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Aura and Chakras (My Work April 5-11)

Friday, April 11th, 2014

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Last week took control of my training and found my aura. This week I explored aura and may have found chakras.

We’ve already discussed the difference between visualizing your aura vs reaching out to those structures. When you visualize, you imagine your aura, based on what you expect to see. But when you reach out, you can feel what’s actually there, and see where it doesn’t match your expectations.

Connecting to my aura, there’s one overall energy signature for my body, plus other signatures at various points. There’s one energy signature in my groin, another in my stomach, two in my chest (solar plexis and upper chest), one around my mouth, and a sixth starting at my forehead and going to the top of my head. Looking at two friends, I found the same six regions. One friend has a decade of energy working experience, and the other has an altar of crystals but little practical experience.

I’m going to tentatively call these chakras.

I’ve gone looking for chakras before, but found nothing. I wasn’t expecting to find them here. But sometimes, you have to look in the right spot. Before, I’d been looking at the default layer I use for energy healing, which corresponds to individual tissues — muscles, ligaments, nerves, and so on. So I figured people were just seeing what they expected to see, and moved on. It seems that you only get these large-scale energy patterns as you get farther away from cells.

(And a note to anyone interested in science: Doing science means being wrong. It’s an unintuitive sign you’re learning.)

I hesitate to call them chakras because I don’t mean, “Energy centers that have to be balanced, each with a corresponding color, and so on.” I can’t see why we’d care about balancing them, or what it would even mean for one to be open or closed. But I can imagine how this phenomenon plus a few hundred (thousand?) years of religion and ancient medicine would lead to the current beliefs about chakras.

Interestingly, I didn’t find any in the throat. Not in myself or either friend. I also know that different systems of chakras use a different number, and I’m curious if the throat chakra is often left out, or if it’s perhaps a more modern addition. Anyone know?

My other work this week was to strengthen the ethereal muscle for working with my aura. It was already awake, from work done in my 20s to find and awaken my ethereal muscles. But I engaged and strengthened it for a couple of days. Same as I did last month with the ethereal muscles for building and moving energy.

Next, I’ll train in auras. I assume there are some known techniques that are easy once you can work with aura, and I’d like to know how to do them.

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