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Based On Detailed Models

I build systematic models of all the steps that connect rituals and visualizations to changes in the world. Some steps are easy to overlook, and most mages leave them to their unconscious.

Understanding those steps lets me create more effective techniques. If that sounds like your thing, here’s how you can explore magick through science, too.

But you probably came here looking for tips that don’t require learning all the models first. That’s what this list of tips and techniques is for. Each post explains just enough so you know why the technique works, but doesn’t require reading anything else.

2 Terms You’ll Need

I name each of the parts I model. Here are 2 you’ll need:

Mental muscles: The parts of your mind that make magick happen. Engaging your mental muscles makes the difference between ordinary imagination and magickal visualization, or between theater and ritual.

System: Any external force you channel to do magick. Reiki healers channel energy from a system. Psychics get intuitions from a different system. Ritual mages use a variety of systems to turn their symbolic actions into changes in the world.

You’re probably familiar with those concepts under different names. I intentionally use empty, unemotional terms. It feels natural to ask “How do systems work?” and “Can I get better results with a different system?” It feels awkward to ask “How does God work?” or “Can I get better results by channeling a different Universe?”

If you encounter any other terms you don’t know, check my glossary at in the top navigation bar.

The Posts

You read this whole thing instead of clicking the link at the top? Awesome. Here’s the list of posts again.

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