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Case Study: Side-Effects of Energy Healing, Part 2

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

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It seems that biofield energy can have emotional / psychological side effects. That’s what I discovered this week.

First: Yes, energy healing can have side-effects. If you’ve every gotten an energy headache, that’s an unwanted result of something you did with energy — a side-effect. Any time we influence the human body, we’ll produce multiple results, some intended, some not intended. As we get better at producing larger influences, those unintended results will also intensify, and eventually reach a threshold where we can’t ignore them. When that happens, we label them “side-effects.” I wrote about this previously in 2015, while working with a friend who had cancer.

Here’s what happened this time. On Friday, I opened more power to the deeper parts of my biofield, parts that are normally powered just by my physical cells. I drew that power from the same power source that supplies my ethereal muscles and the outer parts of my biofield. I call that power supply my “core.” You can think it as connecting to a non-personal soul if you like. I discuss it here, from a time when I called ethereal muscles “mental areas.”

My goal was (is) to increase power for my entire body, to give me more resources as I explore techniques to create sensations. (Erotic energy, which seems to produce sensations in non-energy-workers under the right circumstances, is the first step in unraveling those techniques.) But for this first attempt, I only increased power to my stomach, because a smaller test seemed like a good idea.

(Why my stomach? My arm didn’t seem interesting enough — I wanted an organ. But my chest seemed too risky. Stomach seemed reasonable.)

I increased the energy flowing into my stomach. Remember how energy has a signature? That’s the type of energy, corresponding to the state of the tissue. So normal, inflamed, etc, all have their own signature. Here, I used a broad energy signature, which includes normal, inflamed, anxious, plus any other state my stomach might wind up in. I figured, let’s just power it, no matter what state it’s in.

That was Friday afternoon. That evening, I had a disagreement with my girlfriend — nothing serious, just something to talk through next time we connected.

Saturday morning I woke up deeply bothered by that disagreement. I wrote and mulled and distracted myself and returned to it and wrote more. It had turned into a big deal. My stomach felt odd too, but Friday night I’d eaten a bit of an eggplant dish with lots of garlic that had bothered my stomach, so I figured it was just that. I resolved that I’d check the energy once I got my head around this disagreement.

Around noon, still bothered, I decided to just check the energy in my stomach. It looked wrong. Muddy, to pick a word. It wasn’t just the signature of an unhealthy stomach, it was a signature that didn’t correspond to any state I could recognize. Just wrong.

I fixed it. Reduced the total flow of energy into my stomach. Changed the signature, so it was primarily the signature for a calm, happy stomach, with only a little bit of energy for any other signatures. And within seconds, I felt better. Not just physically, but emotionally. My stress disappeared. I went from cycling about this disagreement to thinking about it calmly — it was still something to talk about, but not something to obsess about anymore. It seems that the wrong energy in my stomach had caused my emotional state. The shift into that emotional state was slow, it happened overnight, but the change out of it was abrupt, profound, and surprising.

How did that happen? I know it sounds strange, but psychology research indicates that emotions come from the body, not the brain. The brain notices what’s happening in the body, interprets it as an emotion, then comes up with a cause for that emotion. There’s some elegant research on this. My brain noticed the weirdness in my stomach and concluded I must be really bothered by something, then focused on that disagreement as a result.

I have a few take-aways from this. Side-effects can show up in unexpected ways. Testing is important.

And the one that excites me: How can we turn these side-effects into healing techniques?

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Manifesting for Business Success

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

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I’ve heard about being compelled by a psychic intuition. Friends who felt some force make them write a letter, or talk to a person, or take some other decision. They recall watching themselves, not knowing what was driving the decision. Far from unpleasant, it’s spiritual for them, good in a big way.

This month, I experienced that compulsion for the first time. It was excellent.

I was on a six-day consulting engagement, Monday through Saturday. By Wednesday, I knew the project was more complex than anticipated. I considered plowing through, doing as much as I could. I considered asking for extra time. It was 7pm Wednesday, and I resolved to make up my mind and email in the morning.

But I had also committed to practicing manifesting every day. I’d call one of my spirits, tell her what I wanted to manifest for, and she’d help me figure out the right way to ask. I started with, “Make me successful in this consulting engagement.” We ended up with, “Cause me to make work that causes both (1) the guys I’m working with to be happy with my work and (2) them wanting to work with me again. Both of those equally.” Yes, that’s awkward English, but the ethereal software I use is designed for spirits, for their language. The words don’t matter — it communicates in concepts, not sounds or writing — but apparently it works better if I use the syntax of their language. It certainly worked well here.

I got a mental nudge to email my client right then. I thought, “It’s late. I’ll email in the morning.” A stronger nudge: No, email them now.

I listened, and got more nudges as I wrote. Avoid this topic. Take the idea you just discarded, write it up. Rephrase that paragraph. OK, hit send.

I did. (I also read it in a normal, focused mental state — I’m not going to just hit send because an untested compulsion told me to.) It was after 9pm in Texas, where my clients live. I figured I’d get an answer in the morning. I wondered why it was so important to email them right then.

30 minutes later, I got a reply from the senior manager. Not the guy running the project day to day, but the guy who handles the money, a decidedly higher level in the company. He asked for more info about the difficulties, details on how the project was bigger than what he’d been lead to believe. He and the day-to-day manager figured out how to take some work off my plate. All of this happened in about an hour that evening.

If I’d waited until the morning, I don’t know if the senior manager would have been available.

But back to the manifesting. It was an excellent experience. I was half watching myself act, but it was empowering because I’d asked for exactly that help. And, as someone just starting to really learn manifesting, it felt like a milestone. Compulsion on demand.

It’s also inspired a new focus for my manifesting: Asking for success right before making plans. Figuring out a trip? Manifest for success, then listen to the nudges. Talking with a friend about a sensitive topic? Manifest for success the day before, then think about how to approach the topic. (Also listen for nudges during the conversation, but that’s harder. Much easier to listen for nudges when you’re just writing and can pause anytime you like.) Even updating this website, I used manifesting before picking the image in the header bar.

I’m curious: Is this common? Readers, do you use manifesting in this way? What other approaches do you find most effective? Leave a comment below. Thanks!

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Side Effects from Biofield Healing? Yes, It Happens

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

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Conventional wisdom says biofield healing has no side effects. Peer-reviewed scientific articles often state that in the introduction, and I’ve said it myself.

Turns out, we were all wrong.

A little background: I’ve been working to create more effective healing techniques for Lisa, my friend with cancer. First, we’re delivering the energy closer to her cells, further down the pathways from her aura to her living tissue. Second, we’re using energy signatures designed for her particular condition, instead of using a general “healing” energy.

Two results stand out to me:

We did a healing session intended to reduce all the cellular processes of her cancer cells. (I’d need to work with cancer researchers to say whether it actually did or not, but that was the goal. It was based on a healing technique for colds, intended to reduce the cellular processes of the bacteria.)

For the next couple of days, Lisa had bilateral pain in her abdomen. That’s where her main cancer growths are, so we figured it was normal pain. On the second day, Lisa got a psychic intuition saying to turn off the cancer healing energy. It had an urgent feel, so we did. Her pain dramatically reduced within minutes.

Yes, it seems like the healing technique caused that pain. Or, rather, the healing energy, in combination with her other conditions, caused the pain.

On the good side, this suggests the healing technique was affecting her cancer cells in some way.

Second result: Lisa received some IV Dilaudid. It’s an opioid painkiller, similar to morphine. As she received the drug, we watched how her biofield changed, particularly around her nerves. The next day, we replicated those changes to her biofield, around the nerves in her stomach and spine.

Her pain did decrease. This is a big deal — we already had the standard healing techniques going, and after the Dilaudid-inspired healing technique, her pain reduced even further.

But she also experienced mild dizziness, a common side-effect of Dilaudid. She was already weak, so we worried even mild dizziness might lead to a fall, so we undid the Dilaudid-inspired healing. Within minutes, her dizziness went back to her baseline state. (She’s also on a Fentanyl patch, which gives her a bit of dizziness.)

These were my first noticeable side effects from healing. What’s going on?

The human body is complicated. Affecting the body, whether that’s through drugs or the biofield, can have multiple effects, some good and some bad. We call the good ones “results” and the bad ones “side effects,” but fundamentally, they’re all simply how the body responds to those changes.

Below a certain threshold, we don’t notice a change. If dizziness is extremely mild, we ignore it. If pain is sufficiently mild, we can’t tell a side effect apart from a normal twinge. It’s only when you get above a certain threshold where you notice the unintended effects of a change.

Both healing techniques used a new method I developed to deliver energy more effectively, and both healing techniques were using new energy signatures to cause bigger shifts in her biofield. They were designed to produce bigger changes. It looks like they did.

I think we finally reached the threshold of noticeable side effects.

I have a fear, writing this, that it will turn people off from biofield healing. So, to potential clients, I say this: If your practitioner is good enough to produce side effects, they are probably good enough to help you. Someone skilled will manage the side effects, like I did by deactivating those two healing techniques. (We had plenty of other healing sessions that worked as intended, without noticeable side effects, by the way.)

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Healing Techniques for Sleep, & Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Studies

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

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Exciting results with the healing technique I developed to help Lisa sleep. A client has had insomnia for 4 years, typically getting 3-4 hours of sleep per night. In January, I used that same healing technique, and a few weeks ago she sent me this:

OMG. Update on the healing front. Get ready for some all caps joy:

I AM SLEEPING GREAT LATELY. It is so awesome. <3 <3 <3
I sleep nearly 7 1/2 hours almost every night and I freaking LOVE IT.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This sparks a few thoughts:

  • This could help a lot of people. So many people sleep poorly these days.
  • This could be a great first offering for Healing Lab. More people suffer from poor sleep than from chronic joint pain or other conditions, and this is also different than what other healers offer, which is nice.
  • Could I publish a study on this technique?

That last question isn’t, “Could someone publish a study about this technique?” It’s, “Could I publish it?” Run a small study, publish online, then collaborate with researchers to reproduce the results for journal publication.

If I do, I’d want it to be a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial. That’s the gold standard. It’s also, sadly, rare in biofield healing studies.

Let’s review those terms:

Placebo-controlled: What if the active ingredient isn’t your healing technique, but your discussion with the client? To rule that out, you have the same discussion and pretend to do a healing session for everyone in the control group. The only difference should be whether you actually move energy or not.

Double-blind: What if I say the same words to both groups, but I’m excited for the real-healing subjects and monotone for the pretend-healing ones? No good. To rule that out, even the practitioner shouldn’t know whether the subject will be receiving the real healing technique or not.

Placebo-controlled is simple enough, and according to a 2009 meta-study, around half of all biofield studies use placebo control. An acupuncturist punctures inaccurately, a Reiki healer waves their hands but doesn’t channel energy. These studies usually provide evidence that real healing is more effective than placebo.

But notice the problem: That acupuncturist knows whether they’re giving real acupuncture. The Reiki healer knows she’s just waving her hands. What if they had an unconscious confidence in the healing conditions that they lacked in the placebo conditions?

I’d like to rule that out. So here’s my plan:

  1. Meet with the subject, discuss the healing technique.
  2. After answering their questions, touch their head to create the connections.
  3. Go into the other room, and only then flip a coin to determine if they’re in the healing or placebo group.
  4. Using those connections, while remaining in the other room, either do the healing technique or don’t. Either way, don’t talk with or see the subject. An assistant (who doesn’t know the result of that coin flip) thanks them and shows them out.
  5. To follow up, send a single email to everyone, all at the same time (bcc’ed), asking them to complete a survey. No difference in communication between subject and control.

How do I get subjects? I know lots of free thinkers who love science, who would probably be excited to give 20 minutes of their time for a double-blind placebo-controlled study, and receive a free healing session on top of it. And after the study, I’d do the healing technique for everyone in the control group, too.

My consulting contract is up this fall. I’ll aim for late 2015 or early 2016 for this study.

Comments: Do you see a way to make this study more robust without dramatically increasing the work? Or a way to simplify the procedure while keeping the same robustness? Please share in the comments.

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Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis: Initial Healing Sessions (My Work January 2015)

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

I’m developing healing techniques for my friend with cancer, and a new friend with multiple sclerosis.

This month, I learned to work with the affected tissues, and did an initial healing session on both.

This post covers my initial observations and ideas.

Energy Healing for Cancer

When I visited in December, I’d done everything I could to help with Lisa’s infections and increase her comfort.

In January, I asked: If I were taking full responsibility for developing healing techniques for her, what else would I do?

Well, instead of getting a spirit who knows how to use the healing ethereal software, I’d get one of the spirits who made that software.

I asked my mentor, and he made an introduction.

Drawing from Lisa’s medical knowledge and the spirit’s healing expertise, we wound up with three healings, intended to:

  • Increase productivity of her bone marrow. (Bone marrow produces both red and white blood cells).
  • Increase productivity of her lymph nodes. (T cells are a type of white blood cell, particularly good at fighting cancer. They spend part of their life cycle in lymph nodes.)
  • Decrease hormone productivity of the cancer cells. (Cancer cells produce hormone-like chemicals called “cytokines” that interfere with the immune system.)

The spirit did most of the energy work. I connected him to Lisa’s cancer cells, and he programmed the ethereal software to recognize their energy. I told him about bone marrow and lymph nodes, connected him to the tissue, and he did the energy adjustments. I explained cytokines, and he figured out the rest. I was a translator between him and Lisa, connecting the medical expertise to the spirit.

Lymphocyte levels are the key metric here. That’s the measure of the white blood cells that go through the lymph nodes, which includes the T cells. Here’s the data:

  • Normal value is between 16 and 47.
  • In the month before the healing session, her lymphocytes were between 6 and 11.
  • Two days before the healing session, they were at 7.
  • The day after the healing session, they were up to 15.

We’re both excited about those results.

There’s no lab result that tells us about cytokine levels. But I’ll be out to visit again in a few weeks, and we’ll see how she’s doing then.

(And to follow up on the anti-infection healing technique from my December visit: In the week after the healing session, her urine production increased 20%, which is associated with reduced inflammation and infection.)

Energy Healing for Multiple Sclerosis

Background: MS is an autoimmune disease. The person’s immune system attacks their nerves. In the past, I’ve worked with chronic hives (another autoimmune disorder), so I’m drawing from that.

When I connect to a person, I lightly touch their body and connect to the energy of their skin, then their muscles, tendons, and other tissues. When I connected to the energy of her skin, I noticed an unusual signature, one I hadn’t seen before.

I found that unusual signature in most of her body. It is not present in areas where her MS is in remission, and it is more pronounced in areas where her symptoms are more severe.

When I look for a normal nerve signature, I do not find it. So I think that unusual signature is from her nerves.

I had expected to find a normal nerve signature in the areas that are in remission, but I don’t. I mentally subtract “inflammation” from the unusual signature, and I find that “unusual-minus-inflammation” signature is in the areas that are in remission.

It seems that nerves in remission are still different than nerves in a person without MS. Or they produce a different signature, at least. Which is good, it suggests we can develop a healing technique by shifting the nerves toward the “in remission” signature, rather than needing to go all the way to “normal, non-MS-suffering” signature.

My first thought: Let’s do a standard healing intended to reduce inflammation, adjusted to target her nerves (with their unusual signature). The answer is probably more complex, but it seems silly to jump to a complex technique without trying the basics first.

I’ve had two sessions with this client so far. Session one, I explored these signatures and got used to connecting to her nerves. Session two, I did the anti-inflammation technique. We’ll see how it goes.

I also applied the sleep effect I developed last month. The week after applying it, she had levels of work-related stress that would normally give her insomnia, but she was instead able to sleep about 6 hours a night.

Medical disclaimer: This post describes the intent behind the healings, and does not make any claim as to the efficacy of the healings themselves.

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Healing Sessions for a Cancer Patient: Better Sleep & 3 More (My Work Dec 13-26)

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

My friend is dying of cancer. I visited recently. Good to reconnect, share love, bring her some joy.

I also did healing sessions where I could. In this post, I talk about each technique: Better sleep, pain reduction, anti-infection, and anti-inflammation.

Energy for Sleep via Physical Touch

She was constantly tired, but unable to sleep well. Maybe 5 hours a night, with long periods of wakefulness.

My goal: Find an energy signature to help her sleep, then find a way for her to trigger it herself, as needed. The challenge here is that, while on meds, she can’t use ethereal software very well, so I need a way for her to trigger it without needing to command the ethereal software.

Before I discuss the technique, here’s the result: She slept for 8 hours the first night. She got up once to use the bathroom, but got right back to sleep. (I’ve forgotten to ask about her other nights since then.)

Figuring out the energy signature was easy enough. I’d already developed one when Lisa worked night shifts, to help her sleep in the morning.

Fun note: These days, I do energy effects by engaging my full aura then thinking about the energy. This worked great: I did that, massaged her head, and she went from mildly tired to fully asleep in just a few breaths, less than 30 seconds. Then I sat down to program the signature into the ethereal software, and I was sooooo tired. Because, you guessed it, I hadn’t returned my aura to its normal signature, and now I was hitting myself with the sleepy energy too. Barely turned it off before passing out.

Programming was easy. I told the ethereal software, “When I ask for ‘sleepy energy,’ put this signature in the person’s head. Mild energetic pressure, run it until they tell you to stop.” Done.

To tie the effect to an object, I held a stone, connected to it, then told the ethereal software, “When she holds this stone, trigger the sleepy effect on her.” I set another stone with an “awake energy” command, and a third with a “stop” command.

Years ago, I’d tied a protection effect to a necklace. It was exhausting. I could barely communicate with the ethereal software, had to focus just to connect to the object. This time, it was easy, something fun to do over breakfast. Empowering to see that change.

Energy Healing for Pain

On Friday, she experienced acute pain (9/10) near the original site of the cancer. I did a healing session, and within 30 minutes, the pain was down to a 6/10. By the evening, it was down to 3/10.

The healing technique: I connected to her, traced through her nerves to find the painful area, and applied an energy designed to numb the nerves, intended to block the pain signal. For details, see the 2nd attempt in healing for chronic hives.

How much would the pain have declined without this healing technique? No way to know. She also got acupuncture that day. But all the same, I’m rather proud of the result.

We stopped there, rather than programming the effect into the ethereal software. The healing technique requires spotting the right nerves and adjusting the signature to their current state, and I wasn’t sure how to program that. But she can call me when she’s in pain, and I’ll connect and do this again.

Energy for Infection & Inflammation

As is common with chemo patients, she had infections and inflammation throughout her body. I did whole-body effects, using commands already programmed into the ethereal software to build energy throughout her body.

The first was, “Fight / counter this infection, and continuously adjust the signature to ensure you’re countering the current signature of the infection.” Later, I’d add, “Once a day, check for new types of infections, and counter those too.” I wrote about this before, and I still can’t say whether it does what I’m asking it to do, but that was the intent, and the results look promising.

The second was, “Standard anti-inflammation effect for all the cells with her underlying signature.” Again, I can’t say the actual impact on cellular inflammation, but that was the intent, and I’ve gotten good results in the past.

I know, I always talk about consciously guiding the energy rather than sending out your intent. But this time, I simply asked the ethereal software for what I wanted, and let it handle the details, because I know it’s programmed with those commands. Still, there’s value in understanding those details, because we did hit a snag:

Initially, I’d asked for, “Standard anti-inflammation on her whole body.” The ethereal software rejected that command. It said that anti-infection, which harms cells, would compete with anti-inflammation. I could have either, but not both.

To share the solution, I have to explain about signatures a bit. If you think of a signature as a molecule, it’s made of smaller building blocks (atoms), which are made of even smaller building blocks (protons and such). Call the molecules the large-scale signature, and the protons the small-scale or underlying signature.

All of a person’s cells, plus the pro-biotics that are with us for years, have the same underlying signature. Infections have their own, different small-scale signature. When I tell the ethereal software to counter the infections, it looks for anything with a foreign underlying signature and harms it.

When we asked for anti-inflammation on her whole body, that included those infection cells, which the software rejected. But when we ask for anti-inflammation on the cells with her underlying signature, that only hits her cells, not the infection cells, so there’s no conflict. Success.

That’s why I put so much emphasis on understanding how my tools work: Even when I’m trusting the ethereal software to handle the details, sometimes it needs a little help.

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Energy Healing for Depression

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

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A couple of weeks ago, I started slipping into another depression after a girlfriend broke up with me. This time, recognized the symptoms before the depression could start affecting my judgement, and I got help from the spirits I work with — specifically, an expert in both mental effects and human brains, since many spirits I know are great with magick on spirits but a bit clueless about humans. He did a great job, and today, I want to share some notes on the healing session.

Normally, when I work with spirits, I ask them to teach me how to solve a problem myself. That’s how I learn. But this limits them: They often have to figure out a new, simpler technique that I can learn, rather than using all their tools to just solve the problem. And I just wanted my depression gone. So I asked them to just fix it, and not worry about whether I’d understand their technique. It was pretty awesome to see these spirits working at their best, but it also means I don’t understand half of what they did. Mea culpa.

The healing technique had four stages: Quieting the depression, consciousness integration, activating happiness, and experiencing healthy sadness. I’ll talk about each of them. Also, I think he was debugging the healing energy as he went, adjusting it based on my reactions, rather than executing a standard technique. Not that it really matters, but I like to think that he learned about depression and the human brain as he did this work, and that he got some benefit, too.

Stage 1: Quiet the Depression

We started by showing him how my brain changes from normal to depressed. I got myself into a good state, (like you can do temporarily even in depression), he looked at my brain, then I thought about the breakup, so he could see which areas of my mind had different signatures when I was normal or depressed.

He put several of those areas into the signature they have when they’re healthy, using a healing technique I know to keep them in that signature. (For anyone following the details: He didn’t extend the signature through physical gate and into the nerves, but he did use my own energy to power the new signature.) He did this on fairly small areas of my mind, so each one could get a precise signature, which is one of the identifying features of well-done direct magick.

Then he stayed connected to me as I let my mind wander for half an hour. When a song would come on and trigger some depressed thoughts, he’d find the part of my mind creating those thoughts and add it to the effect, pushing it into a healthy signature too. This shut down most of my depressed thoughts, but not all of them.

Stage 2: Consciousness Integration

Some parts of my mind just wouldn’t quiet down. Really, it was all of them, at least a little: I could feel some parts of my mind shifting, sneaking out of the way he’d set them into healthy signatures. The first stage was just a stopgap until he could do a better healing technique.

The second stage was consciousness integration. I’ve talked about it before, but it’s an advanced technique, beyond what I’ll even get to in the third book, so I can’t teach you to do it. But I can tell you about it: You take the semi-conscious* part of your mind that’s generating unhealthy thoughts, activate an energy channel with your conscious mind, support your conscious mind’s signature (so it doesn’t absorb the unhealthy thoughts), and let the two parts of your mind communicate. If you do it right, the semi-conscious part updates its worldview to the adult world.

(If the idea sounds familiar, it’s because the general concept is fairly wide-spread. Let the problem area out, talk to it, resolve the problem. This is just a way to enable that conversation that works much better for me and the handful of folks I’ve tried it with.)

*I use semi-conscious to refer to mostly-unconscious parts of the mind that sometimes bubble up into conscious thoughts. I reserve unconscious for things you’re genuinely not aware of, like the dilation of your pupils.

We integrated five or so parts, much more thoroughly than I could on my own. Afterward, I felt fixed — not just out of the current depression, but like he’d repaired things that I hadn’t realized were broken because they’d been broken for years. I felt like my mind was functioning properly again.

Stage 3: Turn on Happiness

After that healing technique, I stopped re-hashing the breakup and started thinking about things that make me happy: Projects with magick, upcoming events, that sort of thing. Just let my mind wander. But none of it made me excited.

I asked the spirit, and he said that’s normal, that my brain isn’t ready to experience happiness yet, and that we’d turn my happiness back on after the consciousness integration set in more. (And later, telling friends about this, they mentioned that happiness normally shuts off during depression, that your brain just won’t feel it. They aren’t neurologists, but it makes sense to me.)

Twenty minutes later, he did another energy shift. I don’t know the technique he used, but if I’m ever building this technique on my own, it’s worth knowing that turning happiness back on is a separate step.

Stage 4: Experience Healthy Sadness

Once all those changes were done, I started feeling a normal sadness. I say “normal” because depression feels empty and hopeless, while normal sadness feels, well, just sad. It’s the difference between the bad pain from an injury vs the good pain from stretching a tight hamstring.

I don’t know if the spirit did something to activate this or if my mind was just ready for it, but it was good. I let my mind wander, and after feeling sad for a few minutes, started thinking about ways to meet new people and activities I wanted to do, which are really good signs. Total time: 60-90 minutes of healing work, and around 6 hours after she broke up with me.

One More Bug

The next few mornings, I woke up depressed again, like the effect had stopped working when I slept. Each morning, I’d call the spirit and he’d fix it, but I wanted the healing technique to just work.

Eventually, we figured out the problem: He’d only affected the energy layer of my brain, not the deeper layers of the energy structure. (I used to call this energy layer, “thinking mind,” now I’m calling it “ethereal mind.” Its signature corresponds to neural activity as you think, and it’s central to magick communication. Your ethereal muscles connect to ethereal mind, which connects to brain.)

Basically, he forgot I have a brain made of nerves, because he mostly works with spirits, who don’t. When I’d sleep, my brain would loosen its connections to ethereal mind, and the healing technique on ethereal mind would stop affecting my brain. Note that this is how non-mages normally are: Changes to their brain seem to affect their ethereal mind, but their ethereal mind does not affect their brain, because they haven’t developed those connections by doing magick. This is one of the problems I’ll need to solve to develop better mental techniques for non-mages.

The solution was easy: We sunk the healing energy signature into the deeper energy structures of my brain using standard healing techniques, and I started wake up feeling good.

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My Week: Four Successes and a Failure

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

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When you hear about a successful healing session, it’s natural to wonder how many unsuccessful sessions you didn’t hear about. So, I thought you’d enjoy reading about all the work I did in my first few days in India, failures and all.

Healing Technique for a Headache: Success (After Debugging)

I’m visiting India with Lynae. On our first day there, she got a migraine (or something similar), probably due to walking for several hours in the sun and heat. We eventually got some good results, though it did take several rounds of debugging.

Why all the debugging? Because I didn’t understand headaches. I don’t get migraines, and when I hear, “My head hurts,” I think of the skin, the surface of the head. My first two attempts focused on the pain signals going from her skin to her brain, which of course, didn’t do anything. It’s just a case of having a bad model of the problem, and taking the wrong approach as a result.

For attempt #3, Lynae explained the physiology of a migraine, as she / modern science understands it: The pain sensations come from within the brain, not from the body. It’s caused by sensory over-stimulation that tricks the brain into producing pain signals. So, you want to work on the brain, not the skin or other tissue.

I called a spirit who knows about healing techniques for humans. We worked together to find the overstimulated parts of her brain — there were three, but only one part dealt with vision and other senses. Since the problem was over-stimulation, we applied an energy designed to reduce the nerve activity in that region. (This is very different than the normal healing energy I’d use for knee pain, which is designed to increase cellular activity to promote cellular growth and healing.) The spirit told me this would probably make her tired, but should have no other side effects.

A normal healing technique affects the energy layer, along with two sets of structures that connect energy to cells. But that makes a fast change, and if we were wrong about this technique, it could make her worse. So we started very gently, affecting only the energy layer, not the two sets of structures. It worked well, slowly reducing her headache. We added the first set of structures, which substantially reduced her headache and made her tired. We started adding the second set of structures, and Lynae fell asleep.

In all, a nice success.

Future work: We undid the changes to the second set of structures, since I didn’t want to try anything new while Lynae was asleep — it’s important to get feedback quickly if anything goes wrong. Next time, I want to add that set of structures, then program this technique into some ethereal software and teach her to use it to heal herself.

Increased Alertness: Success x2

For years, I’ve had a technique to delay fatigue. I say “delay” because it doesn’t reduce the need for sleep, but it perks me up temporarily, like caffeine. Quite useful when you’re jetlagged. I used it on both of us when we were touristing on the 3rd day.

Quick version of the technique: Set the person’s brain to have an energy signature matching its awake state, rather than its tired state. (For anyone advanced: Do this on the nerve cell layer, not the nerve activity layer (which I used to call “thought layer.”))

I’ve done this on myself many times. It was easy, perked me up immediately. On Lynae, it took 2 tries:

First attempt: Connected to her brain, used a new technique to change the signature. (For future reference, it’s fundamental effects skills, level 2.) Her brain’s signature shifted, then rejected the new signature and returned to its previous fatigued state. Failure.

Second attempt: Set her brain to produce energy matching the alert state (using the standard technique I use for healings), then use the new technique to quickly change her brain’s signature. (I was also a bit better aligned to her body’s underlying signature this time.) The new energy she was producing helped support her brain in this alert state, and her brain accepted it. She reported feeling more alert immediately. Success!

As an aside, I particularly enjoy having an effect fail once before succeeding. Since the placebo effect should impact both attempts similarly, failing once gives me confidence that the change is actually from the energy, and not from placebo.

Healed for a Cold: 1 Success, 1 Failure

Lynae and I both had sinus infections before arriving in India. I’ve worked with colds before, so I expected this to be easy. It worked for me, but not for her.

The technique, which is a bit more developed than that old post: Tell the ethereal software I use for healing to “Find anything with a different underlying signature in her body, kill the infection, and reduce inflammation in the surrounding tissue.” (That’s the intent. Does it do exactly that? I’d need to work with medical researches to say.)

This worked well for me — my cold stopped, I feel better, and my fatigue decreased even more than when I did the alertness technique we just discussed. But this technique didn’t work for Lynae. I’m kind of bummed that I can’t get it working, but I’ve reached the end of my debugging capabilities for the moment.


There you have it: Four successes, one failure in a week. This is more magick than I typically do in a week, but it’s a pretty typical success rate.

But there’s more: I also did manifesting, plus another couple healing techniques since writing this post up.


I’ve also done several manifesting sessions each day, to see what to do and to keep us safe. It’s been accurate as far as I can tell, but to really test it, I’d have to ignore its advice and verify that I do, indeed, get mugged. Which seems like a particularly dumb way to verify my magick is working. So, I’m not really counting this as a clear success, though it’s definitely not a failure.

One nice success, though: The communication involved in manifesting is becoming faster and easier, which is also helping me with training, using other ethereal software, and other magick work. I’ve said it before: The key to getting good at magick is to do something useful with it, so you use it every day.

Two More Successful Healing Techniques

Since initially writing this, I’ve done two more successful healing sessions:

  • One for me, on a stomach bug. I felt better instantly.
  • One for Lynae, who had a week-old bruise that was itching. I adjusted the energy, she experienced a minor reduction in itch instantly, and once it set in, the bruise stopped itching. (Technique: Reduce neural activity energy signatures for the nerves sending the itch signal.)

So, the total score is 6 successes and 1 failure.

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Psychic Testing: A Small Victory

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

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I want to share a small victory with my psychic intuitions. Trivial, really — the kind of thing that, a year from now, I sincerely hope no longer excites me. But the point isn’t the one result, the point is that psychic information is finally working, and that’s pretty darn exciting.

Last week, I was doing my laundry, preparing to leave for Singapore. There isn’t a facility in my apartment building, so I use a laundromat a block or so away, and run errands while everything cycles. I’ll usually swing by my apartment a few times to drop things off over that hour of errands.

Around the time I put the laundry in, the sky looks like rain. I return home to get an umbrella, but the rain doesn’t come, and eventually I drop the umbrella off so I have two hands to carry groceries.

Toward the end of the hour, while walking home, I got a psychic message: “Hurry up.” Huh? That didn’t make any sense, what’s the rush? I dropped my bag at home and left to get my laundry.

On the way to the laundromat: “Don’t dawdle.” That thought came in like a warning, with more pressure and urgency than a normal message. But what does it mean? Who dawdles at the laundromat? Not me — I run errands.

Then I’m emptying the dryer, and it all makes sense: My laundry is still damp. I want to run it through another round of drying (15 minutes). This must be the dawdling I’ve been warned about.

It sounds like the psychic software is telling me that the rain will start in the 15 minutes it’ll take to finish drying my clothes.

Immediately, I’m nervous about the specificity. Predicting rain within 15 minutes is precise enough to clearly fail, to show me that my psychic information still isn’t working. It’s been looking like rain for an hour, and nothing has happened, why would it start now? And I’ve been so excited that psychic info seems to be working — wouldn’t it be more pleasant to soften this prediction somehow, to make it more vague, so that it’ll succeed by pure luck, even without any actual magick?

Yes, those thoughts still go through my head. Not often — this is the first time I’ve felt that with psychic intuitions since getting it working a few weeks ago. But no matter how much you train yourself to be honest in your predictions, you still flinch sometimes.

The key is to only let yourself flinch for a second. So I say my prediction to myself: Rain 15 minutes after arriving home. Then I empty the dryer and head home, because wouldn’t it suck to ignore the info and discover it was right?

Remember how I talked about doing quick testing to make sure you’re on the right track, and that it will become apparent if your magick is working through normal use, as long as you’re honest about your predictions? This is what I meant.

Fifteen minutes later, I head out to meet friends for dinner. (I know the timing because I got a text when I walked in my door.) It’s pouring. Not drizzling, not raining, but a downpour. My dry laundry would have been soaked by the time I got home. The psychic info was right, and I’m pretty excited.

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Debugging Psychic: A Success

Monday, October 29th, 2012

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Ever since learning level 2 communication, manifesting has been working well. I’ve been asking about parties, dates, and events, and receiving info about how much I’ll enjoy each one, and also some details about what will happen. Often, I’ll disagree with these intuitions, thinking the scenario to be quite unlikely, and I’ll go through the day wondering why I’m still failing at manifesting. But each time, the psychic intuitions turn out to be accurate, and it was my expectations that were wrong.

Getting unexpected information is particularly helpful, because it shows that you weren’t just receiving a non-magickal unconscious intuition.

Let me share a particularly interesting case study. On Saturday, I went to a party that my psychic intuitions warned me would be disappointing — not terrible, but not a great time either. But a friend assured me it would be awesome, and I’m still not entirely confident in these intuitions, so I went.

After about 90 minutes, the verdict was in: Disappointing. I’d had an alright time, I guess, but I was done. But before leaving, I made a manifesting request: Make this evening awesome.

This is unusual for me. Normally, I just ask what to do, then do it. Thinking back, I probably thought that information would be easier to get than events. Or maybe I had ethical qualms about influencing other peoples’ decisions. Either way, I rarely ask for events, so I had low expectations for the manifesting, but I stayed a bit longer to let the magick work.

Within 10 minutes, was talking 1-on-1 with a woman I’d talked to earlier in a group, but hadn’t really connected with. She brought up some topics that really interested me, we had a great conversation, and we hung out until the party ended. And indeed, I had an awesome time.

Was this actual magick, simple luck, or just my higher expectations making me more confident? No way to know, but the evening showed no signs of awesome-ness (as predicted), then I asked for awesome-ness, and shortly thereafter, received it. I’ll call that a win.

Two notes:

  • I don’t think it was simple confidence, because I really did have low expectations for the manifesting. Placebo only works if you expect it to work, after all.
  • When I see requests for magick to meet women, it always sounds kind of creepy. But this felt natural and safe — it just caused a chance encounter at a party, and caused a good topic to come up in conversation. I’ll put this firmly in the “ethical” category.

What’s Next?

So far, I’m asking for information and events, rather than getting continuous guidance throughout my day. That’s manifesting, not psychic intuitions.

So, how is this helping psychic intuitions? Well, I can now do that manifesting quickly, while distracted — the party manifesting took about 5 seconds, in the middle of the dance room. Which suggests that, once I configure the software for psychic intuitions, I’ll be able to receive them while distracted, too, which is quite important. I’ll probably do that configuration next month, and post about it shortly after.

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