My Work This Week: Energy Healing for PTSD, Improving Psychic Intuitions

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

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Now that I’m back home and back to magick research, let’s resume the weekly posts about my work. This week, I did a healing session for a friend with PTSD, updated my settings with my psychic ethereal software, and helped a friend who was being drained by spirits.

Energy Healing for PTSD

A friend developed post-traumatic stress disorder after a traumatic event in April. I did two healing sessions for her this week, and the results look promising. Look for a full case study soon, once we’ve had time to watch the changes for a bit longer.

The healing technique is advanced. I can’t explain how to do it here, but I can give you the general idea: You separate the memories from their emotional charge. Inside the person’s thinking mind, you find the energy signature of the memories, find the paths from those memories to the person’s emotional areas, and disable those paths. The result is that the memories remain, but don’t trigger their emotions anymore. (Emotions can still be triggered normally by other memories, though.) I’d used this technique on myself earlier this year to get over a fight with a friend, but hadn’t used it for anyone with PTSD.

(Yes, it’s possible this was suggestion and placebo, not energy. But the results were pretty great.)

Like most of my techniques, there’s a gentle version and a more complete version. We started with the gentle version, where you just separate the energy signature of the memory from the emotion, but don’t do anything to prevent it from reconnecting. As expected, the memory became somewhat less emotional, but everything reconnected as my friend recalled the events throughout the day. She was still impressed with the results, though I considered it an (somewhat expected) failure. At least it gave us something of a control condition — this attempt should have gotten the full benefit of placebo, and it had no significant long-term results, so any long-term results we get later will probably be the result of the healing technique itself.

The second technique included a step to seal the energetic paths between the memory and the emotion, to prevent the connections from re-forming. It seems to be working, even a few days later. The immediate result was bigger than the first session:

  • Before the session, reading her recollection of the traumatic events made her nauseous. This was ongoing, and we verified this immediately before the session.
  • The session took about 5 minutes.
  • Immediately after the session, reading those same events no longer made her nauseous.

And it seems to be holding up, several days later. Look for a full write-up soon.

Updating My Psychic Settings

I discussed this work earlier this week. So far, I’ve updated my goals. Next, I’ll re-configure how the ethereal software connects to my mind, and specify the things I’d like it to advise me on. Expect more on this in next Sunday’s weekly summary.

Helping vs Draining Spirits

A friend, S, had severe headache and nausea. Connecting to her, it looked like a spirit had been draining one particular signature of her energy, and when you subtract one signature from a person, they wind up with an unbalanced, unhealthy signature, causing those sort of problems. She’s psychic but otherwise doesn’t know magick, so I helped out.

Normally, this wouldn’t even warrant a mention, except for one wrinkle: The spirits draining her are attached to the ethereal software S uses for psychic intuitions. They own that ethereal software. So, I can’t kick them out without disabling her psychic intuitions.

One option was to disconnect S from that ethereal software (and kick the spirits out), then connect her to some better ethereal software, like the one for my book. Once it set up (in 3-6 months*), she’d get even better intuitions. But S was worried about the delay.

*Why so long? Because she doesn’t know magick, the ethereal software has to handle 100% of the communication. Once you learn techniques to help out with the communication, you can connect to new ethereal software much quicker. But, unfortunately, it also takes a few months to learn those techniques.

The spirits seemed intelligent and generally friendly, and weren’t aware they were hurting people with these energy drains. So I brokered a deal: I got my trainers to show those spirits how to produce their own energy more efficiently, so they won’t have to drain people anymore. Those spirits agreed to stop draining people. It’s working well, S is recovering, I’m in touch with the spirits, and hopefully they’ll do something helpful and productive with their time now.

Detailed results: The problem initially started about 48 hours ago. It went unaddressed for about 24 hours from when S developed symptoms, to S asking for help, to me getting the email, to me trying to chase the spirits off a few times (short-term improvements, but no long-term change), to me figuring out about the ethereal software, to me seeing this solution. Within a few hours* of arranging that deal, S’s headache and nausea went from crippling to manageable, and her condition has continued to improve in the 24 hours since.

*Why a few hours to notice a change? The problem isn’t the drain itself, it’s the unhealthy energy signature, and it takes a while for your energy to return to normal. If you know how to reset your energy, you can reduce this to a few minutes, but S doesn’t know that technique yet, so a few hours is typical.

By the way, if you notice and address the problem faster, before your signature gets too unhealthy, you’ll have a much faster recovery.

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Psychic, Healing and Enlightenment (My Work July 22-28)

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

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This week I debugged my psychic intuitions, prevented a cold, and trained in a new technique for enlightenment.

Really, this week was mostly lost to jetlag and consulting. I only solved problems as they came up, and lucked my way into the new technique. I was actually feeling thoroughly unproductive and a bit guilty, but writing this post showed me that, even on a slow week, I get a lot done. Huzzah for blogging.

By the way, I skipped this series last week because I mostly worked on magick non-mages can feel, which I already posted about extensively.

Debugging Psychic Intuitions

This week, my psychic intuitions became unreliable, sometimes giving advice that just didn’t pan out. I went back to the ethereal software, consciously stepped through communicating with it, and asked a few questions about what to get for lunch*. I watched the message go to the ethereal software, watched its message come back, and verified that everything worked fine.

*Yes, I manifest about incredibly trivial things. That’s way, I do a dozen manifestings a day, which is how you make a skill fast and easy.

As usual, the message had a different energy signature than my normal thoughts, which I perceive as the thoughts in my head having a different voice. Which made me realize: The intuitions I was getting this week were in my normal voice, meaning they were from my mind. Yes, dear reader, I had gotten sloppy and let my mind generate its own ordinary, non-psychic intuitions.

The fix was simple enough. First, I practiced a few times consciously asking questions and receiving intuitions. Then, I asked the ethereal software to reset its connections to me. It sank those connections much deeper into my mind, and everything has been back to normal since then.

Why did the connections need a reset? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a slow process, where some details of my mind changed over the past few months, and I just need to periodically reset. Maybe it was something recent, like the anesthesia or the fatigue from the trip. I’ll need more data, which means waiting until this happens again. But I’m not worried, since I know the fix now, and it only takes a few minutes once I realize something’s wrong.

Energy Healing for a Cold

Early this week, I felt a cold coming on and did an old healing technique for colds. (I was able to spot the foreign signature that indicates there is a cold in the works.) In the end, I remained healthy, so I guess it’s a success.

Tell me if you’ve seen this old joke: One guy is selling elephant repellent in Manhattan. The other guy asks, “How do I know it works?” The first guy says, “You don’t see any elephants around here, do you?”

That’s a bit how I feel about results like this. It’s hard to know if I didn’t get sick because of the energy, or if I simply didn’t get sick. And yet, would I want to get sick just to test the technique? Nope. At some point, you have to stop testing a technique, trust that it works, and use it as effectively as possible.

A New Technique for Enlightenment

I stumbled onto this, really. Having finally gotten good enough at communication to make smalltalk with spirits, I’ve been calling everyone I know, just to ask how everything is going and what they’re working on. One group happened to be developing a better technique for enlightenment, and I got to help test it. (Testing is halfway done.)

This has three levels of awesomeness for me. First, finding a technique I didn’t know was out there reminds me of the easy exploration I loved from my early years of magick, before I started doing my own research. Second, this is a group of spirits I used to work with daily, but now only talk to once every few months, so it’s great to be collaborating with them again. And third, it’s just exciting to see the changes to my thinking that happen as I do enlightenment work.

The technique is  similar to consciousness integration, but broader. I won’t be able to teach you to do it, but some of the ideas are intriguing, so maybe I’ll post an overview. If you want this, do let me know so I can prioritize it.

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Getting Derailed (My Work July 8-15)

Monday, July 16th, 2012

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This week got eaten up by a surgery. Nothing too serious, and I’m mostly recovered by now, but it gobbled up most of my focus.

In the first half of the week, before I knew about the surgery, I planned my research for causing a tingle that even non-mages can feel. (That’s the work I told you about last week.) I’m used to developing techniques myself, solo, so I’m used to seeing all the moving pieces. In fact, that’s my normal cue that I’m on the right track. Here, I’m collaborating with spirits, so no one of us has all the needed skills, and I can’t see a full path to a solution. I can only see 1-2 steps ahead, which makes it hard to act confidently, which in turn makes it hard to act at all. (I’ll discuss this research more as I do it coming up.)

Then, on Tuesday, my dentist found a possible precancerous lesion. I had it removed Friday, along with my remaining two wisdom teeth. We found it very early, it was probably nothing, possibly precancerous, but pretty definitely not cancer, nothing to worry about, and so on — but it still left me unfocused.

In part, it was the anesthesia. See, when I have all those drugs in my system, none of my magick works right. It’s a whole different experience than waking up from sleep — it’s like my mind was shut down, and the psychic intuitions and feelings of energy and spirits and everything else aren’t there anymore. I imagine it’s how an artificial intelligence would feel about their power switch.

The surgery went fine, and I set up with spirits I know to handle my shielding and do some energy healing. Unlike last year’s surgery, where my magick was down for 1-2 days, here I was able to talk with spirits after only a few hours. And very quickly, my nausea, my cloudy-headed-ness, and my pain all decreased by a significant amount.

What changed since last surgery, about a year ago? Hard to say. I’ve been working on communication a lot since then, and I know more and better spirits than last time. But whatever it was, it makes me feel good, like I’ve accomplished something in the past year, and like I can still accomplish something even when I’m recovering from surgery. Sometimes, it’s the small victories that turn your day around.

And now, it’s time to get back to work. This post is the first real writing I’ve done since the surgery. (The posts this weekend were pre-written.) I want to resume my research, and my head is almost clear enough to do it. So, coming up soon, I’ll show you my plan for developing sensations that non-mages can feel, then blog as I do it.

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Shipping My Ethereal Software (My Work July 1-7)

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

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My big news this week is getting the ethereal software out the door and into your hands. So far, 5 new of you have sent me beta test results (plus 3 from the closed beta, plus myself, for a total of 9). Except for one non-mage, everyone reported noticeable connections. At first glance, that might seem trivial, but I’m excited for a few reasons:

  • It means the sigil is working. I had never tied ethereal software trace until before, so I’m excited to know I got the technique right, and to know that my model (which suggested this technique) is in the ballpark of correct, also.
  • Many of you have said that you can’t feel connections from your ethereal software. You’ll do a ritual, or some Reiki, or something else, but you don’t notice the ethereal software that drives that magick. So I’m excited that we can finally get everyone to feel these connections, so you can start exploring how ethereal software works, and develop the skills to recognize all the other ethereal software you use, too.
  • Also, after working solo for so many years, it’s really nice to have this community supporting my research. Thanks, everyone!

So, that was my main accomplishment this week. I want to share one success, and one failure, that went into making that happen.

On Monday, I found that my beta testers didn’t notice the ethereal software’s normal connections, so I added the command to make obvious connections. To actually do that only took a conversation with the spirit who made the ethereal software, but getting him to understand what I wanted took some work.

We’d already set the ethereal software to automatically make an obvious connection. Some of the beta testers felt it, and I certainly did, so I’m sure it was beyond obvious by this spirit’s standards. So, asking for “more obvious” just didn’t work: He was nowhere close to what we needed, and inching it up wouldn’t cut it. I had to explain just what I meant by obvious: “Like you’re trying to shift my mind’s energy signature to the software’s signature by sending me lots of energy.” His reply: “That sounds like a dumb way to shift anything.” Yes, he gave me sass.

But, he trusts me, and he programmed it in. It was still too gentle first, and I had to ask him to increase the power about five times before we got to where it is now. But it works — many of you felt it — and that’s all that matters.

Except that it doesn’t work for non-mages. My beta tester didn’t feel anything, and I was nervous about that: I don’t know how far along you (my readers) are, and I don’t yet know how far along you need to be to notice these “obvious” connections. I was nervous that the results would be mixed, with many of you reporting not noticing anything, and that I’d lose face.

So, I wanted a physical effect on the nerves to make even non-mages feel a tingle. I got a team of spirits to try some obvious approaches, which all worked great on me, but had no effect on my non-mage beta tester. And so I had a choice: Ship what I have, or wait for every feature.

I was tempted to wait. It’s safe. It avoids failure, and the embarrassment of failing publicly. It’s the easy path.

But I also wanted to get back to writing my book, which is been on hold, waiting for this ethereal software. And I wanted to test the work I’ve done so far, and make sure that I’m going in the right direction. And I wanted to get this ethereal software to all of you, because several of you have been asking for it by comments and email.

And then, I remembered technology blogs talking about regular computer software development, explaining how waiting for every feature is a death sentence, and how you need to pick the minimum viable capabilities and ship them. So I did.

So, that was my week: Develop the minimum viable product on Monday, try to squeeze in one last feature on Tuesday and Wednesday, accept that it wasn’t going to happen on Thursday, and ship the software on Friday. It was a good week, and I’m proud of the results.

Next week, I’ll return to those techniques to cause tingling, and lead the research myself, rather than delegating it to spirits. Because sometimes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself — particularly when you’re researching the human body, and you’re the only researcher who has one.

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Learning to Delegate (My Work June 24-30)

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

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This week, I got back to work. There were two main projects: The ethereal software for the book, and working with spirits to develop a technique to cause energy orgasms. I’m also generally learning to delegate research projects, which will probably have the biggest impact on my long-term success of anything I’ve done recently.

Ethereal Software for the Book

If you’ve been following the comments, you’ve probably seen readers asking for this new ethereal software. I’d put it off while improving my communication, then resting a week, but it’s finally here: I tied the software to a sigil, beta tested it with several friends, and worked with the spirit who created it to add some important features like accepting instructions from non-mages. (Fresh beginners are non-mages, in terms of how they communicate with ethereal software.)

For the most part, it seems to be working on the first try, which is both exciting and worrying. Why worrying? Because I never expect things to work without debugging, so I feel like I just haven’t yet found the thing that needs to be debugged. Maybe this actually will work the first time, though, since it’s mostly things that the spirits I know have done before. We’ll see.

But the important part is: I’m excited to be making concrete progress with this, and to be able to get back to writing the book. Look for more on both the ethereal software and the book in the coming days.

Energy Orgasms

In the early 2000s, I found that building energy in my body while making out with a girlfriend, then sending that energy into her body, caused her to experience an orgasm. Since it’s based on energy rather than physical stimulation, I’ll call this an “energy orgasm.” I did it dozens of times with several lovers, and it was a great way to demonstrate magick to them.

Then I didn’t practice the technique for a few months while focusing on grad school, and afterward, I couldn’t get it to work. It’s not that I forgot, it’s that I didn’t fully develop the technique: A technique requires doing a lot of things right, and I had simply lucked into some of those things without understanding all the steps. After a few months of working with energy in other ways, I’d changed some of those things I unknowingly got right, and the technique didn’t work anymore. By the way, this problem is fairly common of techniques I developed at that time.

So, this has been on my list for a year or more as a nice-to-have technique, but less important than a lot of other things. After all, it’s not the sort of technique I’d use to demonstrate magick publicly, only to close friends. And, since I have no shortage of projects, I didn’t get much done on this one.

Then, I found out that some spirits I work with know about energy orgasms (and are quite good at them, let me tell you), but their technique relies on magickal paths and structures that only only exist in advanced mages and spirits, so it doesn’t work for non-mages or less-experienced mages. So, I’ve started working with them to generalize their technique into something reliable and precise that works for everyone.

This week, those spirits observed what happens in my brain and body as they induce an energy orgasm, then figured out how to produce the same effect using only structures that even non-mages have. It worked well on m, but I haven’t gotten around to testing it with an actual non-mage. Maybe this coming week?

Learning to Delegate

Both of these projects fit into a larger theme: Learning to delegate research to spirits.

See, I work with a lot of spirits. They want to collaborate with me to teach other people magick, and to integrate magick with the scientific method and modern scientific findings. But until recently, I only asked them for training, while slowly developing all the techniques myself.

Well, this week, I gave a spirit my list of requirements for the book’s ethereal software, and he programmed them in. I let other spirits figure out the details of the energy orgasm technique, while I guided them to focus on the brain and acted as a test subject. And I’m also helping another spirit develop techniques to communicate thoughts with non-mages by letting him watch my mind as we communicate. In all the cases, the spirits are doing the heavy lifting, and I’m just helping them.

The end result is, we’re all getting a lot more done. I’m pretty excited about the speed of these projects, and I don’t feel so overwhelmed with my big-picture goals for magick anymore. And the spirits are happier, too, because they’re seeing more progress on this project. So, expect to see more delegation and collaborative research coming up.

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The Importance of Rest (My Work June 17-23)

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

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For the last two weeks, I’ve made a lot of new connections involving thinking mind, which is the energetic representation of neural signaling, more or less. Some of the connections came from the new mental muscles I awakened. Others came from changing my mental posture, which changes connections inside thinking mind. In all, I did each of those several times, and wound up with a ton of new connections.

It was too much. It became mildly difficult to focus on magick, and whenever I’d start a session, I’d always feel like it would be better to have a snack or read something first. And so, I procrastinated.

In the past, I would have just kept pushing through the procrastination and done more magick work. But I’ve found that approach can lead to overexertion and real exhaustion, which slows me down long-term. So now, I listen to those feelings and let myself rest. (I still maintain shielding, talk with spirits, and do other easy tasks, but no new work.)

I normally allow myself one day of procrastination without any explanation, because I do magick 7 days a week, and sometimes, you just need some rest. By the second day, I did some manifesting, which said to keep resting. Another few days, and I did some training, asking a skilled spirit to check me out and give me advice. He explained what I said above — that I overdid the changes to thinking mind — and adjusted a few of those connections, then told me to rest for another couple of days.

So, that was my week: Resting. A year ago, I would have felt guilty about not getting much done, but at this point, I just accept it as the natural consequence of pushing yourself, and let myself enjoy the week off. So, I’m writing this for anyone who feels guilty about resting (like I did a year ago), in the hope that it might help you become more comfortable taking the rest you need, too.

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My Magick This Week (June 17)

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

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Last week, I awakened more mental muscles for communication, but needed more setup before I could use them:

Before it’s useful, I need to update my mental posture to take advantage of the new muscles (1 day), then update the connections my mental muscles use to send and receive messages with my thinking mind (1-2 days), then develop a quiet mental posture for all the areas that receive messages, which is basically my entire mind (who knows how long this takes).

Well, that’s what I did this week. I want to tell you about the changes I’ve noticed so far in my communication with ethereal software and spirits, but before I can do that, I need to tell you a little bit about communication in general.

Magick Communication 101

Broadly, there are three types of communication:

1. The spirit sends messages to your brain. Even non-mages can receive these messages, but it requires a lot of skill and focus from the sender. Most spirits don’t bother with this, and many don’t even bother learning it. Messages received in this way often lack details, though the receiver may fill in details (with what they expect to hear — not with accurate data) before becoming consciously aware of the message. Once you can receive using option #2, you probably won’t ever do option #1 again.

2. The spirit sends messages to thinking mind, which has permanent connections to the receiver’s brain (established through repeated practice and / or initiation). This is the most common method. It greatly simplifies the technique for the sender, without requiring too much of the receiver. Every psychic I’ve ever worked with does communication this way, as do most mages. This is my preferred method of communication because it’s fast and easy for me, and not too difficult for the spirit.

3. Both parties capture their thoughts, package them, and send them to the other party. Here, the mage does a lot of the work that falls to the spirit in option #2, so it’s more work, but there are several advantages. First, many spirits and ethereal software cannot do option #2 effectively, so learning this technique expands the range of who you can talk to. Second, even among the spirits who can do #2 effectively, you still know your mind better than they do, and I find I get more accurate messages using this technique. And third, since you’re not allowing the spirit to connect to your mind, you can safely communicate even with untrustworthy spirits, without allowing them to drain you or cloud your thinking.

You can then extend #3 by learning to send your message to someone else’s mind, making you the spirit in the second scenario. I’ve started learning that, but still have a long way to go.

Okay, back to what I did this week. After all that setup, there are a few noticeable changes to my communication:

Clearer Communication

This week, I set up a lot more connections to deliver messages to thinking mind, which I use when I’m doing method #3, and which spirits and ethereal software use to know where to connect when they do method #2.

The result is, I pick up more nuance in the message, more connotations and emotions, and more shades of meaning, like the difference between “I recommend” and “I think you should.”

I’m also starting to notice emotional undertones and messages from ethereal software. A psychic intuition will include excitement if it’s something good, or scolding if I didn’t do what it told me to and got into trouble. Maybe ethereal software does have emotions, and I didn’t notice them in the messages because I didn’t have the emotion-receiving connections set up well enough? I’ll have to look into this later.

Also, I’m much clearer about which intuitions are psychic intuitions, and which are simply my own best guess. Before last week, I could clearly tell a psychic intuition when I consciously asked for guidance, but had a hard time with the intuitions that simply came to me. I wasn’t focused when they came in, so I didn’t know whether they were external or internal. That was making it hard to trust my intuitions, so it’s nice to have that sorted out.

(I know this is a common problem. I don’t think my solution will work for most people, but I’ll see what I can do to find a simpler solution.)

Faster Communication

The main reason I preferred option #2 (where the spirit handles most of the communication) over option #3 (where I handle half the communication) was speed. The spirit’s messages were near-instant, like a phone call, but when I’d capture my thoughts, pack them up, unpack the spirit’s message, and deposit it into my thinking mind, it was like instant messaging with a slow typist. I’d say this delay is 2-3x shorter now that I have more mental muscles working on communication, which makes handling the communication myself much more practical. And, once I start doing that in my everyday work, I’ll finally get enough practice to eliminate the delay entirely (I hope).

Receiving Images?

A few weeks ago, I improved how most of my mental muscles connect to thinking mind. Afterward, I started getting some of the information as images, along with the other concepts my mental muscles had always given me. For example, rather than simply knowing about the different tissues that I was working with during a healing session, I’d see a diagram of where they all were.

The images were like vividly-imagine image, not something I was seeing with my eyes. But it was still the first time I got visual information from my mental muscles, so it was pretty exciting. Also, don’t get too caught up in seeing things: This is just another way for mental muscles to display the information they already have, but the information isn’t any more accurate simply because it’s visual.

This week, I set up more connections to place messages into my thinking mind, which included connections to some of the same areas. So maybe I can receive images more clearly now, which would be really useful for communicating sigils, e-mail addresses, and other messages that don’t translate well to concepts. I’ll need to do some testing, but this is something I’ve wanted to learn for over a year now, so it would be pretty exciting.

As an aside: This is actually pretty typical. I’ll want to learn something from long time, get training in the technique, but not get very far. Then, sometime later, I’ll awaken more mental muscles, or change how the muscles connect to thinking mind, or do some other fundamental improvement in how I do magick, and suddenly, that thing I was working on will suddenly become easy, because I put all the other work in already and was just missing that one fundamental skill.

Improved Psychic Setup

Since I can communicate longer messages more clearly and quickly now, I improved my psychic settings. Previously, I’d told the ethereal software to guide me to be successful, and it did that well, but I wasn’t happy with the information I would get when I asked questions. For example, I’d say, “Tell me what will happen at my interview Monday,” and it would warm me about potential pitfalls. So it’d prepare responses for those problems, only the question would never even come up. In other words, it was continuing to guide me to take actions that lead to success (prepare for potential problems) rather than accurately answering my question (tell me what is likely to happen).

It turns out, that’s what happens when you ask it to guide you: It tells you things that will cause you to take good actions, even if those things aren’t entirely true. Kind of like warning your kids that, if they don’t brush their teeth, monsters will eat them.

The solution was to specify another setting: That, when I asked the question, I want accurate information in addition to guidance. I added that setting, along with the specifications to monitor both my thoughts and my actions as it guides me toward success. I did a bit of testing last night, which looked good, though I’ll need to live with it for a few weeks to really know.


I’m actually pretty excited now. I wasn’t this morning, before writing this. But as I reviewed what I intended to do, noticed that I thought it might take two weeks, and walked through all the improvements I’m seeing, I’ve gotten myself pretty excited about the progress I’ve made. I hadn’t realized this would be a benefit of blogging my work, but it seems kind of obvious now that I’m doing it.

So, let me invite you all to join me. I’ll call it the “Magick Update Project.” Periodically — once a day, once a week, once a month, whatever works for you — post what you’ve accomplished since your last update. If you have a blog, post it there, and leave a link on one of my weekly update posts. If you don’t have a blog, just leave it in the comments of one of these posts.

I’ve found that posting what I accomplish has made me more excited about my progress, and also made me accomplish a little more each week. (I was going to improve my psychic settings today, but did it yesterday so I could tell you about it here.) I hope posting about your magick will do the same for you.

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My Magick This Week (June 10)

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

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I’m adding a new weekly post: The magick practice I did this week, so you can see what I’m working on and what I do with direct magick.

I had 3 projects this week: Quiet mental posture, making the sigil, and awakening another large mental muscle for communication.

Quiet Mental Posture

Remember the technique to quiet my mind in an afternoon? I did it for more of my mind. A bit of background:

There are 4 major groups of mental muscles: Access (which handles connections); mental activation (which works with getting power to all the right places to awaken mental muscles and other things); effects (which handles altering energy and form for energy healing, influencing emotions, and so on); and communication (sending and receiving messages with spirits and ethereal software). Each group has a lot of individual mental muscles that work together to accomplish that goal, and until I had a lot of muscles active for each group, I had a hard time seeing what that group was for.

Last week, I prepared thinking mind to receive information from the “access” group of mental muscles. It took me 2 days, once you add in the practice time to do magick while in the new quiet posture, and I was feeling all productive. Then I went back to my trainer, who watched me, and said, “I know I told you to just set that up for the access group, but really, you also need to get the mental activation group and the effects group in that posture, too, so they can all send you information accurately.” I didn’t feel so productive anymore.

This is fairly common, actually. A lot of my work involves learning a technique to make my mental muscles work better, then spending a week applying it to all my muscles. It’s not the exciting part of magick, but I just work through it, telling myself that this sort of repetitive practice is what makes the difference between an expert and a hobbyist. (Not sure if that’s entirely true, but it helps me work through the exercises, and sometimes, being effective matters more than being entirely accurate.)

Two days later, I had a quiet mental posture set up for three groups of mental muscles, and it is indeed more clear when I look around my mind, body, and the paths that supply power to both of them. So I’m happy with the results, though a bit bummed because I thought I’d get to start new projects this week.

Making the Sigil

I’m very slowly moving forward on tying the book’s ethereal software to a sigil, so you can all get access to it. The work itself isn’t hard, I just need to:

  • Channel a sigil from the Enochian spirits. (Done — this was surprisingly easy. I thought it would be tiring, but the shapes came through easily.)
  • Computerize the symbols. (I downloaded several computer softwares for this, but haven’t actually done it.)
  • Train in how to tie the ethereal software to a symbol, then actually do it. (Should be 1 day of work for all 6 symbols.)
  • Test it on myself and some friends, then post it for all of you to test.

Honestly, I’ve been dragging my feet on this. I expect to fail several times before I get it right. Maybe the sigil won’t connect you reliably, or it’ll require the mage to participate in making the connection (which many readers won’t know how to do), or I’ll have other problems I can’t yet foresee. That’s just the nature of learning a new technique: It will require debugging. But I’m worried I’ll look foolish, debugging this technique publicly based on your feedback. And so, I keep putting it off, hoping that learning a bit more magick will turn this into something easy that I succeed with right away. But I made progress last week, and I’ll probably do a closed beta this coming week (where I email the sigil to some friends to verify it works for them), then post it after that.

By the way: A friend is already using the ethereal software with good results. I’ll post some of her experiences soon, too.

Awakening a Mental Muscle

I spent a couple of half-distracted days awakening a new mental muscle. Really, a group of mental muscles, devoted to communication, making it as large as my other groups of mental muscles. This should make communication much easier, helping my training, manifesting, and a lot of other work.

That should excite me, but I’m not quite ready to be excited. Before it’s useful, I need to update my mental posture to take advantage of the new muscles (1 day), then update the connections my mental muscles use to send and receive messages with my thinking mind (1-2 days), then develop a quiet mental posture for all the areas that receive messages, which is basically my entire mind (who knows how long this takes). So this is probably 1-2 weeks of work, and since I’ll be making lots of changes to how I do communication, it’ll probably get harder before it gets easier. Which means that I’m kind of dreading this project. But this work is the price of becoming more skilled, and it’s nothing complex at this point, just a matter of repeating techniques I already know.


Wow, that was kind of a downer. Sorry. Really, my work goes in waves. At first, I’ll be excited about learning something new and seeing it work. (That was two weeks ago.) Then, I’ll repeat that technique on all my different mental muscles, and the new and exciting technique will become a repetitive task that I just work through. (This past week.) Then, as I finish applying it everywhere, I’ll see all these improvements in my magick and become excited again. (This coming week, I hope.) It just happens that I’m in the slow part of my work this week, but this is all normal for me, and it will all pass.

Thoughts? Was this helpful for you? Should I make this a weekly post? Thanks for the feedback.

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