then muscle, than bone. The muscle signature will be obvious, and you could easily miss the other signatures. (Skin is so thin that it’s easy to miss, and bone cells hardly do anything, so they have a subtler signature for their volume.) Look at each signature, and memorize what they mean.
  2. Now, touch a joint. Your shoulder and knee are good, they have a lot of ligaments and tendons and the signature is obvious. Your elbow also has tendons and ligaments, but the signature is less obvious, at least in my body. (I assume because they’re smaller in the elbow.)
  3. Now that you know what muscle energy looks like, you should be able to spot two other signatures, for tendon and cartilage. There will be a lot more tendon. Memorize those signatures, too.
  4. Next time you have a sore joint, connected to it. Now you can see what the energy of inflamed tendons or cartilage look like.

Practice each step until it’s easy before moving on. Each step might take a week or more to really get comfortable with. (2 and 3 count as one step here.)

There’s a lot more to energy healing, but that’s a good start to looking around. Let me know when you’re ready for more and I’ll come up with exercises.

A few tips:

  • Do all of this on yourself first. When you look at someone else, you have to adjust for their underlying signature. This is another thing that’s easy now, but was very difficult at first. It took me a couple of months to learn it.
  • Start by touching the area you want to sense. It’s easier to figure out what kind of tissue you’re looking at if you know where you start. Touching also lets you use a simpler, more direct connection than doing this at a distance. And it’s easier to practice if you always make connections from one spot, and your hands are the natural choice.
  • I use the palms of my hands for these connections, since years ago I heard they were a major chakra point. These days, I can use my fingertips or palms or no touching, though palms are still the easiest. I don’t know if that’s because there actually are chakra points there, or if it’s just the result of years of practice. Anyone done testing?
  • Do all of this while you’re stationary. It’s possible to watch a joint as it moves, but it’s much harder. I didn’t start doing that until last year, 5 years after starting direct magick energy healing.

Mike: Does that answer you? And to anyone: Got any questions?

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