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Work, Career and Magick

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been letting my brain catch up to my ethereal muscles.

The underlying mechanics, I somewhat understand. Basically, you can change ethereal structures much faster than physical cells. Ethereal muscles make new connections to one another in an hour, then they connect to the brain, and it takes the brain days or weeks to create nerves going between the two areas of the brain. Over time, my brain learns to think in new ways to direct those muscles. And the muscles feed information into my brain — noticing a person’s energy, reading messages from spirits, communication for manifesting — and the nerves have to adapt in some way I don’t entirely understand to accept information flowing into them, rather than just sending energy out. Eventually, my brain needs time to catch up.

How does this feel? Somewhat like fatigue, but it’s peculiar. I can do 5 minutes of communication for manifesting, no problem. My brain is happy to do it. But try to do the same 5 minutes of communication to talk to a spirit about some new idea, and my brain just refuses to work. It won’t let me engage my ethereal muscles. Same communication techniques, same duration, but if I know I’m learning something new, my brain goes on strike.

Could I trick myself into working more? Probably. But I trust my body, including my brain, to tell me when I need rest.

The spirits I work with confirmed this: My mind needs to process all these changes. It’s fairly common. Rest for a month or three, and I’ll be back to normal. I asked if they had techniques to speed it up, but they do not.

(Yes, I caused a problem with magick, then tried to solve it with more magick. Because that’s how I think.)

I’m realizing, as I begin this consulting gig, how useful it is to have ordinary office-type work. Something to distract myself for a month, so I don’t keep poking at my brain and asking, “Are you ready for more magick yet?”

And I’m realizing that magick and career don’t have to compete. Sure, they compete for time, but I’m seeing that I simply cannot do magick full time for months and years on end. Having a part-time job is actually perfect for studying magick, and having a non-magick-related job is probably good, at least for now. Because if my day job was energy healing, well, I don’t know that I’d ever get this rest.

(And, of course, magick ought to help your day job, too. For example, in August, I manifested for more consulting work. Is this work related? No way to know. But it sure is nice.)

Thoughts? How do you integrate your day job with your magick studies?

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