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A New Technique for Healing

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

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Energy healing works by changing the signature of the energy around injured tissue. I’ve always used fluid energy to do this, and I think most healers do the same. But last week, I learned a new technique that’s making me abandon energy.

First, what is energy? Most simply, it’s a thing you can build in your body and send to someone else. I think of it like a hot liquid, flowing along magickal pathways, and heating whatever it touches. (This is a metaphoric heat, mind you. It won’t register on a thermometer, but it can make you feel tingly.)

Energy is a means to an end. My goal is never to build lots of energy and feel lots of tingles. My goal is to promote healing, which means the energy’s job is to shift the signature of the injured tissue. (Signature = The type of energy = The type of “heat” = The magickal state of the tissue.)

The problem is, energy isn’t great for that job. The tissue doesn’t simply adopt the energy’s signature — the signatures mix over time, so at any given time, the tissue’s signature is somewhere between its old signature and the energy’s signature. This mixing can take minutes or hours, and the signature shifts throughout that time. And sometimes, the energy won’t permeate properly, and the structure will reject the signature.

In all, it’s slow and imprecise in several ways. But it was the only tool I had, so I put up with it.

Then last week, I got training in fundamental skills for physical and mental effects. (I’ll simply call this “effects,” and this first technique is level 1 effects.) It solves all these problems.

Here’s the basic technique: You connect to the magickal structure you want to affect. (The structure whose signature you want to change.) You make a network of tiny connections all throughout the structure, so every bit of the structure has a connection close to it. Then, you activate that network in the new signature.

If you did it right, the structure will instantly flip to the new signature. Not some mixture of signatures, it just jumps to the new one, in less time than it takes me to check what signature the structure is in. I think it’s because the network has already permeated all the nooks and crannies of the structure, though that’s just my best guess. All I know is, I’ve been using it, and it works.

(For energy healing, I’ll then apply a slow drip of energy to keep everything at the signature I just set. Not sure if it’s needed, and I did a mental effect on myself last night that worked well without the energy drip, but I don’t want to skip a step that might be necessary when working with others.)

A note on activating the network in the new signature: At first, I thought about building energy and sending it throughout the network. This doesn’t work — it’s the same as building energy without the network, and has all the same problems. Instead, I had to think about turning on a different signature within the network, and having the network “heat up,” similar to how energy “contains heat.” (Quotes = Metaphoric language.) At least, that’s what works for me.

Really, this seems another way to distribute this magickal activation we’re calling “heat,” so you distribute it through an already-established network rather than through a heated fluid. Which makes me wonder what other, even better ways to distribute that heat we’ll discover in the future.

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