April 28th, 2014

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“I wish magick was easy.”

No, you don’t. Because if it were easy, someone else would have already done it.

You wish it was easy for you, but still hard for everyone else.

Sorry, that only exists in movies.

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First Success: Sensations in a Non-Mage (My Work April 19-25)

April 25th, 2014

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Mages feel energy, but non-mages don’t. Understanding the cause should lead to insights in how energy interacts with nerves and the brain, and ultimately lead to better healing techniques. So I’m working on a technique to produce sensations in non-mages.

This week, I  the start of that technique. But first, I need to back up, and share some work I’ve left out of other “My Work This Week” reports.

A few weeks ago, I asked the spirits I work with for an expert in humans, then asked him, “Tell me about aura and using it to create sensations.”

He didn’t have an answer for sensations. But I got some good background information, plus one valuable insight:

  • If you place healing energy in someone’s energy layer, the healing result is weak. If you follow the paths from energy to cells, and place the healing energy closer to cells, the healing result is stronger. Imagine it like massaging someone through a winter coat vs massaging their skin. Closer to cells = Larger effect.
  • With sensations, the opposite is true: Energy placed in the aura produces sensations, but energy close to cells does not. It’s like the massage doesn’t work if you’re touching their skin. I’d noticed this too, and just said, “Huh, sensations are different.”
  • Insight: The spirit pointed out, the only reason this would happen is if energy in the aura went to more than one place.

At this point, the coat analogy breaks down, and I just have to explain the details. If the energy your the aura only goes to the nerves in your body, as I believed it did, then getting closer to nerves would produce a larger effect. But if there are two sets of paths going from your aura to your body, then going closer to nerves means you affect nerves more, but you miss the other path. If the other path is important, then missing it would cause the person to not feel sensations. Which is exactly what happens.

Using techniques for sensory connections, I found the other paths. They go to the brain. So, if you place energy in the aura of someone’s arm, that energy goes both to their arm, and to their brain.

(Like many steps in this project, the sensory techniques to find those paths could be a whole series.)

We did some testing. We created a sensation, then blocked the paths from my aura to my brain. The sensation stopped. We un-blocked the paths, and the sensation started again. Clearly, the path to the brain is what matters for sensations.

We looked at these paths in non-mages. They were atrophied, with gaps along the way. Think of a chain of dominoes, stood up and ready to topple, except some of them are missing or spaced too far apart. Is that the reason non-mages don’t feel sensations? No way to know. But it’s certainly sufficient.

How do we produce sensations given these problems? The spirit suggested a technique: Warm up those pathways from aura to brain by sending them energy directly. We place a little energy in their aura, follow where it goes, and place additional energy there. Follow that new energy, place additional energy wherever it goes, and repeat, all the way down to brain. Think of this like filling in the gaps between dominoes.

Once those paths are warmed up, we can send energy to the person’s aura, just like we do with mages. Since the connections are already full of energy, any additional energy will flow right through them, into the person’s brain. Hopefully, this will produce sensations.

(Why bother with aura at all? Why not just produce the sensations by overwhelming the pathways close to their brain? Because getting these paths to a basic level of energy is simple, but activating the sensation is complex. It’s important that the sensation follows the right paths. Placing energy in the aura does this automatically. If we went closer to brain, we’d have to figure out which paths to affect.)

We tested this with the same friend from last week who didn’t feel energy. First, as a control, we tested without this technique. She again didn’t feel energy.

Then we charged up the paths from her aura to her brain, put energy in her aura, and she felt an itch in her forehead. We blocked the paths, and the itch reduced. I made a point of asking a generic, “What do you feel now?” to keep from suggesting experiences to her.

When we unblocked those paths, and before I even asked what she felt, she said that the itch had returned. I asked the spirit, “Do it again,” meaning to block the sensation again. He misunderstood, and repeated the whole sensation technique, which intensified the itch to unpleasant levels. I asked him to shut it down, and the itching stopped. It would be nicer if each sensation had matched my command, but on the whole, I’ll call that a successful first run.

I’m pretty excited. Before, we had a list of skills that ought to lead to a technique. Now, we have a technique. I still want to test it with more people, learn to do the technique myself (without the spirit), and refine the type of energy we use — I want to create more than just itchy foreheads, after all. But this is a big step toward that solution.

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Magick, Thought and Transistors

April 23rd, 2014

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There’s a meme that magick is somehow “made of thought.” After all, you direct it with thought, so it has to somehow be thought, right?

Nope, not right. Except, not 100% wrong, either. It’s a subtle but fundamental error, something that leads you astray slowly, only causing problems long after you’ve bought in. I’m going to explain in an analogy, so you can think about the meme yourself.

Imagine an EEG hooked up to a computer. The EEG reads brainwaves, sends them to the computer via wifi, and you control a game by thinking. (This is a real thing, by the way.)

Now, imagine you take someone from a few hundred years ago, who’s never seen a computer. You embed the EEG into their hat, so they don’t see any of the technology. Just their hat and the screen.

“Wow, Mario does whatever I think. He must be made of thought.”

No, you say. Thought is electrical impulses in the brain. This is a computer. It’s made of transistors.

(Some trickster you are, intentionally fooling this old soul. Shame on you. But back to the story.)

“But it reacts like it’s alive, like it’s intelligent. It may be made of physical matter, but surely, it must also be made of thought.”

No, you say. You show him a transistor, explain how it works.

“Aha! So each transistor processes information. It contains a tiny bit of thought. That’s why you can put them all together to produce this game.”

Well, transistors do process information. If you squint just the right way, you can sort of agree with him. But there’s a danger in using the same word for transistor-thinking and brain-thinking:

“My thinking causes the game character to move. So, the game must be made of thought. Then this fellow tells me the game is made of transistors, so transistors must be made of thought. And, since they’re made of thought, it’s not surprising at all that my thoughts interact with those transistors.”

Did you notice what happened in that last sentence? He skipped over the EEG, the wifi, and a bunch of other technologies.

Sure, he understands enough to play the game. With trial and error, he might even discover complex commands. (Maybe entering alpha state for 2 seconds, then beta for 1 second, then gamma opens a new program.)

But hand him transistors, and he’ll expect to control them by thinking. Block the wifi signal, and he’ll think Mario is dead. It’s not that transistors don’t think, because if you squint the right way, they sort of do. It’s that, while he’s not wrong, he’s also very much not right.

“Thought affects thought” sounds so simple, so sensible. Which makes it easy to elide the system’s true complexity.

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Can We Feel Auras? (My Work April 12-18)

April 18th, 2014

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This month, I’m figuring out how to make energy that non-mages can feel. And a good early step is to get a baseline: How effective is the basic obvious technique?

This week, two friends helped me test whether we could feel auras while almost touching. Short story is: Experienced mages can, non-mages can’t. No surprise, but I’m glad to know. Plus I got some helpful data.

Mages Feel Auras

My first helper had been working with energy for a decade. We’ll call her a mage.

Our test was simple: The receiver stands, blindfolded. The sender silently moves their hand close to various parts of the receiver’s body. The receiver says what they feel. Afterward, we compare hand location to sensations.

As the receiver, my sensations mapped closely to her hand position. At one point, I said that I felt her hand in front of my chest, and then heard her cough to my left. I said, “I guess I was wrong there, huh?” She said, “No, I was wondering if you were maybe hearing breathing or footsteps, so I stood to your side but held my hand near your chest.” Which means I was (correctly) feeling the aura of her hand near my chest, and not hearing her and feeling her via proprioception.

Then I became the sender. I had three phases. First, control: I did absolutely nothing with energy or aura, and just moved my hands around. She felt nothing. Success. (I didn’t tell her what I was doing, and lead her to believe I would be testing techniques.)

Second, I engaged my aura. Using the ethereal muscles for working with aura, I thought about making my aura firmer, then moved my hand around. She felt it, and accurately said where my hand was. Success.

Third, I over-engaged my aura. This wasn’t intentional, but after a minute or so, she started to get a headache, and felt sensations coming from wherever I was standing, rather than from my hand.

If we hadn’t had her successful 2nd round, or my successful tests as receiver, I’d say this was just a failed test, that she’s hearing breathing and anticipating sensations. But with those successes, I think this was a matter of me engaging my entire aura, rather than just my hand. I think she felt the aura from my torso, and that my aura built up in some way. I’ll look into that soon, improve my control, then test again.

Summary: Experienced mages feel auras, as long as the sender engages their aura. But there’s a little complexity in engaging your aura correctly.

Non-Mages Don’t Feel Auras

My second helper is open-minded, has an altar to crystals and has felt sensations during energy meditations, but doesn’t practice much herself. We’ll call her a non-mage, though more into this stuff than your average person on the street.

This time, I only acted as sender. Our procedure was roughly the same. And for all the techniques — doing nothing, engaging aura, and actively building energy — she felt nothing.

That’s not surprising — if it really was easy to produce sensations, we would have demonstrated energy to the masses long ago.

But beyond that, this is a very good sign. Why? Because if she was feeling air movements from my hands, or hearing my footfalls, or some other non-magickal cause, she would have reported sensations. She didn’t. Which suggests that we’re not picking up those errors in these tests. Which matters more than any one technique producing sensations.

Also, I’ve been needing an open-minded assistant who doesn’t feel energy, and who won’t get annoyed when I can’t produce sensations in my first dozen attempts. And now I have that assistant.

(Also this week, I did some training in how aura connects to the mind and body. Will probably post about that next week.)

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4 Unique Features of Direct Magick

April 16th, 2014

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How is Direct Magick different than other systems? Here are the four main ways.

Conscious Ethereal Muscles

Everyone agrees that magick comes from the mind. Even ritual magick requires mental focus. Whatever magick you do, you need to engage the right parts of your mind to make the magick work.

Every system has some concept of these magick-driving parts. Some systems don’t name them. Others call them “the unconscious.” Personally, I find it’s useful to name them, to separate them out from the other parts of the unconscious that handle breathing, digestion, and everything else.

In Direct Magick, we call these parts ethereal muscles. It’s a metaphor: The difference between imagining walking vs actually moving is engaging your leg muscles, and the difference between imagining change vs actually doing magick is engaging your ethereal muscles. (We’ll get into the details of how they move later.)

(If you use a different system of magick that calls them something different, that’s fine — we’re probably talking about the same thing.)

In Direct Magick, we make our ethereal muscles conscious. Instead of directing our unconscious with visualizations or rituals or temporary beliefs, Direct Magick consciously steps through each motion of our ethereal muscles, so we can see how they respond and adjust our techniques accordingly.

Choose Your Ethereal Software

Most systems of magick use external forces. Chaos Magick has egregores. Reiki healers channel energy from “The Universe.” Other practitioners talk about thoughtforms, and some leave the forces unnamed. Don’t get too caught up in the terms — a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and choosing to call a force “The Universe” doesn’t make it all-encompassing or infinite.

In Direct Magick, we call these forces ethereal software. It’s another metaphor: When you use computer software, you press some buttons, and depending on your software, you get a Google search, or powerpoint slides, or Mario jumping. The software handles the details of making that search / slideshow / game work. Similarly, when you use ethereal software, you send it your intent (using a ritual, visualization, or other technique), and it handles the details of causing that change in the world.

Like computer software, different ethereal software is better for different tasks. Some software does energy healing, other software does psychic intuitions. Some psychic software specializes in medical information, other software is better for warning about physical danger.

In Direct Magick, we make conscious decisions about which ethereal software to use, and routinely learn new software as we solve new problems.

Doing Magick Without Ethereal Software

If you’ve ever gotten a Reiki healing for a serious condition, or tried to make a coin repeatedly landing heads, you know there are some things we can’t do with magick.

Or maybe we can’t do them yet. Maybe the mechanisms of magick could solve those problems, if only we knew how. After all, energy can reduce pain, which means it can affect neural firing — maybe the right energy, in just the right spot, could help depression, or epilepsy, or paralysis. Maybe the same mechanisms that create luck in job searches could also determine coin flips, if only we understood how they work and how to make them more reliable.

Maybe the problem is, the forces we channel — our ethereal software — only knows how to do a tiny fraction of what magick can ultimately accomplish.

That’s why advanced Direct Magick practitioners learn to do magick without ethereal software. We do healing techniques, not by channeling energy from an outside force, but by figuring out the right signature of energy for a particular condition, figuring out where that energy should go, and driving the healing energy ourselves. We test it, debug it, get it working. Then we program our ethereal software to do that technique, so other mages can use it, too.

Most mages will never do that. But that’s what advanced Direct Magick is about, and it’s the origin of the name: Doing magick directly, without channeling external forces.

Sensory Connections

This goes hand in hand with the previous item. To build techniques, we need to see the ethereal structures we’re influencing. In Direct Magick, we do that with sensory connections. Here’s how they work:

Magickal energy follows connections. Most people use connections to send energy. When you do that, you mostly feel the energy you’re sending. But if you instead make a connection without any energy, it absorbs energy from whatever it’s connected to. Not a lot, not enough to bother anyone, but enough that you can sense that structure’s signature.

In practice, I use networks of sensory connections. Each connection goes to a different spot in whatever tissue or structures I’m working with, and together, they give me a picture of how it operates. It’s active, and quite different from receiving images or intuitions.

Sensory connections only work if you can feel the energy they absorb. Channeled forces can send you intuitions and images, but they can’t do sensory connections for you. And, since you’ll need sensory connections to develop other Direct Magick techniques, it’s the first technique most people learn when they start doing magick directly.

As far as I know, other systems of magick don’t have an equivalent technique.

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When Visualization Fails

April 14th, 2014

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A decade ago, I figured out energy orgasms. I’d be making out with a woman, send her energy, and she’d spontaneously orgasm. No genital contact, no suggestion, just energy. Worked with multiple women, including several non-mages and one energy worker who sent the energy back to me (which was fun, too).

I never understood what I was doing. I just thought about building energy in my groin, sent it to her groin and her head, and it just worked.

Until it didn’t.

I moved across the country, didn’t date much for a couple months. I also learned more about energy and shielding, which changed the way I built energy. And the energy orgasms stopped.

The visualization had been working because, through sheer luck, the natural default way I built energy happened to get a lot of things right. Wonderful. Except as I learned more, those natural defaults changed in some small way, and the same visualization produced slightly different energy. And zero orgasms.

For example:

  • What tissue do you build the energy in — nerves, muscles, something else? I had no idea.
  • Does the energy go to her aura, energy layer, or deeper layers? No clue.
  • What signatures of energy do you want? Um, the ones that my body produces when we make out?

I’m returning to this problem this month. Instead of focusing on sensations in my body, I’m using sensory connections to map the magickal structures involved in this energy, so I can make a plan. Instead of visualizing energy in my groin, I’m consciously directing my ethereal muscles to build energy in my nerves, and send it to my aura. This time, when I get it working, I’ll know why it works, so I can debug it and improve on it.

Which is really the point of direct magick.

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Aura and Chakras (My Work April 5-11)

April 11th, 2014

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Last week took control of my training and found my aura. This week I explored aura and may have found chakras.

We’ve already discussed the difference between visualizing your aura vs reaching out to those structures. When you visualize, you imagine your aura, based on what you expect to see. But when you reach out, you can feel what’s actually there, and see where it doesn’t match your expectations.

Connecting to my aura, there’s one overall energy signature for my body, plus other signatures at various points. There’s one energy signature in my groin, another in my stomach, two in my chest (solar plexis and upper chest), one around my mouth, and a sixth starting at my forehead and going to the top of my head. Looking at two friends, I found the same six regions. One friend has a decade of energy working experience, and the other has an altar of crystals but little practical experience.

I’m going to tentatively call these chakras.

I’ve gone looking for chakras before, but found nothing. I wasn’t expecting to find them here. But sometimes, you have to look in the right spot. Before, I’d been looking at the default layer I use for energy healing, which corresponds to individual tissues — muscles, ligaments, nerves, and so on. So I figured people were just seeing what they expected to see, and moved on. It seems that you only get these large-scale energy patterns as you get farther away from cells.

(And a note to anyone interested in science: Doing science means being wrong. It’s an unintuitive sign you’re learning.)

I hesitate to call them chakras because I don’t mean, “Energy centers that have to be balanced, each with a corresponding color, and so on.” I can’t see why we’d care about balancing them, or what it would even mean for one to be open or closed. But I can imagine how this phenomenon plus a few hundred (thousand?) years of religion and ancient medicine would lead to the current beliefs about chakras.

Interestingly, I didn’t find any in the throat. Not in myself or either friend. I also know that different systems of chakras use a different number, and I’m curious if the throat chakra is often left out, or if it’s perhaps a more modern addition. Anyone know?

My other work this week was to strengthen the ethereal muscle for working with my aura. It was already awake, from work done in my 20s to find and awaken my ethereal muscles. But I engaged and strengthened it for a couple of days. Same as I did last month with the ethereal muscles for building and moving energy.

Next, I’ll train in auras. I assume there are some known techniques that are easy once you can work with aura, and I’d like to know how to do them.

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Finding My Aura

April 9th, 2014

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Last week, to learn about creating sensations through magick, I went hunting for my aura. This post is about what I found.

“Hunting” might strike you as odd. I mean, aura is the energy around your body. You visualize it as colored light. We’ve all seen the pictures. What’s there to hunt?

A lot, it turns out. Remember, a visualization just tells your unconscious what you want. But I want to actually reach out to these structures, feel where they are and what they connect to. I want to see how they operate, and how they respond as I use them. That lets me understand what I’m working with, design and debug techniques, and connect the techniques I already know to these new structures.

I think that approach is unique to Direct Magick. Not sure though.

Step one was to explore the energy structures I already know. I started with my nerves, one layer below energy. This layer isn’t better or worse that any other layer, it’s just where I’ve found to be the most useful for energy healing, so it’s my default. It has connections down toward cells, and up toward energy.

I expanded my view, to one full area at that in-between layer. (Expanding a view is a technique. Like everything else, it’s not just something I decided I should be able to do, it’s something I developed. It works by making a network of connections throughout the structure, expanding your view until you see a sharp change in signature. That’s one area. This is one of the foundational techniques in Direct Magick, and I couldn’t do much until I learned it.)

Then I went down, toward cells. Well, “down” is how I visualize it — these magickal structures don’t take up physical space. But I found the connections leading from my default layer toward physical cells, like I’ve done hundreds of times in the past for healing sessions. I made sure to follow all the connections throughout the area, so I could see if they all went to one area in the lower, closer-to-cells layer, or if they went to multiple areas. And indeed, they went to multiple different areas.

What does that mean? One area that’s close to cells corresponds to one or a few nerve cells. That’s still an open question. Then, you go up one level toward energy, and one area corresponds to a bunch of nerves. You can think of it as one nerve pathway, though I’m not certain that’s accurate.

Then I did the same thing for my default layer and the layer above it / farther from cells, which is the energy layer. And it’s the same: One energy layer area corresponds to multiple areas in my default layer. Which lets me start building a map of these structures, and how the healing work I’ve done might relate to techniques in the aura.

(How do you tell that you’re connected to multiple areas? Expand all your views. If all your connections are in one area, all those views will “see” each other — each view will notice the connections you’re using to view the area. If you don’t, they are two distinct areas.)

Then I went past energy layer. This is the structure I’m calling “aura,” at least for now, at least until I find some way it’s terribly different from what everyone else means by “aura.” We’ll see.

And I got my first exciting result: The physical sensation of almost being touched. Like you get from proprioception, or when someone actively sends energy. Unexpected (so probably not placebo), and quite pronounced.

Why did it happen? Probably I was using the wrong signature when I connected to my aura, so I disturbed things, which would produce sensations. (Remember, the amount of energy doesn’t matter, it’s the signature.)

And another new ethereal muscle started engaging. Which is another good sign that I’m onto something worthwhile and new.

Technical note: Most tissue (muscles, tendons, etc) only has energy layer, nothing beyond it. Aura seems to connect specifically to the energy layer corresponding to short-term neural activity. There’s another energy layer for nerves corresponding to long-term state, like inflammation, that doesn’t seem to connect to aura either.

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2 Unintuitive Signs You’re on the Right Track

April 7th, 2014

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1. You discover you were wrong.

2. You feel like a beginner.

That’s how you know you’re exploring something you haven’t seen before.

(This is happening to me with aura and energy in the body.)

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Taking Control of My Training (My Work March 29 – April 4)

April 4th, 2014

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This week, I got over a mental block. I figured out where I’m going and how I’m getting there.

For the past month or so, my spirit-mentors have been setting my path. I give them a broad goal like, “Create sensations even non-mages can feel.” They say, “OK, you’ll need these skills: The fundamentals of effects, level 5; Effects on the body, level 5; Energy control, level 3.” Then they connect me to trainers and I study.

(The levels are how they track skills, like a college might have Freshmen through Senior courses. It’s meaningful to them, but shouldn’t matter to outsiders.)

The posts from the last three weeks are all learning energy control, level 1, by the way. I typically learn 1-2 levels per month, so with what I already know, that’s about 6 months of work.

But I’ve been losing interest, doing shorter sessions, distracting myself when I should be working. (Not just magick — I’ve postponed chores and eaten easier-to-prepare food, too.) I couldn’t see how the techniques fit together, and I wasn’t confident the spirits knew how to produce sensations the way I wanted — they don’t have much experience with non-mages, after all. This is the resistance that comes with not trusting your path.

Well, if I can’t trust their path, I’ll make my own.

I was overwhelmed at first. How was I supposed to design this technique? Wouldn’t that require knowing the answer? And if I knew that, wouldn’t I have a technique already?

But I used to answer these questions all the time. That’s what exploring magick is. So I sat down, loaded the whole problem into my mind (seeing all the moving pieces, in the way a chess player might visualize the board), and got to work.

The rest of this post is a cleaned-up version of my notes. They’re long, but the punchline is: Now that I’ve figured out my own plan, one I understand and believe in, I’m excited again. Eager to learn magick. Even happy to do chores, because that creates time to learn magick later. And taking better care of myself. Life is good.

(This was all Thursday, by the way. Earlier in the week was a little training in moving energy, and a lot of procrastination. I started this work today, and will post about it soon.)

OK, here are the notes:

First question: Overall approach. I could target the brain (to produce referred sensations, like how mages sense energy), or the nerves in the skin (to produce direct sensations, like when you’re being touched). I don’t need the right answer, I just need a reasonable answer so I can get started. Of those two, skin seems vastly simpler, so let’s do that.

What would that technique look like?

Simplest approach is, I build energy, send it to them, they feel it. But that’s just hoping it all works. What would make that work, and how can I debug that or build a more robust version?

Well, i did the energy orgasms a decade ago. So it can’t be all that difficult — it should simply work at some level. Enough energy, in the right signature and the right tissue, should produce sensations in a large portion of the population.

But that doesn’t necessarily lead anywhere, like to better healing techniques. I really want to understand how energy interacts with nerves, or maybe with cells in general.

What goes into that? Let’s start with what I know:

  • Nerves have two energy layers, one for lasting state, another for short-term activity. I probably want to hit the short-term activity, though I might need to do both. Yes, both sounds like a good approach.
  • From energy layer, you can go down several steps toward physical cells. Energy healing works better the closer you get to cells (the farther below energy you go), so that’s probably where I want to work here, as well.

And yet, an oversupply of energy (of the right type) is all that’s required. I still probably want to get into layers closer to cells, since that’s probably important for precise sensations, but that shouldn’t be strictly required.

But how does energy affect cells? Well, cells make energy as they act, and the signature they make depends on their state. Pain looks different than calm, and inflamed tissue looks different from healthy.

To do a healing technique, you put the signature you want on there — wait, no, you put the delta signature on there, the signature that transforms the current one into the target signature. (That is, you make energy that, when combined with the current signature, adds up to the target signature. Much better than trying to flood the area with the desired signature, since it will mix with the current signature and produce something else.)

So, i should probably do that with nerves. That will probably produce the desired change with much less energy. To do that, I’ll need to:

  • Know the signatures that nerves produce when they feel a sensation. I can do that by watching people, using the level 3 effects on the body. Which I already know.
  • See the current signature in real time. That’s the same level 3 effects on the body.
  • Figure out delta signature. I can already do that from energy healing.
  • Deliver that signature. I know a few techniques for that, but probably want to stay away from healing techniques because that’s for long-term change. As a simple first technique, I’d make the delta signature as energy and send it to them. Except I don’t want to use level 1 energy techniques I just learned, because that’s only for making energy in my nerves’ current signature.

So, I need to practice with level 3 effects on the body, maybe learn more on that track. And I need better energy, which isn’t surprising, since I only know level 1 so far.

Let’s also learn to do that level 1 energy technique for my whole body, all at once. That should be sufficient to overwhelm someone, which could be useful for erotic energy. Not a hugely important technique, but seems simple enough to be worth it, and a nice confirmation that I’m on the right track when it works.

Let’s get started. I recall a spirit telling me that, when setting someone’s signature, you want to start with one broad signature for their whole body, then you get more precise as you go. So, let’s start by getting good at looking at the overall signature.

That sounds like aura — the energy layer farthest from cells. Also, I’ll want to understand how all the layers are related, going from cells to aura. And where do I go to get the overall signature? I doubt I do that by making a giant network of connections to all their nerves and then figuring out the overall signature. I bet there’s some structure in the body that does that itself. Maybe aura?

My guess: Close to cells, one area corresponds to one or a few nerves. At aura, one area corresponds to the whole body. And it’s a smooth transition, each layer getting larger and larger areas as you go up.

So that’s what’s next: Look around, figure out the path from cells to aura, and get familiar with all of those structures.

(I started that today. Found some interesting things with aura. Maybe even chakras. I’ll share that soon, too.)

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