The Not-Quite-Ready Guide to My Ethereal Software

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

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Several of you have been asking me for more details on how to use the ethereal software. It’s still not ready for prime time, and I haven’t tested it that thoroughly myself, so I’ve been keeping quiet about it. But then Simon said:

Guess all I mean is that with the core blog readers maybe you don’t necessarily have to have that stuff worked out perfectly. You can go a bit more ‘guinea pig’ on us. After all you are talking to a bunch of people who don’t have a problem using something that might give them caffeine headaches at first…

That made me smile, because it’s exactly my attitude with magick: Try things out, and if I get a headache, so be it. So, I’m going to share what I know.

But first, a bit of safety: I’ve programmed (and tested) a command, “Discontinue all effects on me.” It will stop anything the software is actively doing to you. Use it if you get a headache. Note: Undoing lasting changes that are already done is more complex, so any lasting changes (like awakening mental muscles) will remain. While I don’t think lasting headaches are likely, there’s always some risk when you make lasting changes. If you get a headache that doesn’t go away after 4 hours, let me know so I can undo whatever is causing it. (The sooner the better, since these things are easier to undo within 48 hours of initially making the change.)

So, with that in mind, here are some details for the ethereal software:

Awaken My Mental Muscles

The ethereal software has a command to awaken some mental muscles. Which ones? Erm, the ones used in basic direct magick, I think. Or maybe the ones for talking with this ethereal software. Or both? Either way, they’re useful.

I haven’t reviewed all the details myself, so I’m not sure if it gets exactly the right set of muscles, but I’m fairly sure it gets some good ones, and probably some mental muscles that you wouldn’t use in other types of magick. (That means that it might be useful even for experienced mages.) I do trust that, whatever muscles it activates, it activates them properly, because that’s something the spirit who made it would know how to do. If you want to try it, here’s the command:

“Awaken my mental muscles. Keep doing that until instructed otherwise.”

One debugging tip: When I tested this with my non-mage friend, the term “mental muscles” doesn’t mean much to her, so she had to specify “Awaken the parts of my mind that drive magick.” In other words, if any of the words in the command don’t mean much to you, replace them into their definition so that everything makes intuitive sense. You’re communicating in concepts, not words, so you need to use words that conjure up concepts.

That command should run for about 2 weeks. (Less time if you already have some mental muscles already active.) I recommend that you do daily practice during that time, so your mental muscles get some use while they’re activating. An energy meditation for 5 minutes every morning and evening is a good default.

By the way, I’ve tested it with one friend, but only watched the command for a day. So I know it works, more or less, but I don’t know what the completion looks like. That means we’re in alpha testing (where we don’t know if it works at all), rather than a beta testing (where we’re working out the little kinks).

Other Commands

This is going to be speculation. I know what the software is programmed to do, and I can tell you the commands I’d use to do it, but I haven’t actually tested them yet, so I these commands are my best guess, not the actual answers.

Why all this focus on testing the ethereal software? Well, it was programmed by a spirit I know. He’s skilled at magick in general, an expert at making ethereal software, and I trust him thoroughly. But he doesn’t work with humans a lot, so he may simply not realize that some things that are simple for him aren’t, you know, simple. For example, a command might require additional information to function properly, and it might be information that novice direct mages simply cannot provide, like magickal connections to different types of tissues. It won’t hurt you (beyond a possible headache / fatigue / similar), but it might not work. If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a break and let me know what you were trying.

OK, that’s enough disclaimers, now here are some commands:

“Establish connections to my mind for use is psychic intuitions.” Do this before asking for any psychic intuitions. Potential complications: These connections are quite complex. It might need additional instructions to be able to send you information consciously, as opposed to insights that will come to you unconsciously over time, like visions or dreams.

“Guide me to be successful in X.” Or “alter my decisions to make me successful in X.” These are basic psychic commands. For me, “guide me” has it send me info that I can consciously decide what to do with, while “alter my decisions” has it simply change what I do without any conscious thought on my part. Your mileage may vary.

Touch an injury, think, “Heal this injury.” This sends energy intended to promote some combination of numbing and accelerated healing. What are the exact results? Hard to say. It won’t close wounds up before your eyes. Could it go 2x as fast? I can’t say — I’ll do testing at some point. Or you can do testing for me :) The thing to remember is, if the numbing works, you’ll feel better before you actually are better, so don’t overdo it or you’ll injure yourself worse.

On all of those, you’ll want to specify to “keep doing that until otherwise instructed.” It will automatically stop when the command completes, or you can tell it to “Stop doing X,” where X is the command you gave before.

Eventually, I want to set up a tingling whenever you get a command right, but that’s so completely not ready yet. Right now, it will send you a message, like “Acknowledged,” when it accepts a command. You will probably be unable to read this message — most mages I know cannot. So, it will be hard to tell when something worked.

One more reminder: These commands are all in alpha testing, which means you may be the first human trying some of them. If that’s not something you want — if you want a tested, official method that I’ve used and recommend — then just wait a few months.

And if you do try it, please let me know how all this goes. I’m curious, and this really does seem like a great way to get the software tested much faster. So let me know what works, what doesn’t, and what you’d like to see.

Note: I leave for Australia today. I have a long layover in China to nap and shower, but not sure about internet there. I may be out of contact for the next 48 hours, starting around midnight tonight, US Pacific time. I’ve opened up comments, so anyone who’s already commented on the blog can post new comments without needing me to review them. Please, talk amongst yourselves until I’m back.

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Upgrading a Friend’s Psychic Intuitions

Friday, June 29th, 2012

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I recently helped a friend, call her M, get better psychic intuitions by improving her communication and by connecting her to better ethereal software. This post covers the details, including some techniques you can try yourself.

Improving M’s Communication

M has had psychic intuitions, and occasional visions*, since she was a kid. Like many psychics, she just did what came naturally, and hadn’t done anything in particular to develop her abilities. Initially, we just talked about helping her tune into the source of those intuitions better, to get more detailed information, based on these techniques.

*M “saw” the visions in her imagination, not as actual objects in front of her face.

First, I talked M through some simple commands to improve her messages. I had her ask for a vision, which she received but found overwhelming (too much information to process). She said this was a common problem, so I had her ask for one concept or image at a time, sent for 5 seconds, then a 5 second pause, then the next concept / image. This worked well, and I’d recommend it to anyone finding that messages and visions are coming too fast.

Next, I explained a simple technique to verify your interpretation of the vision: Explain your interpretation to the source of the vision, and ask it if that’s right. The yes / no response is usually much easier to receive that a freeform vision or sentence, and I’ve used this myself to verify messages. Again, this worked well.

After doing this much, M said that this “gave me time to orient and land with” the messages coming in, and that she felt more comfortable and in control of the information she was receiving.

Assessing M’s Ethereal Software

I also checked out M’s ethereal software. It looked weird, so I checked with a spirit who’s an expert with ethereal software. He explained:

It’s not ethereal software, but rather a partially-formed spirit. (I’m not exactly clear on the differences, but I that’s what he said.)

Being partially-formed, it has a deficient source of power, and will drain her.

Also, it can’t do manifesting. The visions it supplies are just images, not psychic intuitions.

Earlier, M had said that she often can’t figure out what a vision means. I’d assumed that was a communication problem, but now it made a lot more sense: The visions didn’t mean anything, at least, not in a psychic-intuition way.

And when I explained all this to M, she voiced another complaint: The messages often felt like chatter, filling her thoughts with noise rather than insights. In short, she had a lot of reasons to dislike her current setup, but didn’t know she had any other options.

Also, I want to mention: Explaining it this directly sounds a bit nuts, but M is completely normal. She wouldn’t talk about any of this except that I showed that I was safe to talk with, and anyone who met her socially would never know she had this noisy inner life. You probably have a friend with similar experiences of overly-noisy psychic intuitions who has simply never shared them with anyone.

Upgrading M’s Ethereal Software

M, my spirit and I all agreed that M needed better ethereal software. And I have this new ethereal software we developed for my book, just waiting for a beta tester. So, she asked the spirit to leave. (He left without a fight, though we were ready to remove him if necessary.) Then I asked the new ethereal software to connect to her.

It was surprisingly easy. I specified that it should stay active, rather than waiting for her to contact it (since she doesn’t know how to contact ethereal software), and that it should read and respond to her thoughts. I was prepared to debug it with the spirit who created it, but there was no need. It worked on the first try, in less than 5 minutes.

M was pleased. Her feedback: “It’s slower. Spacious. Not all over the place. Calm, less stressed. I feel like I can trust it, and I feel more centered. I can be present now.”

And, on top of that better feeling, it should be providing her with accurate psychic intuitions now, rather than random visions and chatter.

Follow-Up: M Heals Herself

A few weeks later, M got a kink in her neck and pain in her arm, probably from sleeping in an odd position. Without any help from me — I only heard about this afterward — she focused on the ethereal software, focused on wanting the pain to go away, and within seconds, the pain was gone. Was it placebo or actual healing energy? No way to know with only one data point, but the software is indeed set up for energy healing, and I’m excited about the result.

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