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2 Instruments to Measure the Biofield

Sunday, April 17th, 2016

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Science requires standardized measurement. Often, scientific fields are created once it becomes possible to measure something. What might a measuring device look like for the biofield?

A friend asked me that today. I see two possibilities right now:

Option 1: Crystals

Crystals seem to interact with biofield energy. For years, I thought this was bunk, that crystals were just placebo. But readers asked me about it, and the first (only?) rule of science is to ignore your expectations and run the experiment. So I did, and it turns out, crystals seem to absorb biofield energy, then emit that energy in a different signature.

Aside: When a healer feels energy, they’re feeling how much that energy shifts their own biofield. Having a lot of energy can shift their biofield more, but so can having energy in a very different signature. Think of it like mixing paint, if you have white and mix in grey it won’t change much, but if you mix in red it’ll change obviously. The crystal absorbs energy of any “color” and emits “red” energy, making the energy obvious, amplifying the sensation.

It may turn out that there are observable changes to the crystal as it does this, perhaps a change in the frequency or electrical potential. If that’s the case, we could put a crystal on a circuit board, carefully measure that physical property, and learn something about the biofield energy passing through the crystal.

Option 2: Cell Cultures

Energy healing is fundamentally about using the biofield to influence cells. And it seems that different cells respond to different biofield energies.

We can use this to create a biofield measuring instrument. Set up a grid of cell cultures. Point a camera at each (or a microscope, or measure whatever are the relevant physical changes as the cells respond to the biofield). Send that data to a computer, run an algorithm to calculate the state of the biofield that’s interacting with the cell cultures. Research is required to determine the specific cell cultures and the algorithm.

Finding Solutions

One thing strikes me as I write this:

A few years ago, I thought creating a biofield instrument would happen after energy healing went mainstream, with a scientific community behind it. A problem for larger groups and future generations.

But now, this problem seems… Not easy, but not particularly difficult. And it reminds me that other impossible-seeming problems may, in fact, be not particularly difficult, too.

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