Techniques for Energetic Fitness

by Mike Sententia on October 30, 2016

How to get your mind in shape for successful energy and magick.


Techniques to increase your pleasure, your partner’s pleasure, or the connection you two share.

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Divination & Manifesting (Notes for Upcoming Class)

by Mike Sententia on May 1, 2016

Introduction to divination (predicting the future) and manifesting (creating luck) in Direct Magick. (Class notes.)

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Bigger Results with Simpler Visualizations

by Mike Sententia on February 3, 2011

Learn to engage your mental muscles so you can replace time-consuming rituals with instant magick, get your entire mind behind your magick for bigger, more noticeable results, and guide your mind through new techniques so they work the first time.


How To Create an Effective Magick Class

by Mike Sententia on September 27, 2010

How to design a class that students will love and recommend to friends.


How To Prove Magick To Yourself In 90 Minutes

by Mike Sententia on September 13, 2010

Learn to sense a person’s emotions using only their energy. This post explains the exercises of a 90-minute magick class I teach.